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 The moment Xuefeng's shirt got ripped away from his chest, he knew this wouldn't be romantic or gentle lovemaking but rather passionate and strong act. Xuefeng didn't expect anything else from the hungry tigress so he was prepared to give her the performance she desired.

As her hands caressed his abs and chest muscles, skimming up and down with her fingers, Xuefeng wasn't idle. He immediately reached out towards her shoulders and slowly slid her dress off, exposing the sexy lingerie that he bought for her.

Unfortunately, just as he was planning on unhooking her bra, Nuwa pulled away from him while standing up on her knees and tossed him deeper into the bed. Just as he hit the bed, his hands were suddenly behaving as if they were stuck to it with glue, not moving at all. He knew this was Nuwa's doing based on the naughty smile she gave him.

Getting on all four, she walked towards him like a cat and said seductively, "This is a punishment for being a bad boy..." As she said the last word, her finger reached his pants and by moving it in the air as if she was inviting him to join her, Xuefeng's pants were removing themselves from his legs on their own.

Seeing he was only in his boxers like underwear now, Xuefeng knew he would be eating very soon so he teased back, "I don't recall doing anything bad? Maybe you mistook me for yourself? Isn't my Queen Nuwa the naughtiest of them all?"

Nuwa smiled at him, finding it cute that he was fighting back but at the current state of the game, she was the one in power. As she crawled higher, she travelled with her fingers on top of his resting soldier, almost waking him up as she patted him on the head while adding a short circular rub at the tip but she didn't commit fully, returning to her journey.

She told him this was a punishment and when her lips left a trail of kisses from his lower belly all the way to the neck, taking her sweet time each time, he understood why. The wait was simply killing him but Xuefeng didn't say anything, knowing this was exactly what she wanted.

What Nuwa wanted to hear was him pleading to finally get something more from her but Xuefeng wouldn't fall for that. His strategy was the opposite. In his plan, it would be Nuwa who just couldn't wait anymore to consummate their love.

When her lips were finally just a centimeter away from his, grazing and teasing his own, Nuwa finally whispered while embracing his head with her arms, "It's a punishment for not taking care of your Queen properly..." She was holding him firmly, forcing their two pairs of eyes to stare at each other but Xuefeng could watch her for days and he wouldn't be bored of it.

Just as he expected, the moment he tried to raise his head and taste her lips, Nuwa pulled back ever so slightly, keeping the distance of that one centimeter, only grazing them from time to time. Both lips were open, breathing hot air into one another while advancing and retreating every second breath.

He knew Nuwa had a lot of fun based on her never-ending smile but it didn't mean Xuefeng was much less entertained. Her soft and firm buttcheeks were rubbing against his lower body with each of her naughty movements and her silky-smooth skin of her legs that wrapped together with his own were giving him the soothing sensation.

Nuwa had a different perspective but with such beauty in his arms, Xuefeng could say with sureness that he was far from complaining. No matter what she did, he was only blessed by it and appreciated each caress or kiss.

Seeing that Xuefeng wasn't giving up, Nuwa leaned over to his ear instead and whispered seductively, pausing after a few words, "Xuefeng... Just say it... Say you want it...and I will give it to you..."

Each time she delayed her speech, she kissed his earlobe, causing him to shiver with his whole body. As he was still in his Royal Elf form, her heart was pounding faster the more time she spent in his embrace. Together with his reactions, her own body was behaving similarly, sharing his pleasure as well. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Nuwa knew that the more time she took to conquer him, the harder it would be for her to resist but giving up was not in her dictionary.

Waiting for his reply, her graceful foot suddenly escaped from their subtle battle at the second front and advanced upwards while skimming through his thighs before reaching her desired destination. Sneak attacks at the base were always the most effective in war.

As if to whip up the flames of her desire, Xuefeng replied to her in a similar way, "Don't you want it more...? Just say it...and I will give it to you..." He knew her body started getting tingly as she started wiggling around, trying to get rid of the ants that travelled all around her skin.

Fighting back, she completely woke up the general of the army, rubbing it gently until it stood on attention and finally whispered back, "Are you sure...?" She didn't wait for his reply and she immediately bit on top of his ear while stroking the other one with her free hand.

"Ahh..." This time, Xuefeng couldn't hold back and moaned softly but that only pushed Nuwa to continue her evil deed, sucking and kissing with her tongue licking excessively. She attacked in three fronts when her lips suddenly couldn't stand their loneliness anymore and found their way towards Xuefeng's soft rims.

Nuwa didn't know when it was when she stopped caring about her punishment anymore but at one point, Xuefeng's hands got out of her control and she immediately got embraced by his long and muscular arms, tightly squeezing her chest which was only pressed more against his own.

Maybe it was her body that gave up resisting or maybe it was her own clouded mind that shamelessly unleashed her desire for a warm hug. She didn't know that but at that point, it didn't matter for her in the slightest.

Xuefeng did not give up on this chance and quickly gained control over the situation. His tongue quickly dominated her own, forcing her to always look for more and chase after him while his hand grasped on her relaxed bottom, giving him the squashy feeling he always liked. Her lingerie was so thin and light that it didn't block his sense of touch at all.

As she teased him so much with the lovers' weakness, he suddenly rolled on the bed, finding himself on top of her and finally pulled away while at the same time seizing her two sensitive shells.

"Ahhhh!!" Just a small caress on top of them caused her body to bend in an unnatural position as she cried out in pleasure. For the second time she experienced how it felt to share deep intimacy with a member of her bloodline which Nuwa loved and she could not even imagine how much pleasure would love making bring her.

Without even taking off her lingerie, only with touching, sucking and biting externally, she was able to come this fast. What's more, the ecstasy just did not want to end. She felt as if thousands of explosions were constantly exploding in her mind and Xuefeng only fueled it by continuing to tease her more.

With her mouth and tongue out in the open, gasping for breath, Nuwa got once again attacked by him which prevented her from recovering. Those states were the weakest she have ever been but this one was taking all of her powers away. Her hands which tried to fight back fell limply on his back, only from time to time regaining ounces of energy only to lose it right after.

Still having her question in his mind all this time, Xuefeng finally replied as he looked her straight in the eyes, "I'm sure... Tell me... Do you want more?"

Nuwa was still absent-minded after reaching her orgasm but his soothing voice could always somehow reach the inner parts of her brain, getting the reaction he wanted, "Yes... I want more..." She wasn't acting anymore but spoke with her true desire, speaking from the depths of her mind.

"As you wish my Queen..." Xuefeng whispered back with a smile and dove downwards, kissing her on the neck while heading towards the two prizes on top of her chest.

Just as he was about to unhook her bra, Nuwa reached out to stop him by grabbing his hands and whispered passionately, "Use your teeth to rip them off me..."