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 'Cut yourself on the arm, I want to test my new ability.' Ling told him.

'Okay.' He also wanted to test it.

He pulled out his rank 3 sword and made a small cut on his palm. He felt a slight pain but instantly the golden necklace shone and sent golden Qi running through his body, reaching his palm in a blink of an eye. It started healing rapidly and in the next second, there wasn't even a mark visible.

"Wow, amazing." He exclaimed in happiness. When the Golden Qi passed through his body, he felt like all tiredness was washed away.

'Not only it heals injuries, but it also nourishes your body and gets rid of your fatigue. With me around, you will never get tired.' She said proudly.

'Doesn't it use your Spirit Qi? I don't want to run around blindly in search for the next Fate Fragment in the near future.' He was still weak and he knew that he won't be lucky like today, during the next Fate Fragment hunt.

'Don't worry, with this upgrade we should have about a 1 year till you are forced to find the next Fragment. Also with the help of this crystal, I can gather Spirit Essence and create Spirit Qi on my own. My space is almost endless so I can act like a Storage Artefact now. Am I not awesome?' She praised herself again.

'Again a deadline? Meh, you want to kill me, I swear.' Xuefeng complained immediately. He almost got devoured by a tiger getting the first one.

'Don't complain, you also get the benefits.' She reminded him.

'Okay, I'm going to start the training now. Oh, can you remove this kiss mark on my neck?' Wuying noticed it but he made her forget it. If he shows with it again, she will definitely ask.

'I don't think it classifies as an injury.' Ling laughed leaving Xuefeng speechless.

'Oh come on, don't joke with me, it's a life and death situation.' He begged desperately.

'It's not a big problem, just use your Spirit Qi to accelerate the regeneration of your blood vessels there. You can fix it in a few seconds. Don't ask me to waste my precious Qi on trivial things like that.' She complained.

'Oh, I can do that?' He did as she told him and indeed it solved the problem. He looked in the mirror of the Wardrobe and the kiss mark was gone.

'You learn new things every day.' He laughed at himself. He could have thought of a solution like that.

'You better tell me what Spirit Art you want next. I remembered quite a few Movements and defensive Spirit Arts after my upgrade, so I can create quite a good one with them.' Ling gave him two options before he got busy. She already made his clone art and sword art. It was time for the next one.

'I guess I am in need of a Movement Spirit Art. I wanted to connect my Sword Art with some cool movement to increase its strength.' Xuefeng replied.

She didn't reply, but he knew she already got into work. He also decided to finally start his training. He changed his clothes into something more light and left his room. What appeared in his sight made his heart freeze. He saw Princess and Wuying laughing and talking to each other near the pond which he destroyed yesterday.

"They fought yesterday like mortal enemies, but now they act like bff's?" He pinched his arm as he didn't believe it was happening. They saw him coming out of his room and approached him.

"What were you talking about?" He asked curiously.

"We were just planning your training. Princess Shan wanted to join in teaching you and I agreed." Wuying explained joyfully. Her humour improved dramatically after today incident with Xuefeng.

"Yeah, I might as well help you if I'm going to stay here for a while. Won't you be happier if two beauties train with you?" Princess asked as she winked at him.

"Yeah..." He said quite dazed. He still couldn't understand why such a sudden change happened.

"Let's go to the Training Grounds. I don't want you to destroy anything in our courtyard. There shouldn't be a lot of people anyway." Wuying proposed.

"Okay, let's go then." Xuefeng agreed.

They moved together and left the courtyard. While they were walking, the ladies were talking about how to keep their skin in the best condition.

'I don't understand women' He stopped worrying about them unnecessarily after he commented in his mind. For him women minds were unfathomable.

After they reach Training Grounds, they indeed saw little to no people. They were probably still doing their daily assignments. Not everyone in the clan could get a lot of spirit stones from his father, so he can only focus on his practice. They had to do clan missions to earn them.

"We should probably start with some warmup. We are going to run a few laps around the field." Wuying decided their first exercise.

Hearing that Xuefeng sighed with relief. If that's all then he unnecessarily worried about it. he thought she will try to tire him to death. Before he could enjoy himself to the fullest, she threw two pairs of the bracelet at him.

"What are those?" He asked confused.

"Wear them on your wrists and ankles while you are running. It will help you strengthen your muscles." She smiled at him kindly.

"Oh, thanks. You are so nice." He felt touched looking at her lovely smile and wore them without suspecting anything. Instantly he regretted his decision.

When he placed all four of them on, they tightened and their weight suddenly increased above his limits. He had to use his Spirit Qi to support himself, else he would already lay on the ground.

"Devil..." He whispered to himself when his trust was broken.

"Did you say anything?" Wuying smiled at him as if nothing happened.

"No, no. You said how much they weight? I didn't hear you earlier." He asked as he tried to force a smile.

"Oh, only about half a tone altogether. Is it too much for you?" Princess tilted his head as she asked playfully.

'Damn it, I knew I couldn't trust them. They probably planned it earlier.' Xuefeng cried in his mind.

"No, I'm fine. We can start." He straightened his back and said.

The ladies looked at each other and started running. Their juicy butts jiggled with each step they took, encouraging him to follow them.

After a few laps, Clan members started to gather and watch them from afar. It was a nice sight to watch pretty two girls running.

Ling had to help him 3 times with her Golden Qi to relieve him from pain and exhaustion before they ended. Wuying was surprised that he can still stand after so many laps, cause most Shadow Guards members would already collapse to the ground.

She touched one bracelet on his wrist and they all became lighter. He instantly left relieve.

"Aren't you going to take them off?" He asked seeing her only lowering the weight.

"Well, I decided you should keep them on for the whole training if you like them so much. It shouldn't disturb you during practice." She didn't give him a chance to protest and dragged him towards the wooden puppets.