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 Zhen Shan's expression also changed, not expecting Xuefeng to be so fast or even having such amazing ability to control swords and quickly called out in his son's defence, "No, no! Young Master, please. He didn't want-"

Unfortunately, this only brought him doom as Xuefeng pulled one sword away from the Crown Prince's neck and aimed it against Zhen Shang, cutting his speech off.

Releasing the pressure of a Spirit Sage, he made both of them kneel down on the ground, before calling out, his cold words biting their ears, "Shut up. I wasn't talking to you. Unless you want to take his place?"

Xuefeng didn't like the two of them at all and he didn't care if they lived or not but he knew that once he kills them, he would create many problems for a lot of people as well as create a reason for other Royal Families to bully his clan once they leave the Phoenix City.

He did not plan to kill them but that didn't mean he wouldn't show them who is the boss now. He could easily destroy the whole capital which Zhen Shang calls home and the best way to show it was through giving them a sample of his strength.

Even though Zhen Shang wanted to say something, Xuefeng didn't let him, pressuring him to stay silent and focused on the Crown Prince that he hated even more. "I asked if you want to die?" Xuefeng repeated his question, closing his swords on Crown Prince's neck which created a thin line of blood.

This scared Crown Prince out of his wits but the pain brought him back to rationality and he muttered with difficulty, "N-no..." He was having troubles to breathe but the will to live in his mind was stronger than ever.

Xuefeng didn't stop at that and asked frostily, "Then why did you gave me the look of disgust? Isn't that courting death?" As if he didn't even care about them, he glanced at Princess Shan instead, lifting her chin up as if he was going to kiss her.

Up till this moment, everyone who is not an insider thought that he was somehow controlling the swords with his hand but now it seemed like he didn't even need that at all which made both Crown Prince and his father speechless.

It hasn't been long till Crown Prince suddenly muttered on his own, almost crying at this point, "I'm sorry..." There was nothing else he could do, knowing he had no chance to fight back at all.

Xuefeng was just a second away from kissing her and Princess Shan even closed her eyes, ready to receive it but Xuefeng stopped moving when he heard Crown Prince's apology, snorting in response, "Tsk, you are boring. Stand up."

As Xuefeng got distracted from their kiss, this added another reason why Princess Shan hated the two who once were her family and wanted to glare at them, but Xuefeng calmed her by planting a sudden peck on her forehead, leaving a whisper, "Let me handle them first."

Taking all the swords away, Xuefeng put them back into his ring before cancelling the pressure surrounding Zhen Shang as he asked, "What did you come here for? We are having family dinner and you are disturbing us."

The others sitting by the table smiled when they heard it, knowing that Xuefeng was playing around with the two. At this point, even Little Mei's parents were not scared anymore, finding the so-called Emperor quite useless. Their opinion about Xuefeng improved greatly though and her mom quickly whispered into her ear, "You have to win Young Master over in the future... He would be a great son-in-law..."

They didn't know a lot about cultivation, focusing more on the business instead so she didn't think one would hear her whisper. Naturally, Xuefeng heard everything but didn't comment on that. Little Mei only blushed and entered deeper into her chair, noting down to teach her parents later on. She still continued to observe Xuefeng's actions, not wanting to miss his performance.

Zhen Shang cleared his throat and explained himself, "Cough... I planned on begging my daughter for help in something... But I don't think she will care anymore so we came for nothing... We would like to take our leave to not disturb you guys further..." Knowing Xuefeng could kill him at any moment if he wished to do so, he tried to pace carefully, hoping he wouldn't offend him.

Unfortunately, this caused him to enter even deeper into the shit his son created as Xuefeng suddenly burst out laughing, "Hahahaha! So you two came, talked trash and now you want to leave as if nothing happened? Do you think I have this much time to waste?"

"Xuefeng, I can-" Wu Lan who was staying quiet most of the time, called out to Xuefeng but before she could help while using her ability, Xuefeng stopped her and replied, assuring her, "It's okay Lan, they will tell me themselves."

Using his achievements to scare them, Xuefeng said casually, "I started cultivating years after everyone yet I already reached Spirit Sage stage, having the power equal to Spirit Monarch. I also mastered six elements, bah, I even cursed the Ruler of the whole Realm in front of the whole Capital in the Central Region. I really don't care if you both live or die."

Although Crown Prince didn't know about Spirit Sage stage as Saint Stage was his main goal, Zhen Shan knew about it. The moment he heard it, his face turned white together with his strength that suddenly disappeared. This alone was enough to overwhelm him but what about six elements? The Ruler of the whole Realm?

He wouldn't normally believe it but seeing Xuefeng juggle six different coloured Qi on top of his palm, he had no other choice but to accept his inferiority. Choosing between death and revealing their information, the choice was naturally obvious.

