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 Xuefeng grinned at Nuwa's sudden request but as he wasn't afraid of challenges, he gladly accepted. Their fingers entwined with each other as he dove downwards and sucked on the place where her erected nipple tried to pierce through the soft material before gently biting on it, causing her to let out inviting moan, "Ahh!"

She wanted to reach out and grab onto his white hair, pressing his head and lips against her breasts but her hands were seized by Xuefeng, locked in the loving embrace. Nuwa had little to none strength left to resist his grasp but she could feel that with each second, she was recovering more and more of it. This was the only time Xuefeng had some freedom to do as he wishes but she already planned to reclaim it very soon. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Catching the bottom of her bra with his teeth, just as she wanted, he pulled it upwards and exposed the whole cup for his view. There wasn't much time left for him so he quickly sucked on the naked nipple, walking around on the rosy ring with his tongue before giving her the desired bite, leaving teeth marks on her breast just as he switched to the other one.

Her second boob received the same treatment, getting momentarily exposed as he bra moved onto her collarbone before experiencing its fair share of love. She had to bear his kisses, sucking and occasional bites that kept attacking her erect nipples. Although Nuwa went through so much, it didn't seem like she was still satisfied as he only heard her increasing cries for more.

As if Xuefeng was reading Nuwa's mind, he suddenly pulled her hands and placed them on his neck, letting them roam free. She immediately fulfilled her desire and brushed her fingers into his hair before pressing it against her chest with want for more in her eyes.

With his own free hands, Xuefeng didn't stay idle but instead grasped on her lonely breast that had teeth marks around her nipples, using the whole length of his palm. With the second hand, he skimmed downwards on her body, travelling up to her bottom and legs before slipping it right into her white panties.

He wanted to get her ready with his fingers but it seemed like it was unnecessary as she was already dripping with love juices, being completely wet down there. Unfortunately, just as he pulled on her panties, planning to take them off, Nuwa dragged on his hair which jerked him away from her chest and forced to look at her when she pleaded, "No... Do it with your lips... I want you to kiss me there..."

As if to entice him to accept her request, she let go of his head while giving him a soft caress on his cheek before pushing him away ever so slightly which allowed her to roll on her front. She took off the bra by herself and arched her back like a cat that was trying to stretch its body, presenting her juicy bottom right in front of his eyes.

It was right at the reach of his fingertips and Xuefeng naturally didn't waste time, extending his hands to grasp both halves with equal strength, before smacking it gently just like he loved it. He didn't expect her to suddenly cry out with a moan coming out of her mouth, "Mhmm... Harder!"


Xuefeng listened and pressed her against the bed which made her buttcheeks more tender and relaxed before smacking it once again just as he wished. She didn't tell him one fact earlier, namely that after an orgasm, the body of a Royal Elf was over-sensitive and no matter what touch, it would be just adding to the pleasure she felt.

Each time he smacked her bottom, her body spasmed and more juices gushed out of her crevice. Xuefeng would be stupid if he didn't notice it, especially when Nuwa's face was pressed against the sheets as if she was trying to suppress her excessive moans.

Xuefeng took off her panties without wasting any more time and saw her wet entrance, already waiting to be penetrated by him. Grabbing both of her buttcheeks, he spread them apart and dove right into her with his tongue ready to lick and suck on her cherry bean.

Her body immediately constricted as she wrapped her legs around his head, keeping him in the lockdown and he couldn't help but continue, knowing it was bringing her joy. Xuefeng suddenly wondered how good he was making her feel when he went down on her like that.


Just as he thought about it, Nuwa cried out in her mind, 'Ahh! I will go crazy!'

Xuefeng wondered how good she felt but with the current state of her mind, Nuwa doubted she could give him an answer. Not because she felt bad but because her speech would not resemble their language, filled with moans that would uncontrollably leave her mouth.

Feeling the wonders Xuefeng was making with his mouth, Nuwa thought intensively with moans breaking her thoughts from time to time, 'Ahhh, it's going inside me... His tongue is so warm...Mhmmmm... Moving in and out while his hands gently massage my butt... I don't feel like opening my legs anymore... Ahh...'

She thought one thing but the next moment her legs spread willingly, giving him full access to the menu in front of him. 'Ahh... He did it again... So deep... Touching me the way that makes me open wide... Mhmmm...' She thought in her mind, taking in what he did in her own way.

'Oh... He's gonna do it... He really is...' She thought when his tongue suddenly spread both of her bottom lips before entering into her while twisting around with freedom. Nuwa could not help but moan in pleasure as she said, 'Mhmmmmmmmm... I love it so much... I want to see his face... I want to see him enjoy it as I do...'

In the end, Nuwa even cursed as she started losing herself in the pleasure, 'Damn... Ahhh... I can't think... I want him... I want him in me now...'

Tens of thoughts filled Nuwa's mind, bombarding it with different wants and desires but just as she raised her head to tell him exactly what she wanted, Nuwa felt as if lightning struck her body. She was basically resistant to lightning but her body still tightened all around, arching like a bow with one thought in her mind, 'I love him... I love him...''

She was holding onto that thought and nothing else matter for her at that time. It hasn't been more than a few minutes yet she came again. The pleasure crushed against her mind like a waterfall that cuts through the air like a knife.

Although she just came, losing any strength in her body, her second thought was also about him, wanting to make sure he enjoyed as well. 'I want to eat him too... I can't be the only one...' Nuwa thought as she reached out behind her, rubbing on his hair to somehow give him a sign, trying to relay her thoughts through actions.

Fortunately, he understood. He also wanted it badly.