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 The moment Xuefeng walked out of the room with both Yiren and Wuying in tow, Little Mei rushed towards them, stopping right in front of Xuefeng before calling out, "Xuefeng! What took you so long?" Xuefeng once again had someone in his arms which ruined her plans of hugging him.

Xuefeng felt as if such a scene happened already and said chuckling while patting her on the head, "Haha, I think I heard the same question before, right?" He didn't want to spoil her innocence so Xuefeng definitely didn't plan to describe what they actually did in the room.

Little Mei quickly pouted but couldn't win against Xuefeng warm hand and gave in, simply smiling sweetly as she accepted the gently pats. Xuefeng still had to give some explanation so he said, "I recalled something that I had to talk in private with Wuying and we forgot about the time, engaging in a heated conversation. If not for Yiren reminding us, I guess we would take even longer. Did I miss something?"

Hearing the question, Little Mei turned sad once again, recalling her desire to spend some time with Xuefeng and talk with him about various stuff, including love. She looked down and nodded unhappily, "Mhmm, the dinner is ending soon and we didn't even have a chance to talk... First, you talk with an uncle and then you spend more than one-fourth of the time away... You are such a meanie..."

"Ah," Xuefeng definitely didn't like making people he cares about sad so he acted quickly, crouching down in front of her and assured her while lifting her chin up, "Don't worry, we will see each other more often now. I will even find some time to personally train with you. I should be also staying home more often so there will be more chances for that. What do you think? Happy?"

He knew that it will work and just as he thought, Little Mei quickly cheered up, running into his arms while exclaiming, "Yup!" Little Mei was naturally happy that she had the chance to finally hug him. Though she didn't take too much of his time and before he pulled her away, she planted a peck on his cheek before running back to her seat.

Xuefeng couldn't help but treat it as a thank you kiss from his little sister but his wives felt different. Just as he stood up, Yiren planted a kiss on the same spot as Little Mei before saying, "Now her kiss is cancelled."

Wuying smiled because of it, fully approving as she wanted to the same. Xuefeng only smiled bitterly and finally walked back towards the table with everyone. He sat down both of his ladies like a gentleman, pulling out their chairs which made Little Mei regret that she sat down so quickly by herself.

His parents that looked at him could naturally figure out what they did, based on the wrinkles on his shirt but they didn't comment, continuing their conversations instead.

Xuefeng knew he will receive a comment from Nuwa and he was not wrong, hearing her whisper right after he sat down on his seat, "Heated conversation, huh?" As Xuefeng was already a Spirit Sage, only Nuwa's and Xiao Wen's Spirit Awareness could break through his own. He noticed someone watching before and he felt the familiar feeling from it, knowing it was Nuwa that was peeking through his barrier.

Xuefeng couldn't hide anything from her and confirmed, whispering back after clearing his throat, "Cough, yes, it was really heated..." Just as he finished his sentence, he felt something crawling up on his legs and realised it was Nuwa's leg.

He glanced at her but she only smiled while putting her forefinger up to her lips, telling him to keep quiet. He could only watch as her bare foot crawled higher and higher until it stopped right next to his crotch, right in between of his legs before proceeding to gently massage his member who happened to fall asleep a moment ago.

Just then, they all looked towards the rooftop, sensing some movement and noticed one Shadow Guard member rushing towards them from the direction of the northern gate. Shadow Guards knew that they cannot disturb Clan Leader during such dinners so having one rush towards them could only signal that something important happened.

Xuefeng patted Nuwa's foot, telling her to let him off this time and was surprised to see no reaction from her as she continued to tease him, not caring about the Shadow Guard member at all. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

They all watched as he landed next to Liu Xiaobei, covered in black uniform from head to toe and whispered something into Clan Leader's ear. Liu Xiaobei was already frowning but when listened to the report, first the frown turned into surprise expression before changing into confusion.

"What happened?" Xuefeng asked curiously, forgetting about Nuwa's punishment for a moment and his father informed him, knowing it was probably more Xuefeng's case to solve than his, "I just information that Zhen Shang, Princess Shan's father, came with a visit. He is waiting by the gates and wants to talk. It seems like he mentioned his daughter name a few times."

Liu Xiaobei didn't call Zhen Shang as an Emperor on purpose. With their strength right now, they were no longer under Royal Family rules. Zhen Shang also knew that which was why he didn't enter into Liu Clan as domineeringly as before, deciding to announce his visit instead.

