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 Xiao Wen was the first one to finish her cultivation, leaving her peaceful state before throwing herself into Xuefeng's arms as she greeted him, "Xuefeng! Good morning!"

"How was your training? Did you enjoy testing your abilities?" Xuefeng asked with a smile, embracing her in a tight hug as if to reward her arriving first.

"Mhmm," Xiao Wen nodded after taking sudden liberties with his lips and described her experiences, "I improved greatly. I think that with enough practise, I will be able to cause explosions from the distance without even creating a fireball to initiate it. What's more, it doesn't even require a lot of Fate Qi. I'm really happy about that."

"I'm happy for you. I rested pretty well too. I spent the night with Ling instead." Those were some great news so Xuefeng expressed his happiness while also recounting what he did but Xiao Wen thought he was blaming her. She quickly apologized as she hid her face in his chest, "I'm sorry... After I came back, I wanted to sleep with you but then I saw everyone was working hard so I just joined them..."

"Haha, It's okay. I'm not blaming you." Xuefeng laughed as he assured her, patting her head until she calmed down before calling out to everyone, "Girls, we are going to depart soon. Finish your training and get ready." The warship was already prepared so it could only mean that his father began packing the stuff inside it. They didn't have too much time left.

His voice finally woke the rest up from their cultivation state and Yiren quickly skipped towards him, calling out in a similar fashion like her sister, "Good Morning Xuefeng!" Others also arrived and greeted him with smiles but they had a guilty conscience for leaving Xuefeng alone that night.

Fortunately, Xuefeng didn't mind that at all but they didn't get to receive a hug as he let go of Xiao Wen and ordered everyone as they gathered, "Hugs and morning kisses after you are all ready. Take a morning bath if needed or clean your face and change."

The girls didn't have anything against it, not wanting to create any problems and entered the room, with only Tianshi staying behind. She stared at him and he quickly figured out what she wanted from him.

"I know I could have asked you first... But I-" Xuefeng said softly but before he finished, Tianshi placed her finger on his lips and shushed him with a slight smile, "Shhh, its okay. As long as you understand. I already gathered the girls and explained everything. Though, I'm still yet to tell Xiao Wen... I don't know how will she react to the truth..."

Xuefeng didn't hesitate as he decided, "We will talk about it with her together. You still have your old Tianshi's memories so I think she will understand. It's not like it's your fault. Her sister died by herself... "

Just then, Xiao Wen who entered inside with everyone, suddenly returned outside, wanting to ask Xuefeng something. She happened to overhear the end of their conversation and asked them curiously instead, "Whose sister died?"

They both turned around and saw the confused Xiao Wen which made Tianshi not knowing how to react but fortunately, Xuefeng was there with her and he reached out for Xiao Wen's hand as he said, "Come, we need to tell you something important."


Hearing their joint explanation, Xiao Wen frowned slightly and she asked hesitantly, trying confirm everything she got told, "So... You are someone else that took over my sister's body and memories after she died... Did I understand it all right...?"

Tianshi was really worried about this so she was the one who nodded, describing her feelings, "Yes... We reincarnated into this world together with Xuefeng... I'm sorry I didn't tell you about it before... I still have real Tianshi in me and I love you as a sister..."

Xiao Wen could see Tianshi's dejected expression but she still felt ultimately confused, saying quietly, "I understand it... But it's still hard for me to accept it right away with a smile on my face... I know you are not at fault..."

"I'm sorry..." Tianshi apologized once again, even though she didn't had to and hugged Xiao Wen tightly. Xuefeng embraced both of them in his arms, making sure they talk it out before they separate.

Xiao Wen was understanding but still asked to confirm her thoughts, "Do you remember what gift I gave you for your tenth birthday?"

Tianshi smiled at that, knowing it was one of her predecessor favourite memory and described it, "I do... Father grounded me so I could focus on studying but you snuck me out for my birthday and we attended my first auction... You bought me a pin that I still wear till this day..." She pointed at the pin that was on her hair the whole time.

This actually made Xiao Wen smile, knowing that Tianshi didn't change much in the end and whispered, "Then you are still my sister, just with an additional memory of another person. Don't worry about it. You will always be my little sister."

"You will always be my big sister too..." Tianshi whispered back as she tightened their embrace and they stood like that for a moment until Xuefeng teased, "Ah... You both are so cute."

Xiao Wen naturally punched Xuefeng on the chest for that and focused on her sister without commenting on his words, "Tianshi let's go. We need to prepare to depart." Tianshi only gave him a sweet smile and let Xiao Wen pull her inside by the hand.

