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 "Hahaha," Xuefeng laughed maniacally as he launched himself into the sky before crying out at the incoming swarm of bats, "Come at me! I am right here!"

With the Golden Wings on his back and the Wind Domain following as well, with him as a centre, Xuefeng decided to directly face the beasts. It was a great opportunity to test the power of his first domain.

Ling was already prepared to fill his dantain if there was a need as Xuefeng planned to use only his Wind Domain attacks which he would think of in the process. With the Warship decreased velocity, he could easily catch up if he got too immersed in the fighting.

'If you kill their King, they should all disperse. He is hiding in the middle of his group.' Ling informed before Xuefeng reached them but he didn't have that in plans. He didn't mind battling with them longer.


The cries of the first bats reached his ears as hundreds of black bodies pierced through the outer barrier of his Wind Domain. Although his surroundings suddenly turned black, Xuefeng was smiling and quickly rushed into action. Out of nowhere, tens of wind blades appeared in the domain and cut through the nearest bats as if they were made from mud.

The bodies of the bats were halved before falling down like broken kites. Unfortunately, there were not enough Wind Blades flying left and right to defend him which forced Xuefeng into unleashing his second power move.

"Eat this!" Xuefeng shouted with a smile as he threw a handful of small air bombs right into the group of the closing bats, blasting them apart and not bothered by the wastage of his Air Qi, he continued to unleash one skill after another.

He noticed that the Warship was distancing itself from him so he gave up on killed each bat and chased after it. Surprisingly, the bats followed after him in the chase, angrily crying out. He momentarily killed hundreds of members in their group so they were naturally pissed off.

Landing on the Warship's deck, Xuefeng turned around and shrugged, saying, "Okay, if you really want to die so much, I will grant you this wish." He wanted to let them go, but they were too stubborn.


Another series of cries hit him but he was already prepared. Manipulating the entire domain, the wind began moving in one direction, rapidly accelerating. The clueless bats tried to fight against the wind but they were quickly blown off. Once they entered the domain, they couldn't escape from it anymore.

Out of nowhere, tens of hovering Wind Blades appeared in the tornado he created, cutting and slicing all bats one by one. Green blood spilt everywhere, painting the deck of the Warship with bat's slimy blood. Even Xuefeng was splashed with it which made him frown and create a shield surrounding him.

Seeing that he killed all the bats, he glanced down at his outfit and cursed, "Dammit, there is no way those stains will go away..." He definitely didn't plan for that to happen but he asked for it, trying to end them all in style.

"Huh?" Just then, he noticed something moving inside his Wind Domain, right when he planned to cancel it and return to the ship to get changed.

Glancing behind him, he noticed it was one of the bats who somehow survived the onslaught, having only one of its wings cut off, preventing it from taking off. "Tsk, to think you are still alive. Let me end your misery." Xuefeng snickered as he extended his hand and killed it with the power of his bloodline, breaking his neck in a single move.

Xuefeng wasn't taking pleasure in killing and definitely didn't like to abuse or treat beasts with cruelty. A quick death was the best solution in this type of situation.

As if his father knew that he was finished, the Warship accelerated once again and they even picked up the pace to catch up on the time they lost.

Like most Spirit Beasts, the king of the bats in front of him created a Spirit Artefact right after dying which Xuefeng picked up. The king of the bats was the only one with most of his body intact which fortunately didn't destroy his Spirit that later creates the Spirit Artefacts. All smaller Bats were completely destroyed by him and killed in the midst of his tornado which destroyed the created of any Spirit Artefacts.

Checking out the Artefact, he realised it was just a simple crimson stone which made him wonder and ask in his mind, 'Hmm, what is that? Looks like a blood crystal.'

'Sometimes Spirit Beasts can create a Beast Core instead of the Spirit Artefact which can be later refined into an artefact. You should keep it and use it later on when you study crafting from Xiao Feng. It has Blood Element origin which would make the crystal good to strengthen some Blood Artefact for Wuying.' Ling explained as Xuefeng watched the crystal closely.

Xuefeng nodded, keeping the crystal as he said, 'Mhmm, I will definitely make something nice with it later on. I already planned to make one artefact for each of my wives.' He was stinking from the blood of the bats so he didn't waste time anymore and walked back towards the entrance.

Just when he crossed the barrier, dropping on the stairs, Princess Shan dove into his arms as she congratulated, "Xuefeng! That was amazing! You mastered your first domain in just a few hours!" They could watch his fight and seeing how he manipulated his Wind Domain, she naturally believed he was close to the mastery.

Knowing he was all filthy, Xuefeng quickly tried to stop her as he called out, "Ah, Shan, you will get dirty!" Too bad that Shan didn't mind that one bit and said happily while squeezing him tightly, "It's okay. I don't care. I just wanted to hug you."

"Alright, then I will accept it," Xuefeng replied back while smiling and looked at Jiao who was watching them silently.

She thought he was thinking about the bet between the two of them and being somehow prepared for it she admitted, "Fine... You won the bet. I will honour it." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Xuefeng grinned and replied calmly, assuring her, "Don't worry. We are not in a hurry. I still have more than two days. I still need to improve it a little and add some defences from the third step."

She didn't know if he was playing with her or not as they both saw him using his domain properly so she gave up on the bet as she said, "But we both know you will win... so I admit my defeat earlier."

He couldn't reject her anymore and shrugged, asking as he let go of Princess Shan, "So you are ready to be my servant?" He took off his Jacket as he asked, checking how it looked.

She let out a deep breath and agreed, "Yes. I will do anything you ask me for the next three months. I can even help you clean-" Unfortunately, just as she wanted to mention helping Xuefeng with his bath, she was disturbed by him as he finished her sentence, "My black jacket? Perfect! I just dirtied it but I like so much. Can you clean it for me? I will go clean myself with Shan in the meantime."

He passed her his stylish leather jacket and grabbing Princess Shan's hand, they walked first down the hallway. Jiao was staring at their backs before looking at the jacket in her hands and her eyebrows twitched.

She took another deep breath and calmed herself down as she followed after them, 'It's okay... You will find other opportunities... There is plenty of time...'