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 Just as Xuefeng flew above the warship to take a good look at it, he couldn't help but comment the moment he saw the flat board of the ship, "Whoa, it is spacious out here... I wonder if one can stay on the board when the warship is moving. It would be nice to train up here."

He landed on the metal surface and gave it a solid thump to test its durability. Finding no reaction, the metal being all sturdy and hard, Xuefeng nodded in satisfaction. The whole Warship had a similar shape to the aircraft carriers from his old world but naturally more adjusted for air flying with better air aerodynamics. He was still sure that the Warship would swim if it had to.

Jiao, who followed after him, answered his question before he even asked her, "It is possible but only if the Warship will turn on its Spirit Barrier to protect you from the wind. I doubt your father will turn it on, knowing how much costs it will add."

Xuefeng wasn't even remotely bothered by it as he said with a smile, "This is not a problem for me. It will actually be a good practise. Although I have my Air Qi Wings, I'm still far behind on Wind Element. I guess I will use this travel to train it further."

As he said that, Xuefeng created a small ball of air on top of his palm before crushing it with a smile. He finally turned to Jiao who watched his back with interest the whole time and heard her question, "Have you ever thought of creating your own Elemental Domain?"

"Elemental Domain? Just like Shan?" Xuefeng asked curiously, already thinking about this before. He wanted to master a Domain for each element and switch it in battle depending on the situation.

"Yeah, just like Shan." Jiao nodded and explained as she walked up to the edge of the Warship, "She is still far from mastering her Ice Domain but she is on a correct way to do so. You could already see the power of it after just reaching the first threshold. This is the next step after mastering your element."

"Did you master the Ice Domain yourself?" Xuefeng followed up with another question but even before he finished, he suddenly felt the temperature falling down around them.

The metal surface of the Warship got covered by a small layer of Ice and snowflakes began appearing out of thin air before hovering right in front of his face. He caught one and it quickly melted on his palm, confirming that they were real.

Looking into Xuefeng's eyes with a smile, their surrounding returned back to normal and Jiao said proudly, "How could I teach Shan if I didn't master my own Domain? I naturally reached the highest mastery. The only thing that holds me down is the amount of Water Qi in my Dantain." She made it seem like it was effortless for her but it was in reality quite draining. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Mhmm..." This made Xuefeng wonder. If he was not limited by the amount of Qi he has, won't he be able to keep his Domains activated at all time?

It looked too good to be true so he asked Jiao to make sure, "What if someone had an infinite amount of Qi? Wouldn't that make him invincible?" He said it sarcastically, acting as if he was just curious.

Jiao was happy to talk to him so she taught him, "Technically, yes, but practically no. It would only work if he fights against someone who first, doesn't know that element, or second, doesn't know the other elements that counter his. He could master all Elemental Domains to fix that so it's technically feasible but practically impossible to carry out. It would take someone tens of years to do so and it would only work inside the Earth Realm as cultivations in Heaven Realm are bound to know techniques to counter Elemental Domains. I would mostly use it as a support to strengthen your other skills."

"So if I also knew Ice Domain, it wouldn't give me an advantage while fighting against you?" Xuefeng asked after analyzing her information.

Jiao smiled, seeing how quick Xuefeng learned and walked up to him, saying, "Yes. Even if you had more Qi than me, as long as our Ice Domains connects to each other, I would be able to steal your Qi to keep mine activated. I'm also quite used to cold so even if you attack me with your Ice Domain while catching me off guard, you won't inflict much damage to me."

Stopping right in front of him, Jiao suddenly booped his nose and asked, "Are you interested in learning it? I can teach you if you want." Without being daring, she knew Xuefeng wouldn't even consider her so Jiao acted when she saw the chance.

Unfortunately, Xuefeng already had different plans so he had to reject her for now, "I'm sorry, maybe in the future. We already have Shan who knows Ice domain so I will try something else. It wouldn't make sense if we all studied one thing at the same time. I will use this week to master Wind Domain first and we will see next week what to do afterwards. Our plans keep changing."

Jiao couldn't handle Xuefeng's confidence this time and almost started laughing as she asked to confirm, "Pffft, you will do what...? You will master your Wind Domain in a week?"

Xuefeng tilted his head to the side, not actually knowing what was wrong with it and asked confused, "Yeah, is there a problem?" It was normal for him that he was mastering things faster than others thanks to Ling and his Royal Elf Bloodline. He already gave himself a huge timeframe of one week as he wanted to spend some time on his wives as well.

Seeing his puzzled face, Jiao realised that he was actually not joking and her inner obligation as a teacher to inform him of the reality activated. Looking at him like at a silly student, she asked him, "Don't you know that Shan only reached the first threshold with three full months of hard work? To reach full mastery, I spent more than three years. Do you think you will cut that time short to a week? I know you are a genius but isn't it too... Overconfident?"

Before he responded, Xuefeng double-checked with his biggest supporter, 'Ling, is it possible to do it in less than a week?'

Based on his calculation, it wasn't that hard and fortunately, Ling agreed with it, saying, 'Yes. If you use the extremely windy environment, it should even speed up the process. Based on our experiences, it shouldn't take you more than three days. Though, that's just basic mastering. If you want to use it in connection with your other abilities, it will require much more practise time.'

This made Xuefeng smile naughtily and he immediately returned to Jiao, asking, "How about we bet?"

Jiao thought that Xuefeng would understand her, taking her knowledge and experience into consideration but it turned out he didn't, acting cocky instead. She was also disappointed as she took him as a smart person and said dejectedly, "Sigh, I told you it is impossible to do so in a week. One needs to know when to stay humble..."

Xuefeng only widened his smile without commenting on the latter and corrected her, "It won't be a bet with a week. I know my limits."

"Oh, good. At least you listened. How many weeks then? If its too much-" Jiao finally relaxed, thinking that Xuefeng wasn't that silly in the end but then he cut her words as he stated while showing her three fingers, "Three days. I will master Wind Domain in three days. Do you accept?"

Hearing him decrease the number instead of adding more, Jiao snapped and didn't bother to warn him anymore, accepting right away to give him a lesson, "Fine, you want to lose a bet then I won't stop you. What are the stakes? What will you give me if you lose?" Jiao knew how hard it was for her to master Ice Domain so she naturally got annoyed with Xuefeng's three-day bet.

Xuefeng thought of what Jiao could want and said, knowing she will accept, "Hmm, how about I will be your servant for a month and do whatever you want. What do you think?"

Just as he expected, her eyes brightened but instead of quickly accepting, she tripled the stakes, already having plans on giving him a big lesson, "Three months. You will be my servant for three months if you lose."

"And what if I win?" Xuefeng asked back with a confident smile.

Jiao was sure he can't master it this fast so she would accept any punishment. She simply took his own and said, "The same. I will serve you for three months."

"Deal. I can assure you that I know nothing about Element Domains yet. I'm starting from a fresh account." Xuefeng quickly accepted and guaranteed as he reached out his hand for a handshake.

Jiao accepted it and shook his hand as she grinned, saying happily, "Alright, I believe you. The bet is on." She wanted to have Xuefeng for herself and he came up with such a bet. Now that she thought about it, the opportunity was perfect for her.

Xuefeng cut their handshake with his free hand and teased as he patted her shoulder, "Hehe, I hope in three days you will have more faith in your master. I'm going to meet my father now."

Securing a great servant for himself, Xuefeng spread his wings and flew down from the warship, no longer thinking about it. Jiao didn't mind his remark, knowing she will be the one who will laugh later before following after him.