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 He was surprised that he found himself standing on the sunny field instead of her palace but with such weather created by her, he didn't think it was a bad idea.

Just then, something soft knocked him from behind, pressing against his back before embracing him around his chest, locking in a tight connection. With the embrace came the smell of field flowers and grass as well as something more distinctive like a smell of roses.

Based on Xuefeng's memories, Ling could replicate any smell and she liked to test many flowers. She imagined roses as a thorny love, the same which she had with Xuefeng. Not in a sense of having arguments in their relationship but even though they were so close to each other, it was still hard for them to meet frequently.

As she feasted her mind on Xuefeng's body, Ling whispered as she pouted at him, "I missed you... You said you will visit me more often... I want to see you more often..."

Xuefeng reached towards his torso and covered her small hands with his, saying back with a sigh, "Ling... I told you earlier to call me when you want to meet with me... Didn't we settle to meet in the evening?"

Ling suddenly pulled away, rotating him so he could face her and said unhappily, "You are late. It's almost the middle of the night... I also want you to be the one who comes on your own. I don't want to force you..." She didn't let him reply and dove into his embrace once again but this time while sealing his lips that she wanted to taste for a while.

Only then did Xuefeng realise he was the one fully at fault and he apologized sincerely as he pulled away from her lips for a second, "I'm sorry Ling, I didn't look at the time when-" Unfortunately, Ling didn't want those and quickly shushed him by placing her finger on his lips before assuring him with the first smile since Xuefeng entered her space, "Shhh... It's alright... As long as you came. Nothing else matters anymore."

She waited for Xuefeng's nod and they finally laid down on the grass with Ling snuggled in his arms. She didn't search for his member or try to engage in any special activity and simply enjoyed his presence.

After some time of pleasant silence, Xuefeng asked what he came for while brushing his fingers through her hair, "Why you don't want to advance to Fate Law? I wish you were able to travel alongside me with everyone else... Don't you want that as well?"

Ling didn't think much and nodded right away but she was still reserved, "Mhmm, I want it too... It's just there are some things I'm still not sure of... Just give me some more time to think this over..."

Entangling his hand with her own, Xuefeng delved on the subject, "Are you worried that you will change after your transformation? I don't think this will happen. And if it does, so what? I will still love you no matter how bad you will become. I will just spank your butt a few times as punishment."

Hearing his joke Ling smacked his chest as she called out worriedly, "It's not funny! You saw how much I changed before. What if you won't recognize me anymore? You managed to seize my heart this time, but what if I'm too overbearing after the last unlock? All my memories will influence my personality and I won't be the same as I was before. I can feel deep coldness hiding within me... I don't want to stop loving you... Sniff..."

Ling was so concerned about this that even single tears started falling from the corners of her eyes. Xuefeng was too important for her and losing everything they shared together just like that was the last thing she wanted.

Instead of immediately cheering her up, Xuefeng suddenly rolled on the grass with her before pinning her hands to the ground. Their eyes appeared right in front of each other and he stopped her from talking with a forceful kiss. He was moved by her feelings but he knew that without showing his own, she would continue to worry.

Pulling all of a sudden after making her lips numb, he assured her while looking at her sternly, "I stole your heart once so I can do it again. Why are you worried about it? It will be my job and I can promise you that unless you are mine, I won't give up. I don't believe you will change so much that I can't recognize you. There will always be the Ling I know inside you. I just need to discover it."

Seeing she was still hesitant, Xuefeng tried to reach her from a different perspective, saying, "Also, you are bound to change anyway at some point. Nothing will change if you do it now or later. We are in this together."

Ling looked at him with confusion in her eyes and smiled realising she didn't have to worry with Xuefeng by her side. Did they even suffer a loss when they worked together in something? So what that it will be hard. They will go through it like every hardship so far.

"Mhmm, let's do it then." Ling finally agreed as she escaped from Xuefeng's trap and wiped her tears away, showing her sweet smile at the same time.

Xuefeng decided against telling her about his talk with Little Ming's big sister as he knew that would only ruin the mood. After getting all of her memories back, she would know what to do with this situation herself.


Xuefeng didn't leave Ling's space for the whole night, spending it in each other's embrace. He was paying her back for his late arrival tonight. He knew that none of his wives came to sleep with him that night so he could spend his time with Ling. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

When he opened his eyes in the outside world, it was already morning. He wore his clothes and went outside only to see everyone working hard to improve. Only Nuwa noticed his entrance but she was busy with Yiren so she didn't come up to him right away.

Glancing at the sky, Xuefeng noticed the familiar warship, already ready to set off and muttered happily under his breath, "The new beginning."