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 Wuying swung her new crimson sword a few times in front of everyone, having no problems even though she didn't practise swordsmanship at all. She immediately commented as she tested it with a few moves, "It's so light yet powerful at the same time... I can feel my blood boiling as I hold onto this sword. Where did you get it? I love it!"

The others who didn't take part in the raid were also curious and Xuefeng didn't hesitate to explain, "It's a Draconic Longsword. I got it as loot after we defeated Tang Family and my Spirits improved it even more. I decided to gift it to you as you are the only one who mastered Blood Qi. It was tailored for you and apparently, it can not only improve your skills but also suck away your side-effects. You won't be haunted by them anymore as you use your skills."

Wuying's eyes quickly brightened as she quickly tried using her Blood Qi skills and quickly exclaimed, almost getting emotional, "Whoa! It works! Amazing... I finally won't change and lose control..." In the end, she couldn't hold them back and looked down, covering the face with her hair and wiped the water from her eyes.

Yiren quickly reached her, overtaking Xuefeng who also noticed the change and hugged hug tightly, cheering her up, "It's great Wuying! You won't need to worry anymore~" She was the one with whom Wuying shared her worries so she knew why Wuying was touched.

"Wuying, are you alright...?" Xuefeng asked confused as he hugged Wuying from the other side and seeing her crying, he quickly helped her wipe them while trying to stop her from crying further, "Aww... Don't cry... If you cry, I will take the sword away..."

The method turned out to be very effective and Wuying quickly called out while putting on a smile on her face, "No! I won't cry, I'm fine... I'm just happy..." She let Xuefeng wipe her tears, finally calming after he gave her a few kisses.

"What happened?" Xuefeng asked confused, forcing Wuying to confess. She hugged them both while placing her head on his chest before saying quietly, "Since the moment I first activated my skills, losing my control and mind in the process, I was afraid to use them again... I was worried that once I do, I might hurt you guys... I told you about it..."

Xuefeng nodded, caressing her back and asked concerned, "I know, but didn't we constantly work on that? You said there were signs of improvements, right?" He was hoping that nothing bad happened to her.

"Yeah... But that were only the basics... If I were to use the Shackles of Doom, I am certain that I might once again lose control and in the process hurt everyone. Now that you solved the problem, I'm just happy that I won't need to worry about that anymore..." Wuying explained and finally calmed down her emotions.

Just then, everyone else joined in the group hug and soon eight of them were squeezing little Wuying in the middle making them all laugh happily. It was rare for them to hug like that outside from the bed so it was a memorable experience.

After everyone finally let go, it was time to separate and start training. As each of their rooms was equipped with cultivation spots next to their beds that were providing Spirit Essence for Cultivators, it was really convenient to train inside, without going out.

Xuefeng entered inside of their room with Wuying but checking it was the same as the others, he lost interest and simply warned her as he pointed at the Draconic Longsword, "If there is something wrong with it, tell me immediately. If you notice anything that is still unsolved, notify me about it as well.

She quickly nodded as she easily hid the sword in her Storage Ring before saying cheerfully, "Mhmm, I will, but I think it will be okay. The moment I first touched the sword, I felt as if my mind was instantly cleared. I will tell you if I notice anything, though..."

With all the stress finally gone from her mind, Wuying was like a new person, behaving much more confidently and the moment she sensed he was planning to leave, she proactively kissed him before he replied and sent him away, "I wish you a happy training. I will be here if you need anything."

Xuefeng didn't mind that change as long as it was positive and nodded, walking into Shan's room after saying, "Alright, I will be going then. Jiao is probably getting mad from all the waiting."

He quickly stole Princess Shan who was needed for basic Elemental Domain teachings before leaving the rest to themselves for now. Fortunately, everyone knew that he didn't have any more time to waste.

When he tried to thank Ming again, she didn't respond to him, only acknowledging it but he knew there was no need for that as long as she heard him.

As they walked through the corridors he remembered, Princess Shan began doing her part while holding onto his hand without worries, "There are many explanations on how to create your own Elemental Domain as everyone is using different techniques and each breakthrough is unique. What I'm going to teach you is the most common technique and you can simply change it as you see fit. It's not going to work for everyone so you will have to experiment if it suits you well."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"So I need to basically find my own way while supporting myself with the existing theories. Got it." Xuefeng copied the information into his mind.

Princess Shan smiled and explained further, "Yes. This is also the reason why it is so hard to master Elemental Domain as sometimes you will need to find your own path to reach that level. For some, it might be easy but for most, it's extremely hard. I heard that the fastest cultivator mastered his domain to perfection in less than half a year. What you are aiming for are three days which seems to be an extremely small number in comparison. I will try to help you achieve that."

Xuefeng could feel the care in her voice and thanked her while squeezing her hand warmly, "Thank you, Shan."

She simply smiled and continued, "The most common method has few steps. The first step is naturally getting full control over your desired element which you already achieved. The second one is much harder, namely, sensing and controlling the essence of the element in the air. While creating an Elemental Domain, you can't only use your own Qi else you would simply run out of it momentarily.

"What you need to do is utilize your surroundings into creating a zone around you consisting of only your element. Once you can influence and control the element in your zone, you will officially reach the entry-level to your domain. This is the level I'm at right now."

Hearing all that, Xuefeng felt it was too effortless and asked confused, "Wait, so all I need to do is create a zone using my Qi and the elements in the air? Isn't that too easy?"

Just as Princess Shan was about to reply, they heard Jiao voice from the front, saying with a chuckle, "Hah, say that after you try it." They reached the exit without realising it and Jiao overheard his boasting but he didn't mind as he actually meant it.

Smirking at her, he went past her while only replying, "We will see very soon."

Aside from her, there were also two Shadow Guards protecting the exit but seeing that Xuefeng was coming, they let him pass and Jiao followed after them as well. He was quite relaxed as he knew that even if he couldn't make it, there was also Ming, Ling or Drakos who could help him in need.

"Good luck!" Princess Shan gave him a kiss in the cheek for luck before letting him walk towards the exit. As the two of them were not that adept in Air Element, they wouldn't be able to withstand the wind pressure outside. They could only watch through the barrier that was separating the board and the ship entrance.

He walked up the stairs to the double-door exit on the ceiling and opened them swiftly, seeing a transparent barrier that only let objects pass through while keeping the wind outside. He couldn't help but reach out and pass through it with his hand.