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 Just as Xuefeng gathered everyone and returned to his courtyard, planning on resting before they depart tomorrow, Yi grabbed his sleeve and informed determined, "Xuefeng... I won't sleep this night."

Xuefeng thought that something was wrong so he quickly asked, grabbing her by the hand, "Huh? Did something happen?" Yi was the quietest from them all as she was new in the group so he had to push her for answers. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Fortunately, it was not anything serious, calming Xuefeng down when Yi explained herself, "Nothing happened but I wish to train more. My Spirit is pushing me to train my Star Shaper ability. I'm still not very familiar with it so I can't waste any time."

Xuefeng didn't have problems with that and patted her on the head but still give her a little warning, "That's fair. As long as you are not too tired, you can train when you wish but if I see you having troubles to stay awake, I force you to sleep, got it?"

Yi accepted his pats with bliss on her face and nodded, saying sweetly, "Mhmm... I agree. I don't feel sleepy at all so you don't have to worry about me..." Although she said not to worry about her, Yi felt amazing hearing that Xuefeng cared about her like that.

Just as Yi wanted to walk towards the garden, planning on practising her manipulation over stars, Xuefeng caught her hand and produced a small box of Fate Stones for her, saying happily, "You don't need to worry about Fate Stones, just focus on practising."

Yi glanced at the box and then at his face, somehow feeling really warm in her chest. Hearing the excitement from her Spirit and recalling Xiao Wen's happiness after she received them, Yi knew that the stones were precious. He couldn't stop herself anymore and dove into Xuefeng's chest, thanking him, "Thank you!"

As she already gathered courage for that, she made sure it was tight enough before finally separating from him, running towards the garden embarrassedly. She didn't have many physical contacts with Xuefeng but each one she had was very precious for her.

Xuefeng thought that was it and wanted to move forward but just as he took a step forward, he heard Wuying's voice from the side, "I will also train tonight."

Turning to the side, he saw Wuying walk up to him, entering into his arms and he asked not actually surprised, "You as well?" Wuying was always hard working and it wasn't strange to see her much more motivated after witnessing Xuefeng's growth. She was also fed during dinner so she was bursting with energy.

As Wuying recalled how easily Xuefeng killed two people just now, she knew there was a big gap and commented softly as she snuggled her face into his chest, "Mhmm. You are so strong and I'm so behind in terms of my cultivation... I need to work much harder if I ever want to catch up with you guys... I don't want you to especially wait for me and disturb your plans in the future. I will try to work even harder so that I don't disappoint you."

"I understand... I won't stop you." Xuefeng sighed, figuring how she felt and lifted her chin to plant a cheering kiss on her lips before giving her the same warning, "But same as Yi, if I see you tired or falling asleep, I will bring you back to bed." He knew that it wouldn't happen but he hoped they will know their limits and stop when they can't anymore.

Hearing the same warning, Wuying reacted differently and teased him instead as she booped his nose, "Will you carry me to bed? Maybe I should pretend I feel sleepy so that the prince can appear and save me?"

"Haha, If you do that, I will first spank you before doing anything else." Xuefeng said while laughing, pulling her by the waist and smacked her butt as the punishment for teasing him before kissing her once again, this time sending her away, "Work hard."

"Yes!" Wuying nodded happily and her body vanished, appearing next to the pond in the garden. She didn't waste time, pulling out a stack of Spirit Stones and started cultivating.

She received Xuefeng's seeds before which quite boosted her Cultivation but if she wanted to break through with that method, they would have to do it the whole day. She didn't want to waste so much time for Xuefeng so the only method she had left was the most traditional, using Spirit Essence from Spirit Stones.

Turning to the rest, Xuefeng asked just to make sure, "Is there anyone else who would like to-" Xuefeng stopped talking when he suddenly saw four girls out of five walking forward with a smile.

"Yiren?" Xuefeng asked the first one, reaching for her hand and she naturally accepted it, explaining herself, "I also realised how weak I am. I want to be the one who protects you from time to time. To do that I need to become strong."

