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 As Xuefeng started describing his own old world to Nuwa, she was in great amazement. The happier she was and the more closely she listened, the more eager Xuefeng was to story tell about all shocking technology or inventions his world had, feeling proud of where he came from.

Although they already cleaned themselves, they still laid inside the bathtub. Nuwa was sitting on his lap while cuddling into Xuefeng's chest and she listened while letting Xuefeng caress her body. Just like he, Nuwa also couldn't resist his love touches no matter where they were.

Smelling the sweet scent of the shampoo from Nuwa's hair, Xuefeng continued to reply to Nuwa's innocent question, "I mentioned about schools, right? It's basically similar to a Sect here. We study different subjects there but there is no cultivation or fighting to survive. Although there were some wars here and there, everyone coexists with each other, no matter the race. Killing is also forbidden."

Nuwa naturally asked him how he died as she was interested but she didn't stop him when he sidetracked, sucking all the information like a sponge.

Xuefeng already told her so much, even about his old family so he didn't have a reason to hide anything else. Imagine the last scene of his Earth's life, he described with nostalgia, "Anyway, we had this trip to the mountains from school so we could relax before our final test but unfortunately, this was my last one. When we went together to take one last picture of the scenery, the ground beneath us cracked and slid off the cliff. I managed to push her away but I fell off the cliff and died. Silly death, right?"

"No, it wasn't silly... You actually sacrificed for someone else which is commendable." Nuwa shook her head, denying right away, finding that really romantic.

Although she also thought that it was kind of stupid, she knew that she would do the same for Xuefeng if there was a chance. She quickly figured out that the girl Xuefeng saved had to be special for him and asked cautiously, "Was it your lover that you saved...?"

Xuefeng smiled as he gave her a kiss on the head, knowing she would ask that question and admitted, "Well, kind of... We were not together at that time but I loved her deeply." He already expected what would be the next question but he still did not know if he should involve Tianshi in his story. Xuefeng already shamelessly decided to tell about his origin without Tianshi's opinion about it so he felt bad.

Just as he thought, Nuwa followed up with what he predicted, glancing at him curiously, "What was her name...? Do you miss her...?" Nuwa was giving him the look that she wouldn't give in until he tells her, having word determination written on her forehead which made Xuefeng sigh.

He didn't actually want to hide anything and decided to expose some secrets, suffering from Tianshi's wrath later. She would be a bit upset but he believed she would forgive him.

"Tianshi. That is her name and I really missed her for a while." Xuefeng said after a moment, tasting Nuwa's lips as the sign of love for her.

She naturally got confused upon hearing his words and quickly followed with questions, "Tianshi? Don't tell me you took our Tianshi as your wife just cause she resembles your old lover?" If that was the case, Nuwa was sure to be mad at him.

One cannot substitute their loved one with someone who looks the same as that would mean they never loved the person inside but only their external shell. It would be the same as Nuwa finding someone who looked exactly similar to Xuefeng after his death before marrying them. There was no other Xuefeng for her.

Xuefeng naturally declined but there was a smile on his face, not giving out any other clues, "How could I do it? I naturally didn't. Maybe you should ask Tianshi about it? She will tell you exactly what happened."

He gave her an encouraging rub on the back as he planned on picking her up and leaving but Nuwa pushed him back to sit down and questioned, "If you didn't do that, does that mean she is still the same person? Did she follow after you into this world? Or maybe the name is just coincidentally similar?"

Xuefeng only smiled and thinking this would be a good opportunity, he spoke determined, "I'm not saying anything else. Ask Tianshi. Use this chance to socialize more with one another. But be nice, okay?"

She quickly pulled on his cheeks before snickering as she got out of the bathtub,  "Tsk, fine. I will ask her right now. You made me too curious." She flickered with her finger causing all water droplets to fall from her body and asked before leaving, "Are you coming with me or going to rest?"

Xuefeng didn't need to think too much about his answer as he already knew what he had to do next. There was a certain person that was waiting for him for a while already. Her issue was very important to his growth so he didn't want to postpone it. "I will rest. I need to talk with Ling about something. You guys can join me after you girls are done." He said as he also left the bathtub, walking towards her before letting her go after a kiss. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

She poked him in the chest, getting rid of water on him as well and led him to the bedroom, wanting him to watch as she sexily wore her clothes. Xuefeng had to admit that no matter if she is undressing or putting the clothes back on, she could make both actions soak with sex appeal.

Xuefeng didn't plan on wearing his own, simply laying on the bed after Nuwa left before calling to Ling, "Can I com-" He didn't need to finish his sentence before his mind was already sucked inside her space.