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 The Warship looked much more spacious inside compared to what Xuefeng imagined. The corridors were really open and acted as a vast web, connecting everything inside. Aside from the hundreds of private rooms each having its private toilet, there was also a training room, massive dining room and recreation area where many could hang out with each other.

He was surprised to see it was so advanced, almost resembling a spaceship instead of an ancient Warship. Thanks to the guidance of Xiao Wen who already knew every nook of it, they quickly reached the operating room where his father was managing the ship. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The controls were described in detail by Xiao Feng so it wasn't hard for him to navigate it. They could feel that the ship was slowly raising and gaining speed so his father was doing a good job.

Inside the control room, there were only important people like his parents, Manager Wu or Jiao who were their guests. Just as he was spotted, Liu Xiaobei called out, "Xuefeng, you are finally here. Miss Jiao told me you will train using wind on the board, is that right?"

Glancing at Jiao who was sitting to the side on the sofa, Xuefeng nodded as he explained, "Yes. I will be training outside for the next three days. There is no need to activate the barrier. We will be stopping a few times on the way so we are not in that big of a hurry."

"Alright, noted." Liu Xiaobei nodded before asking as he started setting coordinates for the first destination, "Are we going to the White Lotus Sect first to give Miss Jiao a lift?"

Jiao remained silent so Xuefeng replied in her stead, "Actually no. The first station will be Sacred Sword Institute. I have some matters I want to deal with. Miss Jiao said she will join and support us. Only afterwards we can visit her sect."

Liu Xiaobei didn't mind that, knowing that everything was provided by Xuefeng anyway and they had sufficient resources to stop and start a few times. After confirming that he set everything correctly, he activated the array and the Warship suddenly exploded forth. They could see the ground moving extremely fast through the thick transparent windows while not even moving at full speed which impressed Xuefeng.

Slowly increasing their speed to about half of their maximum velocity, Liu Xiaobei stopped escalating and said satisfied, "Alright. With such speed, we should be there before sunset. We don't need to burn more money to arrive faster. You can start your training. I will inform you when we are about to reach."

His mother who was in charge of the rooms, passed him four keys at the same moment while saying, "I saved four rooms for you. Even the biggest room in this Warship is not enough for all of you so I decided to give you a studio that is connected with four two-person rooms. I will leave it to you to decide who sleeps where."

Too bad that before he reached for them, they were already snatched by Nuwa as she announced, "I will handle it. Xuefeng will probably train whole night, leaving us to ourselves anyway."

Mu Lan didn't mind that and only smiled while pinching on her son's cheeks, saying lovingly, "Mhmm, naturally. My baby is so hardworking..." Even Xuefeng with his strength couldn't escape the ultimate cheek squeeze of his mother.

As he saved himself from his mother's clutches, Xuefeng excused himself, "I will start my training then and leave the rest to you. I need to master a certain skill in the next three days so I can't slack." He glanced at Jiao with a playful smile, reminding her of the bet and finally departed with everyone.

He didn't worry about Nuwa taking jurisdiction over the rooms as based on their agreement before, she would be in charge for the next week anyway. He was already cheating by betting with Jiao which forced him to train hard.

As Jiao had nothing else to do, she followed after them while calling out, "Wait, I'm going with you. I will watch how you train." She naturally wanted to learn how Xuefeng planned to win the bet.

Xuefeng grinned as he caught waists of both Yiren and Wuying who were the closest to him before asking, "What? You don't trust me? I don't mind. You can wait for me near the exit."

"Fine." Jiao nodded without arguing, seeing that Xuefeng wanted to talk with his women and overtook them, no longer glancing at him. Their bet improved her mood as it was a win-win situation for her. Even if she had to serve him for three months, she would at least deepen their relationship which was exactly what she wanted.

Unfortunately, she wasn't the only one who noticed it. Having seven additional pairs of eyes, Xuefeng could see a lot. "This Jiao wants something from you," Wuying mentioned calmly after hugging into his chest, her gaze looking at the corridor Jiao disappeared into.

As if in sync, everyone else nodded in agreement and Nuwa proposed, "Xuefeng, how about you just prove her what you are capable of by winning the bet but without claiming the reward? I don't want a servant anymore. She has ulterior motives."

"Can't we cancel the bet?" Yiren asked curiously but then Xuefeng calmed them, "It's okay, I know exactly what to do. I'm using this bet to push myself to study harder. When I win, I will just just ask her to do something for me and we will be even."

Xuefeng didn't like their jealousy but he knew it was natural so he understood them well. Even though there was a mutual trust between them, Xuefeng already broke it a few times, bringing new girls into their relationship over and over again. He could only blame himself for their on-guard attitude.

They could only accept his reasoning and sneakily stay close to him in case any woman tries to seduce him. They quickly found their rooms after that short break and seeing four connected rooms, Xuefeng asked Nuwa, "So, who will be living with whom?"

The studio room was probably made for a big family to live in as many things were shared like bathrooms or a small kitchen. It was one of the biggest rooms in the Warship so they were spacious but it would be hard to fit them all in one bed even if they tried. Xuefeng wouldn't be spending a lot of time there anyway so he didn't put too much attention to the details of the room.

Being in charge, Nuwa already thought of the placements and she actually wasn't selfish this time. She gathered everyone in one of the rooms and ordered, "Yi, you will still with Shan. Wen, you will stay with Tianshi and I will stay with my daughter. Wuying, you will stay with Xuefeng."

"Oh!" Wuying got pleasantly surprised by that assignment and naturally accepted it happily.

Nuwa didn't finish on that and added, "Naturally, those are just the rooms where we will train so we don't sit on each other heads. At night we can sleep wherever we want."

Just then, when Xuefeng wanted to comment on that, he heard a call inside his mind from Drakos, 'We are done. The Draconic Longsword is ready. Wuying should be satisfied with it.'

Xuefeng exclaimed happily before praising them, 'Oh! That's great! You guys worked hard. Thank you.' He didn't wait and the moment he felt the new sword inside his Dantain, Xuefeng pulled it out right in front of everyone.

Drakos didn't take all the credits and rather passed them onto Ming as he said,

'Lady Ming added a lot of improvements to the sword, making it even more explosive and powerful. Even I wouldn't be able to come up with it.'

He tested the sword in front of everyone, not necessarily feeling anything out of it aside from the deep blood scent so he passed it to Wuying who was a better expected while thanking again in his mind, 'Thank you, Ming.' He could see a big smile on Wuying's face so he knew she liked it.

'It's nothing... I just added some things that could help her control her skills. The sword will suck in the negative emotions that gather in her mind the moment she cast her blood skills. As long as she holds the sword at the same time as she casts the skill, she won't suffer from the side-effects.' Ming said weakly, clearly tired after that long transformation.

'Oh! That's genius!' Xuefeng exclaimed once again before asking Wuying who was already testing the sword, "Wuying, what do you think?"