Xuefeng pulled on her hand which made her do a spin, landing inside his embrace and kissed her as motivation, saying afterwards, "Work hard. If you need anything, just tell me."

"I can ask for anything?" Yiren asked curiously, already thinking of something specific in her mind and Xuefeng naturally nodded, assuring her, "As long as I can help, I will gladly do so."

Glancing at Nuwa, Yiren stood on her toes and whispered into his ear secretly, "If you do it with mom, make sure to finish her fast else I won't be able to focus..."

Xuefeng smirked when he heard her but also felt Yiren was too pitiful with their current situation. It wasn't a surprise that with so many wives, he would be really active at night with them, but at the same time, Yiren felt everything he did, pleasure filling her mind whenever action happened. He hugged her while whispering back, "I will do my best for you although I don't think I can do it this fast... This connection is really giving you a hard time, I feel bad."

Yiren smiled sweetly, knowing Xuefeng feelings pretty well and cheered him up, "It's okay... It's not like it feels bad, right? I can handle it all. I will try to cultivate a bit now."

Xuefeng nodded, finally letting go of her and patted her on the butt in the rhythm of his words, saying, "Mhmm, chop-chop. I have high hopes for you."

"Okay!" Yiren exclaimed, giving him the last peck before running towards Wuying, finding a spot next to her to cultivate as well.

Next in the line was an ice beauty, Shan, but he didn't need to call out to her, nor reaching out his hand. Although she felt somewhat weird by having her family killed, she knew it wasn't sorrow. It was more like a relief due to ending the enormous hatred she felt towards them.

Right now, the cold beauty felt free and lightly jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around his arms before kissing him with her hands boldly tightened around his neck. After she got accepted in front of everyone during the dinner, the confidence she had in her from the time she first met him finally returned.

After months filled with cold, she forgot her naughty and playful self but now she felt like her old self was back. Thanks to Xuefeng, she regained her vigour from before. Her next words only confirmed it. Princess Shan pulled away from their kiss and didn't let him talk, bopping his nose instead while saying, "I am really behind in cultivation because I put everything into mastering my Ice Domain. I need to use every bit of time to practise."

Just as she said so, her body turned into ice crystals and suddenly cracked, falling to the ground due to gravity. Instead of crashing and go into thousands of pieces, the elements turned into water, simply splashing on the floor. This was Shan's way of showing her escape skill but also marking in Xuefeng's mind that although her cultivation was low, she still had some power in her.

She appeared on top of the water and sat cross-legged on top of the surface as if it was the ground, not falling into the water. Xuefeng was definitely impressed with her current confident self.

Turning to the last two, he asked unhappily, pretending to be sad, "Tianshi, Wen, are you going to leave me as well?"

"Tsk," Xiao Wen reacted first by snickering at him as they both approached him and commented, "Don't make such a sad face, we will join you soon. You worked hard so you deserve rest but we have a lot to improve on. You will surpass me any time soon so I need to train a bit. It just happens that I want to test my new ability a bit so I will be going for a little hunting session with Lulu."

Tianshi nodded to that and added, "Everyone works hard, I can't be the only one slacking when I am the weakest so I will also train." She rubbed his cheek lovingly and before saying, "You should rest a bit, okay?"

Xuefeng felt genuinely happy with all of them and gave them both a deep kiss before assuring them, "Mhmm, I will."

With that, the last two walked away and there was only Nuwa left which he knew would be the hardest to handle. She didn't say anything and just looked at him, waiting for Xuefeng to say something. Maybe she was just annoyed that she had to wait so long or maybe because she wanted something else.

Honestly, Xuefeng had no idea but he still approached her and teased like usual, "How about we also train with everyone?"

Naturally, he knew her reaction would likely be dragging him to bed and he wasn't wrong. She already informed him about punishment earlier and she had him all to herself now which was perfect for her.

Nuwa pushed him back by hitting him on the chest but he didn't fall on the corridor floor but rather on his own bed. It was obvious that Nuwa teleported them both away with this simple hit but Xuefeng didn't have time to ponder on it as Nuwa jumped on him, saying with a naughty smile, "Don't even think about it."