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 Due to the speed of the Warship, he felt a sharp, frosty wind on his fingertips. He wanted to test the power of the wind without any protection and he was impressed. Though he wasn't hurt, he knew it would be hard to stabilize himself on top of the board.

'Any suggestions? How can I use this wind to master my domain?' Xuefeng asked his group of experts inside his mind and Ling who wanted to help called out, 'How about using your Air Qi to shield yourself from the win first before going out and slowly expanding your zone?'

Just as he was about to do exactly that, Ming added, 'All you need to do is think of the Air Essence in your surroundings as yours and control it without even absorbing and refining it.' Ling didn't have her memories but Ming was a full-pledged Fate Law which gave her access to all information she had.

'Alright, I will do that. Thanks you both.' Xuefeng thanked them and started channelling his Air Qi when Ling suddenly followed up with a question, 'Xuefeng, can we schedule our transformation into a Fate Law for some time after your bet deadline? I wish to help you more in those cases...'

Not fully knowing something that Xuefeng asked her made her feel bad. As they finally decided to do it, they might as well do it quicker. She would be able to help him even more this way.

Xuefeng didn't have anything against it and agreed, apologizing for the delays, 'Yeah, this will be perfect. I know it takes time. We moved it cause of me and my bets. Sorry, Ling.'

'Mhmm, It's okay. Go back to training now.' Ling said calmly. She already waited for a while with her decision so a few days were not a problem anymore.

With nothing stopping him anymore, his body was finally wrapped with Air Qi and under Jiao and Princess Shan's watch, he entered the board. By creating a small zone around him, the wind was just dodging him instead of pushing against him which allowed him to stay on the board without problems.

Though, this wasn't impressive to Jiao as this was the minimum she expected him to do. What she wanted to see was him taking control and using the elements of nature. Normally, one had to absorb and refine the Essences to use them in the form of Qi but in this case, all Xuefeng had to use was Essence of it.

"You look confident he will win. Do you want to see your master lose so much?" Jiao asked Princess Shan who was staring at Xuefeng happily. He was sitting cross-legged next to the exit which allowed them to see all of his actions.

"I believe he can do it. This is not his first miracle." Princess Shan replied assured, knowing Xuefeng wouldn't fail her.

Jiao folded her arms under her chest and asked with a smirk, "Don't you remember how long it took you? Almost a month. Do you think he can do so in less than a day? This is just the first step. There are two more after this." Jiao was sure that even though Xuefeng was a genius, he couldn't win against hundred thousands of cultivators who tried it before him.

Instead of bantering with her, Princess Shan smiled for some reason and pointing at Xuefeng with her eyes, she said, "Maybe he won't even need a few minutes in the end." She immediately thought that becoming Xuefeng's woman was the best decision of her life.

Jiao turned to look at Xuefeng and her eyes widened when she saw already a half-meter zone of Air Qi created around him. It looked similar to a normal Elemental Domain but in a miniature version. It hasn't even been a minute yet and Xuefeng already reached this far?

In Xuefeng mind, he was also confused as he asked himself, 'That's it? I thought it will be a lot harder...' He did exactly as he was told and used his Air Qi to influence other particles of Air Essence. It didn't take long before the Air Essence moved around as he wished and passed into his zone from the outside, making him create a bigger and bigger zone with each minute.

'It's because of your Royal Elf Bloodline. You are now naturally more connected to elements which makes it easier to control them.' Ling proposed the explanation.

As if to cover her shortcomings, Ming said right after, 'What I think happened is that you used a different approach than others. You know that Essence, as well as Qi, are actually small elemental particles that you can mend together as you wish. You immediately started from the smallest scale, separating the Essence into small parts before attempting to control them. Others didn't even have such imagination and went straight into big chunks. Naturally, what Ling said is also correct. Your Bloodline helps you a lot as it attracts those particles, allowing an easier approach.'

Only then did Xuefeng understood, not even realising it and said, 'I guess that modern knowledge is helping me. I thought that's the correct way so I used it. Let's try with the bigger scale.' Knowing he might need some assistance, he added, 'Ling, if I need an additional Qi, I will be counting on you.'

'Mhmm...' Ling agreed quietly but there was something behind it that Xuefeng couldn't notice without seeing Ling's face. It was the first time she was actually upset at herself for not knowing something.

She could calculate how long he needed to master the Domain with the same method everyone else uses, based on the example she saw from Shan's battle but the details were not clear for her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Knowing he was going in the right direction, he continued to widen his Domain until it was around five meters in diameter, surrounding him and the exit. To Jiao shock, he didn't use more than ten minutes to do so. Standing up he glanced at the two of them and beckoned, asking them to come on board.

Princess Shan wasn't scared and quickly walked up to the exit, grabbing onto his hand without worry. She felt only a small breeze the moment she entered into his arms and immediately said in amazement, "You did it!" Seeing him keeping the Elemental Domain around him without any support, focusing on her instead, she knew that it was a real deal and hugged him in happiness.

Xuefeng patted her head as he said, "I think I did, but this is just the start, right?" He knew there was much more to it that this step.

Princess Shan nodded and quickly explained, "Yeah... There are two more steps. First, speed and second durability. If you create your own domain, you can't take full ten minutes to set it up. Once you break it, you will have to start from the scratch so you need to train to the level where you can immediately set up your Elemental Domain."

He partially had an idea but still asked, letting her showcase her knowledge, "Oh, I get it. I will test how quick I can do so next. I was slowing down to do everything properly. What about durability?"

Princess Shan was happy to explain it for him and said, not leaving his embrace, "You naturally can't let anyone breakthrough into your Elemental Domain or you should at least make it more difficult for the enemy. By setting up the Spirit Barrier outside of the domain, you can prevent anyone from getting inside and breaking it. Right now, if I wanted, I could create a hole inside of it and escape."

Xuefeng thanked her as he gave her a solid squeeze before kissing her as a reward, "Mhmm, I will do that afterwards. I will start from the speed and work from there. Thank you for the help..." They rotated from Jiao's view, letting her watch his back as they engaged in their act.

Even though the girls were naughty, Xuefeng wasn't a saint either and whenever he got a chance, his hand would travel onto his wives' butts and Princess Shan wasn't an exception. If she already decided to be his wife, she naturally agreed to such treatment.

Feeling his hands grasping her fully, she didn't even flinch and simply complied with anything he wanted. Even though they kissed for just a moment, it was a great step for her, knowing they didn't do anything excessive yet.

As he pulled away from her, she gave him one last hug and said while going back inside, "You are welcome. You are doing great. Keep it up."

Jiao stared at her with a calm expression but Princess Shan wasn't dumb. She knew that Jiao had feelings for Xuefeng. Feeling like to tease her master, she asked playfully, "Master, how about I ask Yi to give you some tips of how to become a good servant? She was one before and it seems like the bet is finished." She didn't say that in a bad way as she knew Yi was their friend now.

Instead of getting angry, she grinned and said calmly, "It's not yet decided. This is not the end." She didn't look like someone who was worried about losing so Princess Shan only shrugged and returned to watching Xuefeng.