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 Xuefeng landed soundlessly behind Liu Xiaobei who was talking with Senior Wang, the next Clan Leader of the Branch Clan that they were leaving behind and called out to Jiao who came right after him while creating a small thud, "You seem to fit nicely in your future role. Already following your master without hesitation. Though, you need to work on your landing."

She knew he was only teasing her so he glared at him and ignored his comment. As a Sect Leader of the respected White Lotus Sect, Jiao had to be in the place where most important matters happened and it was naturally by Xuefeng side. She already considered him as the decision-maker of the whole operation so she would naturally follow after him, no matter how much he teases her.

Hearing the commotion behind them, Liu Xiaobei turned around and called out with a smile, "Xuefeng, good you came." He didn't forget to greet Jiao as well, giving her respect, "Sect Leader Jiao, good morning."

Xuefeng stopped bantering with Jiao and said back as he smiled apologetically, "Father. Sorry, I'm late. Is there anything I can help with?" He was the one who proposed this idea yet he came late and his father already started managing everything for him. He definitely wasn't a filial son.

He didn't know that Liu Xiaobei actually prefer it, feeling that with Xuefeng achievements, he would be considered useless anytime soon. At least he could show that his old bones are still useful for something.

"Most of the things were already done but there is one thing I need from you." Liu Xiaobei said as he patted Xuefeng's shoulder and pointing at the end of the Warship where many men were loading clan's supplies, he whispered, "There is a lady who wants to talk to you at the back. You can go and talk to her. Help her if she needs something."

"Who is it?" Xuefeng asked curiously but his father teased him by shrugging as replying playfully, "Go and find out. Make sure you are nice. She is an important partner for our clan. We want to work together with her and her father."

Not saying anything else, Liu Xiaobei walked away, leaving Xuefeng curious. He could only walk to the back and see which lady wanted something from him.

Although it was not a big distance, Xuefeng still jumped into the sky and flew that small distance, not willing to wait any longer. With that, he was quick to find out who exactly was waiting for him.

He was pleasantly surprised and quickly landed, calling out from the distance, "Manager Wu! Long-time no see!" The person waiting for him was no other than Manager Wu that was managing her men that continued to pack her own resources to the Warship storage.

She quickly turned around and smiled seeing the approaching Xuefeng, replying sweetly, "Xuefeng! It's nice to finally see you. I was asking around for you." Though she was talking to Xuefeng, Manager Wu didn't stop ordering her people as she called out right after to one of the men, "After you are done with those, move the rest of the crates as well. I will be busy talking with Young Master Liu."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Yes, Manager Wu! We will be done in a moment." The man quickly responded with respect and they swiftly returned to work. Only then did Manager Wu fully focus on him while putting down her list, muttering to herself, "If only medical herbs could be placed in Storage Rings, life would be so much easier, sigh."

"Manager Wu, is there anything I can do? I heard from father that there is something Miss wants from me?" Xuefeng asked while ignoring Jiao who followed after him once again.

Both of the women seemed to meet with each other earlier already as they only exchanged a nod before Manager Wu said, "Yes. I have a few things I wanted to settle with you. First of all, I heard from your father that you are searching for many high-quality swords for your training. I managed to gather one hundred Rank 4  swords of similar origin and size. They should be easy to control. I hope you can accept them as my greeting gift."

As she said so, a Storage Ring appeared in Manager Wu's hand and she passed it to Xuefeng with a smile. Seeing him accept it with a surprise, she added, "I know those are just rank 4 but we don't have the better stock here. After we reach the Capital in the Central Region, I will ask to replace them with something better."

Xuefeng checked the content and smiled, thinking right away, "Manager Wu, thank you. I actually needed those so I will accept this gift." He didn't act humble as it was rude to return gifts. Xuefeng also realised he needed flying swords for his training so it was a perfect gift for him.

Manager Wu nodded and continued with what she wanted from him, "Mhmm, second of all, I would like to work with you and your clan closer in the near future. Would you mind if I became your Exclusive Manager?"

"Exclusive Manager?" Xuefeng asked curiously, first time meeting with such a naming. Even Jiao was surprised when Manager Wu proposed it which made him even more puzzled.

Manager Wu did not find his ignorance strange and explained it with a question, "Let me ask you this, do you plan to expand your knowledge into crafting artefacts or even making pills in the future?"

He quickly confirmed, already knowing that Xiao Feng would probably push him hard to study, "That's definitely on my to-do list."

"Well, then an Exclusive Manager will be perfect for you. I will provide all materials no matter what you want in both your pill making as well as artefact crafting. In exchange, you only need to give everything you make to me. After I sell them, we will split fifty-fifty. What do you think?" She proposed after describing her job and Xuefeng eyes brightened.

This was more than perfect for him as he could simply focus on practising without worrying about unnecessary stuff like finding materials or medical herbs. Even though he basically didn't need to use pills, it was still a good skill he wanted to master before reaching Heaven Realm.

Not thinking about profiting at all, Xuefeng gave her a counterproposal, "Manager Wu, I will go ahead and straight up agree. What's more, as long as you can provide me with all the materials for practice, I can give you all the pills while keeping only those I really need? I'm not in the need for money."

Seeing his slight smile, she naturally recalled the fortune they potentially gained by plundering Tang family and agreed while laughing, "Hah, right. After Tang Family defeat, you should have a lot of capital in your disposal. I'm naturally happy with those terms. Hope we have a great partnership with each other."

"Me too." Xuefeng shook her hand that she reached out which signified that he settled his second deal for this morning.

Just then, he noticed a small group of females approaching them from the distance and he knew he had to end the conversation with her. As if they got in sync, the men responsible for packing the materials inside the Warship finished their job as well.

Looking at both Jiao and his new partner, Xuefeng called out happily, "I guess I will see you two on the board. I'm going to my girls." He didn't wait for their responses as he considered it done and walked up to Nuwa and the rest who were walking up to him while chatting with each other.

When he was some distance away from them, Jiao asked calmly, "Does Xuefeng know about Manager Wu's origin? I doubt he knows who is he dealing with..." She naturally recognized Manager Wu and even Liu Xiaobei learned about it today but something was telling her that Xuefeng wouldn't care even if he knew.

Manager Wu smiled and waved with her hand to not bother with that, saying, "It's okay. It doesn't matter to him. I like how he treats everyone similarly, no matter from where they came from or how big their status is. Those are the characteristics that I noticed since the moment I met him."