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 With his Vulcan ready to erupt at any moment, Xuefeng picked Nuwa's bottom and sat up with his lips still sucking on her cherry, drinking her sweet juices with eagerness. Her lust was somehow transferring onto him the more they interacted and he also felt pleasure each time her thighs moved, rubbing against his ears.

It was really a pleasure trap for him but he didn't stop, sucking and kissing while enjoying his ability to make her reach climax. When he couldn't withstand it anymore, he finally let Nuwa work for him as well and she didn't disappoint him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

She was dangling upside down like a bat with her legs supporting her whole weight on Xuefeng's neck and having his erection right in front of her face, she couldn't resist the temptation. Nuwa quickly bound her hair with a clip so it doesn't disturb her and pulled down his underwear in one quick move.

"Haha," She laughed right after his long member smacked her gently across her face as if he was greeting her before catching it with the both of her hands, making it stop dancing around from happiness.

Nuwa gave it the first stroke as if she was familiarizing herself with it for the first time before licking off the transparent liquid that already gathered on the tip. She immediately recognized the familiar taste, moving it in her mouth with the tongue to keep the flavour for longer.

Just then, Xuefeng slowly laid down on his back, knowing it would be probably more comfortable for Nuwa this way. Such a move also gave her more freedom in her movements and she didn't wait to capitalize on it.

She escaped from his mouth and asked after giving him a kiss, "Can you move up the wall?" Xuefeng didn't quite get why but still listened, seeing how nicely she was asked.

When he leaned by the wall with a few bellows behind his back she explained, already knowing what question he will ask, "I want to watch your face when I do this- Mhmm..." She didn't yet finish her explanation when her mouth swallowed her prey whole, showing her enjoyment.

"Ah... Good..." Xuefeng expressed his satisfaction as he held the loose hair that escaped the clip. Nuwa grasped his shaft with both hands and moved it horizontally as she sucked on the head with passion. Just as Xuefeng, Nuwa also felt good while being able to give him pleasure.

As she swallowed it deeper, using Xuefeng's face to measure his satisfaction, Nuwa continued to speed up, wanting to see his euphoria with her own eyes. Her long tongue kept wrapping around the head as she sucked before suddenly pulling away and teasing the tip, entering into her playful mode.

"Do you like it?" Nuwa asked happily after gently kissing the tip a few times and hugging the long toy into her cheek with a sweet smile.

She was much more relaxed at that moment, finally regaining some of her strengths after being away from his teases for a while. She made Xuefeng so good that he even forgot to rub on her ears that could make her submit once again.

Xuefeng didn't have anything to hide and he agreed, complimenting her in the process, "I love it. You also look really cute right now." He didn't expect that even after that, adding a loving cheek caress to the mix, Nuwa would kiss the tip for the last time before saying, "I wanted to punish you earlier but I guess the worst punishment would be leaving you like that. We can stop now."

Just as Nuwa said so, she pulled away and fell on her back glancing at him provocatively, making Xuefeng confused. But only for a second. He knew Nuwa well and knew she was a very straightforward person who knows what she wanted. She was also good at voicing out her wants and needs.

Only in bed when she wanted to be playful, Nuwa would pull such a stunt to make him attack her on his own. The thing is, Xuefeng already had planned on doing so. He quickly jumped after her as he pretended to play in her game, asking back, "And where do you think you are going? You are mine tonight."

Naturally, she let herself be caught by him as their lips connected in a deep kiss and only after he suddenly slid inside her, making her exclaim with pleasure, did she reply back as her legs wrapped around Xuefeng's waist, "Ahh! We will see about that!"

To prove her wrong from the start, Xuefeng gave her the thrust she would remember for a while, pulling back till the very end before slamming into her with power. He knew that it wasn't all about the quickness but the intent and feelings behind each thrust.

He didn't know that the moment he started pounding her, the pleasure kicked in almost instantly breaking all the defences she set up beforehand. It was definitely a different feeling compared to all others where she could still control herself. She felt like they were finally connected with each other. Their heartbeats synced and minds connected.

Although their lips were connected and the room was only filled with the sound of their waists banging against one another, Xuefeng could still hear Nuwa's voice but this time inside of his mind, 'Aaahh! I love him so much! It feels so goooood!'

As he was only focused on satisfying her, he didn't think much so when their minds connected for some reason, Nuwa didn't realize it at all. She continued to think of her needs which she just couldn't voice out loud, 'My ears... Rub on my ears...'

Xuefeng didn't think much of it and quickly reached out and grasped both of her earlobes, caressing it gently just as she wished. This immediately pushed her into ecstasy as she commented in her mind, 'Yeeeesss... Just what I wanted...'

Only based on that, Xuefeng didn't expose himself yet and simply listened to her true desires, planning on satisfying all of them. Coincidentally, it just happened that he reached his limits and he shot his first golden load deep inside her. He immediately heard her reactions live, 'Ahhh! So hot... Flowing deep inside me... Noooo, don't stop! I want moreeee! I want to ride him so badly...'

He was naturally ready for the second round right away but fulfilling her desire, he put her hands underneath her and sat her in his lap, giving her a chance to ride on him. Nuwa quickly capitalized on that as her bottom moved up and down instinctively.

She also commented again in her mind, giving him high praises, 'Ah! So good... Filling me completely each time I go down... I can make it wiggle around with just my bottom... I could do that for hours... If only he could arch my back now and play with my chest...'

Naturally, Xuefeng wanted to please her completely so he pulled away from her lips and suddenly started kissing on her neck, going down until he found two lonely breasts which he happily entertained.

As her back arched the way she wished with his hands supporting her by holding on her waist, Nuwa said in wonder, 'Knowing everything I want perfectly...'

He thought she was over when she suddenly revealed some secret that Xuefeng never heard about, 'He is my King... I don't believe what that old hag said... I know he will never leave me... I want him to be my King forever...'

Xuefeng stopped her movements and brought her back into his arms, asking seriously the moment their gazes interlocked, "What old hag you thought about? Who said I will leave you?"