"Haha," He couldn't help but laugh at that, loving to tease them and finally flew into the sky after creating a pair of golden wings on his back. He noticed earlier that someone was waiting for them outside and he already figured out who could it be.

Right after he flew across the courtyard roof, he spotted Sect Master Jiao leaning over the wall and quickly landed in front of her, asking with a cheeky smile, "Miss Jiao, why are you waiting in front of my courtyard?"

She didn't beat around the bush and asked what she came for, staring calmly at his face, "Xuefeng, did you kill the Emperor of this country?"

Xuefeng was never ashamed of his deeds and admitted to it with a shrug, "Yes, I did. Is there a problem? I wanted to avoid it but he crossed the line that never should have crossed. For me, the family is the most important. He prefered to trade his daughter's happiness to save his ass and that's not something I can allow. If I could turn back time, I would do the same."

"I understand. Don't worry, I'm not here to scold you. I can't care less about him. What I am interested though is your next target..." Jiao pursed her lips in a smile as she assured him and asked curiously, "Are you maybe planning on killing Zhen Zhao?"

He already planned it and having a basic trust in her, he worded out his thoughts, "Yes. He is an evil person that needs to be destroyed before more people will suffer. From what Shan told me, aside from chasing after her, he was using other girls as well. If I only beat him up to put him in his place, he would take revenge on me or even worse, try to attack people I care about. I'm not planning on making this mistake."

Xuefeng knew that if Zhen Zhao learns that he can't match him, he would act like a coward and attack people close to him like for example his Clan's branch or scheme against him by striking Clan's businesses. He couldn't let that happen. If Royal Family wanted to take revenge on him, he would destroy them too.

"Mhmm, I predicted that. You have to know that the news spread fast. Zhen Zhao will know you are coming before you even arrive. If he knows he can't fight against you, he won't leave the sect, hiding inside of it." Jiao informed him, giving him a warm glance.

Xuefeng didn't mind that in the slightest as he said, shrugging once again, "It's fine. If he doesn't want to leave, I will force him to. Once their sect faces destruction, they will abandon him. They are all the same. They put benefits they can get above anything but once their life is in danger, nothing else matters for them."

Witnessing his attitude, she tested him further, "Don't tell me you plan to make the whole Sacred Sword Sect your enemy...? Once you do that, even the main sect will try to eliminate you. It will be hard for you to pass through the Azure Dragon Empire." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"So what?" Xuefeng asked back, suddenly picking up a small rock from the ground and crushed it in his hand as he continued, "Their Branch Sect is just a small fry. Even though I might not be able to face the whole Main Sect, I am not alone. In addition to that, I have Xiao Family support. If even the so-called Ruler of the Realm can't do anything to me, do you think I would be scared of the Empire?"

"Hmmm..." Jiao looked closely at Xuefeng's face and quickly decided, "I will go with you there. If they see that my sect supports you, they will pressure Zhen Zhao to face you earlier."

Xuefeng actually expected this and he patted her on the shoulder, rejecting her help tactfully, "You don't have to do it. Won't it endanger your Sect? I thought that White Lotus Sect is friendly with them? We can handle it by ourselves."

Unfortunately, Jiao wasn't that quick to change her mind after deciding something and assured him determined, "Don't worry. I'm the Sect Master so I can do what I think is right. You all are soon to be White Lotus Sect disciples. I should naturally help you and protect the future stars of the sect. Even without counting you into the picture, just having Xiao Family as a friend is more than enough for us to act in your favour."

Seeing her so stubborn, Xuefeng could only accept her while joking, "Fine, I won't stop you then. We are giving you a free ride back home so I might as well make you more useful in my case, haha."

She couldn't afford to fight back but she still pouted, calling out to keep her pride, "Hey! I'm doing it cause I want to! Hmpf!"

"Haha," Her puffed cheeks caused Xuefeng to laugh and he finally stopped their conversation, looking at the warship in the distance," Anyway, is that all you wanted to talk about? I will be going to check out the Warship and ask if they need any help."

"Yeah... That's all." Jiao nodded, thinking that Xuefeng will ask her to follow but he simply waved at her and said, "Alright, then bye." He didn't wait for her comment and took off explosively with just one strong swing of his wings.

'Tsk, he could at least ask me to come with him...' Jiao complained in her mind as she snickered but she still launched after him as she cried out, "Wait for me!"