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 "Huh...? What old hag?" Nuwa asked back confused, still not fully out of her pleasure roller coaster. She even forgot she thought about it, nothing controlling her random thoughts during her ecstasy moments.

Xuefeng tightened the embrace and he said while pouting, "You just thought about it. Saying I am your King and that you don't want me to leave you. Who told you that? I want to meet the person who speaks such lies." He was happy that Nuwa believed in him but was curious who dared to say it. The first into his mind came Yiren's grandma but he quickly let go of that suspect, knowing she would not say that.

Only then did Nuwa realise what he was talking about and explained out of instinct, anger building as she spoke, "Hmm... Remember that lady in the golden crystal that I told you about? I found her in a cave when I first went out to explore the outside world. She said she could foretell the future and she told me that my love life will be really sad. She even implied that I will age without a King."

Xuefeng searched through his memory and finally recalled one information about it as he said, "Huh? Are you talking about that free Fate Spirit? I almost forgot about her... You told me about her."

Nuwa nodded and showing an angry expression, she said unhappily, "Yes. It's her. I got really angry at her and even want to smash her Golden Crystal but I was sent away from the cave. It locked soon after and I couldn't enter again." She was really upset for a while after that but knowing the situation she was in, she somehow believed that spirit.

Xuefeng nodded with understanding before giving Nuwa a peck while rubbing her cheek to calm her down, "I get it. Don't worry. Either she was wrong or she thought of something different. If I can't be your King, I will be your husband. Maybe that's what she meant."

Nuwa listened to him but a sudden worry filled her mind. She was not willing to accept such an outcome. She hid in his chest and asked quietly, "But what if she is right and something happens to you...? I don't want to lose you..." This was probably the first time she contemplated about this subject and she could barely imagine such times, away from Xuefeng for so long.

Fortunately, Xuefeng was there for her and he quickly whispered into her ear as he tightened his embrace around her, "You won't lose me. I'm not going anywhere. Heavens will need a lot to take me away from you. Also, don't even think of running away yourself too. I'm not letting go of you even if you want to leave."

Even someone like Nuwa felt those words and smiled at him as she looked up before kissing him as she said happily, "Why would I leave you...? You are my King..."

"And you are my Queen..." Xuefeng said right after, causing Nuwa to suddenly ask while laughing upon realising something, "Hah, we suddenly got really romantic, don't you think?"

"Mhmm..." Xuefeng nodded as they returned to their special moment.

They stayed connected with their waist to each other for a little while roaming with their hands, checking every corner of the other's body. Their lips interlocked in a passionate kiss as Nuwa slowly resumed her movements, feeling the hot erection still tingling her insides.

They cooled down during their conversation so she was freer to talk as bottom lips slowly swallowed him. Nuwa separated from their kiss and while still embracing him by his neck, she asked curiously, knowing they dodged one topic, "How did you know what I was thinking about earlier...? You did not tell me about it yet..."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

As if she wanted to test it, she observed Xuefeng's face and thought, 'Test test. One, two, three. Xuefeng better flee as I will eat him no matter the plea. His tree is as long as my knee and it is a key to my sea.'

Xuefeng couldn't help but laugh at her silly rhymes and she quickly called out as if she exposed him, "Ha! I got you! So you can hear my thoughts! How did you do it?" It was the first time she was met with such ability so she thought it was Xuefeng's doing. She even thought that it was Xuefeng ability that evolved from his bloodline and immediately got excited, jumping up and down on his lap to show it.

Instead of replying immediately, Xuefeng smiled and reached out to take her clip off which released her golden hair onto her back before brushing his fingers into them. She didn't know what he was doing but still followed with his demands, letting him kiss her once again as he got control over her head.

Naturally, Nuwa was surprised when, in the next second, she suddenly heard his voice inside her mind, 'Isn't it nice like this? We can kiss and talk at the same time. Hehe, I could hear you clearly the whole time.'

'Ah! This is great!' Nuwa quickly exclaimed happily, asking him excitedly once again, still thinking it was Xuefeng's doing, 'How did you do it?'

Xuefeng skimmed down towards her bottom, grasping it strongly before helping her move up and down as he replied, 'I didn't do anything. The moment I entered inside you, I suddenly happened to hear your thoughts. Hearing everything you wanted, I just stayed quiet and continued to pleasure you the way you wanted, hehe.'


"Mhmm!" Nuwa moaned after Xuefeng smacked her butt at the topmost position but she still called out to him in their connected mind, 'So you cheated! And here I was saying how thoughtful you are, tsk, tsk...'

They returned to their teasing attitude and Xuefeng said playfully, 'You were saying how much you love me and all that for a second I even thought you were cute... Ahh!' He already expected an attack but didn't think Nuwa would suddenly tighten her walls around his member while asking, 'Do you want a beating? It's Yiren who is cute. I'm not. It seems you didn't receive a Queen treatment for a while...'

This made him let out a groan but he still continued his attack, disagreeing with her, 'Nope. You are much cuter when you get angry. I can't help but want to squeeze your cheeks and tease you some more.'