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 Nuwa knew he would simply banter with her so she admitted defeat and said curiously, 'Anyway, if what you said is the truth, it seems like we can hear each other's thoughts only while being connected. I never heard of that with any Elves Bloodline having such feature so it must be an internal perk of having the Royal Elf Bloodline.'

As if to test her theory, she suddenly raised her butt, letting Xuefeng's member leave her completely before glancing at him, talking to him in her mind. Seeing no reaction from him, she connected with him once again, asking right after, 'Can you hear me now?' It looked as hilarious as it sounded like but there was no other method to test it.

'Yes, I think this is the correct way. Do you think there is any other way we can use our bloodlines connection?' Xuefeng asked as he suddenly laid down on the bed with Nuwa still sitting on top of him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

While she slowly rode on top of him with their hands interlocked, Nuwa pondered over the issue but it was hard to think of the things they could test on the spot. It was naturally precedence as she didn't think any other bloodline had such a connection.

Thinking about this deeper, she laid on top of him and questioned, 'As I said earlier, there has never been a male Royal Elf so everything we are testing now is new. I have many questions like, are there other ways to connect with each other or only through lovemaking? If there are, can we use it in some other ways than just talking with our minds?'

'Or what if we can strengthen this connection and reach the level where we can communicate with each other only using our minds? This would be a great advantage for us.' Xuefeng proposed his idea which made Nuwa momentarily excited and she called out seriously, 'We will have to deeply test everything. This is important.'

'We will. There is a whole week ahead of use which we can use to experiment.' Xuefeng naturally agreed and anticipating her plea, he added right after, 'But not now. I want to finish what I started. Nothing stands between me and satisfying my wife.'

He didn't wait for her reply and rolled with her on the bed, placing her beneath him and thrust into her with power. This time she moaned but with her own voice, "Ahhh, fine..." She really wanted to test stuff right away, but feeling the returned passion in him, Nuwa didn't interrupt.


Nuwa was a hard player to beat but for Xuefeng who could literally endlessly regain his stamina, it was just a matter of time. Nuwa breathed hurriedly after coming for another time and collapsed on Xuefeng's chest without strength, paralyzed with pleasure.

Only then did Xuefeng regenerate her stamina, healing the overworked muscles and let her take a breather as he enjoyed her naked body to the fullest. Only after a few minutes of rest did she say while cuddling into his arms, "You know... After what that Fate Spirit said, I was really upset with my life and I even wanted to find myself a King to show that it's not true but after some time I started accepting it. Thinking that I wouldn't find love ever again, I focused on raising my daughter, hoping that her fate will be different..."

Xuefeng rubbed her on the back to give her courage, knowing she was confessing something. Nuwa continued after a pause, "This is why after you appeared, I wanted you to stay and transform into a Royal Elf so that my daughter can experience love. Only afterwards did I realise that I can also have you as my King. The moment I thought of that, I dove into this plan with all my heart. I wanted to prove that I will not age without one. At first, I was just playing around but later on... I really started to like you..."

Hearing Nuwa, Xuefeng suddenly thought of something, finding he should finally reveal something to her, "That Fate Spirit probably didn't expect me to appear in your life. I think I know what happened now. When she was foretelling you the future, I wasn't even in this world at that time." Only Tianshi knew that secret as she only shared it together with Xuefeng.

Nuwa didn't quite get him and rolled her eyes, thinking he was using her age card to solve the issue, "Are you trying to tell me that I am old?"

Fortunately Xuefeng quickly explained, getting right to the point, 'Of course not. I'm saying that I am literally from a different world. I only came here after dying in my own world and reincarnated here, into this cultivation world. That Fate Spirit couldn't predict something would happen when I wasn't even existing in this world. I am an anomaly that broke into her future and disrupted it. You will not age alone. I am here to age together with you."

Nuwa was only a bit shocked and said with a proud expression as she caressed Xuefeng's face, 'I somehow always thought you were different than others. It's your mindset and thinking which is much more advanced and mature. Now I know why. It must have been shaped by the culture in your own world.' She was naturally proud to be Xuefeng's wife.

Xuefeng thought that she will be stunned by this news so he couldn't help but comment, "You doesn't seem surprised by that."'

Nuwa though had a quick response to that, asking back, "Why would I? There are probably thousands of worlds out there. What we know is just a tiny little Realm. You being someone who comes from one like that is not that big of a shocker."

Just then, she sat up on his body and jumped to the floor before reaching out to him as she asked, "How about we clean ourselves as you tell me some stories about your own world?"

As Xuefeng already decided to tell her about it, he didn't mind and grabbed her hand while agreeing, "Sure."