The moment Princess Shan heard that it was her father, her face turned frosty and she immediately announced, "I don't have a father named Zhen Shang and I don't belong to Royal Family anymore. I won't talk to him."

Recalling that Princess Shan definitely had bad break up with her family, Xuefeng decided to solve that demon once and for all, helping her get over it and asked warmly, "Shan, how about I talk to him instead? I'm here for you. He won't dare to do anything stupid else his heads will roll on the floor. I'm quite curious about what he wants to say."

Princess Shan hesitated for a moment but seeing his reassuring smile, she nodded determinedly. She had Xuefeng by her side now so she didn't need to worry about anyone that tried to hurt or force her to do anything.

"Father, you can bring him in but tell him to keep his Spirit Beast outside. If he brings it into our territory, I will kill it without hesitation. Also, we will treat him like a normal person. He doesn't have power here." Xuefeng called out to his father and received a nod from him. The Shadow Guard didn't need to hear anything else and disappeared from the spot, rushing towards the northern gate to pass the information.

Knowing a company was coming, Nuwa finally pulled away her foot away, leaving his member in an erect state and whispered as she neared into his ear, "I will punish you later then..."

Xuefeng only sent her a kiss and as if to tease her, he called Princess Shan over, "Shan, come to my side. I want him to see that you are under my protection." Princess Shan found the request quite normal and walked up to him, planning on standing next to him but Xuefeng suddenly pulled her into his arms, placing her on his lap.

She sat with her legs on one side and caught his neck to catch balance, making their faces appear right next to each other, separated by a few centimeters. She immediately blushed but not because of the closeness between their eyes but because of the hard object that she felt with her thigh.

Xuefeng rubbed her waist with one hand, pulling her closer to himself and caressed her cheek while giving her assuring words, "Just pretend that you love me and don't look at him. I will handle everything."

She naturally accepted it, laying down on his shoulder while snuggling into his neck before muttering, "It's not going to be hard... I already do."

When they finally heard the footsteps coming from the entrance, Little Mei's parents got nervous, somehow feeling like something serious is about to happen. They were just a pair of Spirit King merchants with little to no power, yet they are in the middle of the possible argument. Unfortunately, they couldn't just leave as that would be too disrespectful and could only sit on their seats, hoping for the best.

"It has been a while Zhen Shang. What makes you come to my Clan?" Liu Xiaobei called out right after they saw Zhen Shang's and the Crown Prince's faces come in through the entrance.

The Emperor was already pissed off by the treatment they gave him from the moment he came but he naturally didn't show it on his face. They heard the rumours of Liu Clan moving to the Central Region the moment they came in as well as Xuefeng's improvement in strength. Just the single information about all of his wives being able to fly was enough for him to worry.

Zhen Shang came forward with his son in tow and smiled at Liu Xiaobei, saying, "Thanks for having me. I came here to meet with my daughter. Is she here?" He naturally didn't recognize his daughter as her hair colour changed drastically, from black to light blue due to her mastery in Ice Domain and because she was hidden in Xuefeng's embrace.

"Humpf," Xuefeng snorted when he heard that and commented as he caressed Princess Shan cheek, "Can't even recognize his own daughter. What a disgrace. If this is what you came for then I'm sorry but Shan doesn't want to see you."

Only then did the two newcomers notice that the lady on Xuefeng's lap was actually pretty similar to Princess Shan and Crown Prince even called out to her, trying to confirm if this is actually his sister, "Shan? Is that you?"

Her face was covered by her long hair so Xuefeng uncovered it for a moment, putting one strand of hair behind her ear which showed the side of her face. The moment Crown Prince was sure it was actually her cuddling into Xuefeng's chest, his face momentarily turned ugly, not believing that she would actually become one this fast.

Even though he changed his expression quickly, Xuefeng saw it, acting right away. He extended his hand forward and five random swords suddenly left his Storage Ring, flying straight towards Crown Prince head. They were so fast the even Zhen Shang couldn't do anything to block the attack for his son.

When all of them stopped, hovering right next to his neck, Crown Prince couldn't help but pale, freezing in place. Xuefeng could do everything without even moving but he thought it would look cooler if he did use his hand movement. He was also masking his ability at some point.

Hugging Princess Shan tighter, he commented coldly, "You come to our Clan and make an ugly face at us. Do you want to die? I can send you on your way."