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 Standing on top of the Warship, Xuefeng looked down at all the last clan members entering the Warship with their families and couldn't help but smile, knowing their journey was finally about to start. Although those who were chosen to come with them and join the new clan, had very little time to prepare, they were still willing to drop everything and follow them.

"Interesting... So if you win, we will have a servant?" Wuying asked curiously as she hung on Xuefeng's back while wrapping her arms around his neck. They were all on the top deck, taking the last look at the city when Xuefeng described his bet with Jiao, not planning on hiding it from them.

Xuefeng was crouching as he looked down which allowed her to easily catch him. Being the closest, Wuying was the first to sneakily claim Xuefeng's back, knowing he wouldn't reject her embrace. In the case where one had to share their husband with other sisters, being the first was crucial.

He indeed wouldn't let go off something so soft that pressed against him and instead picked her up by her thighs, making his fingers sink in them. As she enveloped his waist with her legs as well, fully sticking to him like a monkey, Xuefeng gently stroked her squashy thighs and explained to everyone, "Yeah, I have three days to master the Wind Domain. Ling said it is possible so I will definitely do it. I work much better when I have a deadline for something so this bet can actually motivate me. Don't worry, I won't lose."

"Of course... How could our Xuefeng lose? We believe in you." Wuying cheered as she tightened her hug before thinking out loud, "I wonder how does it feel to have a servant. It was always me who was attending you. It would be nice to have one."

Xuefeng couldn't help but laugh as he asked, "Haha, don't you have me already? I can help you change anytime. I can also help you bath and dry you with a towel." As he said so, his hands travelled to the back and he gave her butt a solid squeeze.

He thought she will banter with him but Wuying agreed instead, not falling for his trap, "Yeah, you are the only one I need. I will bother you for those from now on, hehe." She followed it up with a kiss on his cheek as if to seal the deal, leaving him speechless. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wuying used to be those girls which are fearless in front of their enemies but shy and cute towards a person they love. Under his constant teases and busy nights, she changed into someone confident, who knows what she wants and doesn't mind to lovingly fight back.

He couldn't say he loved the change but he knew this would happen after her personality was affected by her Blood Skills. Fortunately, she was slowly going back to her cute and cuddly Wuying. He just needed to give her a little more care to stabilize her personality which he already planned for this week.

Princess Shan, who was a bit surprised after hearing this bet, wasn't like Jiao and instead believed in Xuefeng's skills, immediately proposing while giving him a warm smile, "Xuefeng, I will try to help you as much as I can... I know how hard it is to master a domain."

Although he anticipated it, Xuefeng was still glad he was right about her and appreciated her, "Mhmm, thank you. I expected nothing left. I wanted to ask you to explain the fundamentals to me before I start. I don't want to explore blindly."

Just then, they felt the Warship vibrating, signalling the activation of the array's that fueled the Warship and he decided to finally enter inside. He knew not everyone was strong enough to resist the winds on the outside of the ship.

Patting Wuying's thighs which told her to drop down from his back, he ordered to everyone, "Let's go, we are about to depart."


When the Warship finally rose into the sky, inside a throne room of the Sacred Sword Kingdom's palace there was a big argument involving the current ruler and his son, the Crown Prince Zhen Zhao.

It wasn't a peaceful argument as curses spew out of the majesty mouth, "Damn it! How can you be so stupid!" He glared at his son, finally fed up with his deeds.

Though, even when he was being cursed at, Zhen Zhao remained calm and asked back with a smile, "I don't know what are you talking about. Do you mean that blonde girl that I was a little bit rough with? It's not my fault, she was the one who tried to run away from me. No one dares to run away from me."

His father facepalmed himself and scolded more, getting to the point right away, "Are you dumb? Who cares about your girls! I'm talking about Liu Xuefeng! Do you want to ruin our family?!"

Zhen Zhao wasn't actually informed well about Xuefeng's doings so he asked, "Who? Are you talking about that guy my wife is interested in? Don't worry, I will settle him now. I just came back from the mission and had to relax with a beauty. I might be behind on the news-" Unfortunately, he couldn't finish his sentence as his father suddenly reached out and slapped his face.


The crisp ding resounded through the throne room and Zhen Zhao father shouted, "What Crown Prince are you?! Fucking disgrace! Only girls in your head! Say one more thing about girls and I will turn you into a eunuch!"

Zhen Zhao didn't even stagger from the hit but there was still a red mark on his face. He glared at his father and asked angrily, "You dare hit me...?" It wasn't a secret that Zhen Zhao was stronger than his father but that didn't mean he was scared of him.

His father took about a letter from his robe and threw it at his son as called out, "Yes! And I will hit you once again if you continue being dumb. Don't even think about fighting him. That Xuefeng is too strong for you. Read the letter and you will understand."

There had to be a reason for his father actions so Zhen Zhao caught the letter and decided to read it while also hearing his explanation, "Not only can he destroy a Spirit Barrier with only one attack that Monarch Stage cultivators need to group up to crack, he also has a great background that even the Ruler of the Realm is scared of. He is not someone we can deal with."

"It says here that he is untouchable and anyone close to him is as well. Who sent this letter?" Zhen Zhao asked with a frown after reading about Xuefeng's achievements and he quickly got a response, "This letter was sent from the Ruler of the Realm himself to every Royal Family on this world. Once something happens with him, the organisation backing Xuefeng will destroy us. This is not a joke."

Only then did he start to realise the seriousness of the situation and asked confused, "What are we doing now then?" He didn't think that Xuefeng would improve this fast.

Too bad that his father already decided to separate himself from this case as he said, "We? This is your problem. I'm done cleaning up your mess all the time. You tried to mess with his woman and he will definitely come find you. He already killed both Emperor Shang and his son just cause they tried to give Princess Shan to you after your blackmail. Do you think Xuefeng will leave you alone?"

"He is killing Royal Family members. Are you are not going to do anything?" Zhen Zhao asked with a frown, not believing that Xuefeng could get away with that so easily but he was mistaken once again when his father said decisively, "I will do exactly that. Nothing. Though, I know you. Because you are so impulsive and would definitely try to scheme something that can endanger Royal Family, I will prevent you from doing so."

Just then, as if they had it planned, hundreds of Royal Guards started walking out of the side doors and soon the whole throne room was surrounded. Zhen Zhao wasn't a bit scared when he saw that and instead laughed maniacally as he asked, "Hahaha! Do you really think you can lock me with just them?"

The Emperor of the Sacred Sword Kingdom simply shrugged and having no choice, he explained, "That's not my intention. They are here to kick you out. I already passed the decree. You are no longer a member of the Royal Family and you no longer my successor. Now you can do whatever you want. Naturally, I won't protect you anymore as well."

Zhen Zhao wasn't surprised by that choice and actually preferred it, now having the option to act the way he wished and called out while laughing, "Haha, fine! It's not like I even needed any of this. The Sacred Sword Kingdom is too small for me."

With one last look at his father, he glared at the Royal Guards that blocked his way and walked out the moment they opened a path for him.

Being his father, the Majesty couldn't just let him die so he advised, "Go hide in the Sacred Sword Institute. You can use them to protect yourself. If Xuefeng wants to kill you, he would have to offend a big sect. Use this to your advantage."

Zhen Zhao only halted his footsteps for a moment but he didn't turn around and walked out with exactly such plan in his mind.