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 Walking back towards their rooms, Xuefeng spotted one small figure standing right in front of their doors and immediately smelled troubles. It was naturally Liu Mei who was waiting for him, probably because he promised to train with her and she immediately came to claim him on his promise.

With Princess Shan hugging onto his arm despite being all dirty in slime-like blood, they had to go clean themselves anyway so he at least had the excuse to escape. They didn't even reach the doors when Little Mei saw them and quickly exclaimed while running up to them, "Xuefeng! I was waiting for you!"

Taking on a serious approach, Xuefeng asked her sternly, "Little Mei, why are you walking alone on the warship? Don't you know it's dangerous?"

Little Mei didn't mind that and instead thought that Xuefeng was caring for her which made her happier. She stopped right in front of him and replied with her dazzling smile, "I know, but I was searching for you. How is your training? You are all dirty."

She tried to behave like a little adult and wasn't bothered by the beauty that Xuefeng was holding in his arms. Xuefeng sighed in relief to that, happy that she didn't do anything stupid and said calmly, "The training is going surprisingly well. Though, I still have a lot to do so I'm afraid we will have to postpone our training. We just beat a large group of Spirit Bats and our clothes dirty. We need to first clean ourselves and then I have something important to settle."

"Mhmm, it's okay. Wu Kong wanted to check out the Warship together and visit the training room but I wanted to find you first and check out what are you up to. I guess I will go if you are busy... Good luck with your training..." Little Mei replied as if she didn't mind it but the more she talked, the sadder she got and in the end walked away with her head looking down.

Seeing her slowly walking away, taking time to place each step as if she wanted him to stop her, Xuefeng couldn't get himself to leave her like that and called out, "Wait."

Little Mei immediately turned around and asked back sweetly, "Yes? Is there anything I can do for you?" He could only pat her with his clean hand and assure her, "I hope you can work hard but rest is also important. Even I give a lot of time to my wives as life would be boring while only focusing on training. You also need to enjoy a little."

He didn't expect to see her pout as she grabbed his hand and said, "It's easy for you because you advance in stages so easily... If I don't work hard, will I even catch up to you? There is still a huge gap between us. Don't worry, I know what I want to do. I will stay by your side in the future and I won't change my mind."

This made Xuefeng silent for a second, wondering how should he respond to that but before he could, Little Mei hugged his hand and stated calmly while walking away, "I'm going to train." She didn't turn back even though she wanted to check out his expression but Little Mei knew it was necessary if she wanted to build the desirable atmosphere.

"Your little sister seems to like you. What are your thoughts on her?" Princess Shan asked curiously as she pulled away his attention from the corridor where Little Mei walked into.

With her hand pulling on his chin, he finally glanced at her, fixing the embrace on her and replied with his eyes lost in contemplation, "I treat her like my little sister. I don't think anything will change my feelings."

"What if she catches up to us? She seems to be quite determined." Princess Shan continued asking as she pulled Xuefeng towards their room.

Instead of giving her an answer, Xuefeng suddenly caught her arms and pinned her to the wall. She didn't need to wait for long before her lips were sealed deeply. He used more strength than usual as if he was trying to knock out those thoughts from her mind and it definitely worked well.

Just then, she felt two people approaching from the other side of the corridor but Xuefeng didn't seem like he cared about it. She was sure that he knew about them but still tried to warn him, "Mhmm..." Unfortunately, the only response she got was a warm tongue that suddenly slipped into her mouth, inviting her to dance. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The two people turned out to be patrolling Shadow Guard members but they acted as if they didn't see anything and just walked past them. Her eyes were closed during their kiss and only after she opened them did she understand why they didn't notice them.

They were invisible. Even though she couldn't see both herself and him with her eyes, the feeling of his soft tongue entwined with her own was still ongoing.

Pulling away from her, their bodies appeared once again and Xuefeng looked deeply into her eyes as he confessed, "I already have a lot of responsibilities. I'm trying to be the best husband to all of you. I only accepted you as my wife because I was confident I can provide you with the same love I give others. If I can't even satisfy my current wives, I will never think of accepting anyone else."

He didn't let her speak and instead gave her a simple peck before pulling her with him towards their room. She knew they would be going to clean themselves and for some reason, Princess Shan felt tense. She naturally knew what Xuefeng liked to do in the bathroom.

She didn't have much time to think about it though as before she knew, they dodged Nuwa's room, seeing both of them sitting down with their eyes closed and entered straight into the main bathroom.