"We were placed in front of an ultimatum... Either we bring my daughter so she can get married to Sacred Sword Kingdom Crown Prince or my family would be replaced in the ruling of the Aurora Country..." Zhen Shang described what happened and this made Xuefeng frown momentarily.

He glared at the dead man in front of him and asked to confirm, "So you chose to sacrifice your daughter's lifelong happiness for your benefit, hoping to save your own pathetic life and keep your current cushy post?"


Zhen Shang knew what he did bad but it was either that or having everything he built so far being ruined. He could only confirm it while looking down, hoping Xuefeng will spare him, "I had no other choice..."

Unfortunately, this wasn't his lucky day as he happened to do the one thing that Xuefeng hated the most. Xuefeng glanced at Shan, realising she was still looking at him and asked her gently, "Shan, can I be selfish? Have you already decided to stay by my side and cut all relations with your old family?"

If she disagreed, he was ready to let them go, but Shan thought similarly to him and nodded, wanting the same, "Mhmm, do what you think is right... Since the moment my mother died cause of that man, I never loved them or felt of them as my family." She no longer called Zhen Shan as her father which underlined her decision pretty well.

Xuefeng already accepted her into his group so now that she was free, he quickly proposed, giving her the home she always wanted, "Good. From now on you will belong to Liu Clan. Do you accept it?" He didn't need to wait long for her answer as she hugged him tightly and called out happily, "Yes!"

Knowing he would be doing something unsightly, Xuefeng glanced at Little Mei and asked without joking around, "Little Mei, close your eyes and don't open them until I say so."

"Why- Okay." Little Mei tried to question but seeing Xuefeng's stern look, she didn't finish it and instead listened, closing her eyes. She knew that Xuefeng wouldn't hurt her.

At this point, it was obvious what Xuefeng planned to do next and Zhen Shan naturally figured this out as well, crying out to him, "Young Master, please! You can't do it!" Knowing he probably wouldn't be able to convince Xuefeng, he rushed out even before he finished his words.

Too bad that Xuefeng already expected that and filled the ground with his Earth Qi. Just as Zhen Shang made his first step, his feet were suddenly surrounded by earth, immobilizing him in place.

Xuefeng simply smiled at that statement and muttered, "Of course I can."

Thud. Thud.

His swords flew out of his ring and beheaded both father and the son, not willing to bother himself with them anymore. The difference in strength was just too much for them to do anything.

Both parents of Little Mei paled when they saw it and quickly covered their daughter's eyes, adding an additional layer of protection. They didn't expect that Xuefeng would go for the kill but they understood the reasoning behind it and liked him even more for that. If he was willing to kill anyone for his lovers and care for them this much, their daughter would be in good hands if she can smite his heart.

Xuefeng was already used to killing so he wasn't bothered by the two bodies on the ground and ordered, "Clean everything up."

"Yes, young Master." Two trusted servants that were responsible for the dinner accepted the order and quickly dragged the two bodies out of everyone's sight before cleaning the ground from the blood.

Leaving that to them, Xuefeng turned to Liu Xiaobei whom he took the control over the situation and proposed, "Father, can we send a messenger to the family we have good contacts with and tell them to take over the Capital? The Emperor is no longer with us. Tell them to treat it as a favour." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Liu Xiaobei simply smiled proudly, knowing his son grew up into a fine man and nodded, commenting, "Sure. I was wondering when you are going to do it. If you didn't, I would."

"We also need to make a detour and clean some trash on the way. I'm quite dissatisfied with the Royal Family ruling so I will pay them a visit. If they are willing to change the one in power, I want to hear what they will say if they face the same." Xuefeng decided before caressing Princess Shan's cheek, assuring her, "I will also eliminate that prince. Sacred Institute won't be able to save him."

Feeling her gratitude in the form of a tighter hug, Xuefeng asked the crimson-haired beauty next to him, "Xiao Wen, can you take care of the Flood Dragon by the northern gate? I think it has been a while since Lulu ate something nutritious."

Xiao Wen was already waiting for that, feeling how restless Lulu felt in her Beast Token and agreed right away, "I think she will enjoy the meal, thank you." She didn't wait for any other words and simply flew into the sky, heading towards the northern gate.

"What I hate the most is when someone causes their loved ones suffering just so they can save themselves." Xuefeng declared to everyone before returning his gaze onto Princess Shan, informing as he looked deeply into her cyan eyes, "From now on, no one will force you to do anything. You can stay anywhere you want and love whoever you want."

The kiss he received from her right after was somewhat expected by him and he accepted it, hearing her confession after she pulled away on her own, "I already found the place I want to be and the person I want to love..."

The second kiss she gave him was like an arrow pointing at him, telling it was him she chose. She found her inner peace. She found the one for her.