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 Watching Xuefeng's showing improvement, Jiao commented, "Told you, it's a lot harder than it seems. He has been trying to decrease his time for a few times already but he only achieved five minutes. Do you still think he will reach perfection in three days?" She didn't mind standing to the side and watch him all day long.

"I do. It has only been a bit over an hour yet he already improved his speed by half. He still has a whole three days left. He has more than enough time to make it." Princess Shan replied confidently, not changing her opinion but rather strengthening it.

Jiao only shrugged to it and said with a smile, "It's okay if he does. It's not like I mind it. Serving him for three months sounds good to me. What can he ask me to do? Clean his back? I'm willing to help with that, hehe." She already calculated that before she agreed to a bet so everything was working in her favour.

Rolling her eyes, Princess Shan commented sarcastically, "Master, I thought that as a Sect Leader you would have a little bit of shame. Are you going to fight for a man with your student?" Her female instincts were alarmed already after hearing Jiao words.

Jiao grinned and said casually, "With Xuefeng's current achievements, I can't compare to him so why can't I be shameless? I'm not going to force anything... But I can't do anything if something happens by accident."

Seeing Jiao's attitude, Princess Shan stopped talking to her, just hoping in her heart that Xuefeng wouldn't be swayed. It might have been selfish but she couldn't help it. After all, if Xuefeng wasn't swayed by her, she wouldn't join his group as a wife.

Even though Princess Shan was optimistic about Xuefeng improvements, Xuefeng himself wasn't satisfied. Feeling that it was harder and harder to quicken his conversion speed, he had to think of another method to quicken the process.

Xuefeng thought out loud as he tried to think of a solution, 'If I make no mistakes, I can speed up the procedure to seven and a half minutes. If I try to control more than one particle at once, I can decrease the time even further but that's still not our goal. I can go with this method and with some more time I can reach Shan's level but this is too time-consuming. There has to be a better routine.'

Before Ming or Ling said anything, he continued as he suddenly got an idea, 'How about I completely change it, turning it all around? I waste the most of time by gaining control over the Air Essence in the air. Can I eliminate that process by simply doing the bare minimum while filling the rest with Air Qi? I have an almost unlimited amount of Air Qi at my disposal. After I momentarily create my Wind Domain, I can then influence the Essence in the air. Wouldn't that be faster?'

He still wanted to confirm it and Ling quickly responded, 'I think that might work. I will be refilling your Air Qi if there is a need so you can just focus on your job.''

Xuefeng was excited to test it so he said as he reset the Wind Domain around him to start from the start, 'Alright, let's test this then.'

He closed his eyes to focus more on his task and suddenly the Air Qi exploded from within him, pressing against the pushing winds surrounding the Warship. It hasn't been more than a few seconds since he started but a zone with about twenty meters in diameter was created around him.

It worked similarly to creating a barrier with your Spirit Qi so it was definitely not that hard. The only problem was that anything within the barrier was not within his control yet but he quickly acted to fix it. By pushing against the wind a moment earlier, he forced all the Air Essence outside so he had to bring it back in.

He immediately explained when he realised he made a right choice, 'It's working! I can now slowly suck in the Air Essence which will let me create my Wind Domain while also being in the midst of fighting with my enemy. I think this is a much faster solution. Instead of going one step at a time, I can create a stage around myself before turning it into my own death trap. With each second passing, I would be getting stronger and stronger and by the time I fill the Wind Domain to the brim, I can simply suffocate my opponent by taking the air from him.'

Ling quickly exclaimed, 'Congratulations! You are amazing!" She also added afterwards, trying to help him more, 'I can do that for you too and instead you can fully focus on your battle. We can also create domains with other elements as well but that leaves us with another problem. There are simply not enough Element Essences at one place. If you wanted to create an Earth Domain in the sky, that would be a problem.'

'Hmm, can't we simply replace the whole Essence with my own Qi? Technically, I have the near-unlimited supply of it. I know that it wouldn't stimulate the natural element but I can always transform some of it instead, right?' Xuefeng asked as he thought of another theory and Ling quickly jumped on the train, ready to test it, 'Let's do it then.'


"Huh?" Liu Xiaobei muttered confused, seeing the alarm signalling there was something approaching them from the distance and realising it was a rather big group of Wild Spirit Beasts, he turned serious, saying to his wife, "It seems like we have a company."

"Should we activate the Spirit Barrier? I read that it has the ability to defend against a Rank 6 Spirit Beasts with ease." Mu Lan asked worriedly, knowing that Xuefeng was training outside on the board. Being a mother, she momentarily forgot that her son was more than enough to take care of a few beasts.

Fortunately, Liu Xiaobei had more faith in Xuefeng and called out with a smile, rejecting her, "No need. We will let Xuefeng take care of them. This might be good training for him. Let's just slow down in case he loses his footing. This way he can return back on the board."

He believed that Xuefeng would quickly clear the way for them.


At that moment, when his parents decided to leave everything to him, Xuefeng happened to be laughing as he finally concluded his tests which confirmed his theory. "Hahaha, so it's possible! I guess I can do it both ways then!" He called out loud with a grin on his face.

Just then, he noticed that the Warship started slowing down to the point that even his speed by flying was faster but Xuefeng quickly realised why. Spirit Beasts.

'There are about three thousand of Bloody Bats approaching us. They all seem to have Rank 3, being just a little bit stronger than a Spirit King but naturally, they could be scary in a group.' Ling informed after scanning the distance and she didn't even need to ask him as Xuefeng was already prepared to rush out. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

His golden wings spread out from his back and with the Wind Domain still surrounding him, he launched himself into the air while saying happily, "Haha, let's test this domain on some live targets."