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 As he couldn't stop her anymore, his hands dove underneath her skirt and embraced her soft buttcheeks, engraving two red marks from the strength in which he squeezed them but that wasn't enough of a punishment for her to stop her actions. No matter how hard he holds her, she would only enjoy it as that was still his touch, the person she loved dearly.

As his arms helped her move up and down, filling her whole insides with the hotness that burned her each time, Wuying returned to distract him with her cherry soft lips together with her hands that roamed faster the more intense they became. With their tongues crazily entwined with one another, she somehow found her way onto his pointy ears that danced around as the moved and she grabbed them with her soft palms, rubbing the inside of it with care.

She knew that it was a weak spot for both Yiren and Nuwa but didn't expect that Xuefeng would suddenly exclaim and tighten the grip around her butt, slamming her against his hips with great power, hitting her deepest end without holding back in strength. Both of them shivered from pleasure, trying to suppress their moans by sealing their lips together.

Now that she realised Xuefeng's new weak spot, she acted more gently but her fingers didn't move away from his ears, using it to make him feel better. Her lush brown hair that she tied this morning was already untied from all the craziness that happened, flying around as they increased the tempo, creating sloppy sounds each time her butt hit against his waist.

Xuefeng tried to be quick in his movements but the more time they spent connected, the deeper was the desire to just slowly enjoy themselves, not caring about everything else. He knew he had to act quicker else they would be exposed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Suddenly lifting her upwards all the way to the tip of his member, Xuefeng turned her around, forcing their lips to separate and slowly lowered her back down, spreading her entrance as he explored the cavern again. Unfortunately for her, she didn't regain her control anymore as this time it was Xuefeng's time to mess her insides, suddenly thrusting into her repeatedly.

"Ahh!!" She exclaimed out loud, but Xuefeng quickly sealed her lips again as she leaned on his chests, suppressing her moans to little cries each time he rammed against her, "Mhm, mhm, mhm!"

This wasn't the perfect position but wanting to embrace her chest, he stuck to it for a moment. Her belly was exposed as her top was cut in half which gave him easy access to the two peaks on her chest. The bra she wore underneath it didn't stop him as his sly hands slid right inside of it, grabbing both her breasts into his palms.

He began to knead and rub on them at the same time as his hips pumped from behind, acting as if he tried to destroy everything in front of him, sliding right inside with the dripping juices that already gushed out like a spring.

Pinching her nipples in between of his fore and middle fingers, he rolled out of nowhere, appearing completely behind of her and immediately barged right back in, all the way to his base. Having nothing to suppress her moans, she was forced to cover her lips with her hands, knowing she would only bring troubles for them.

By the dinner table, Nuwa was still observing her daughter and up till this point, she knew that some great action was happening in between of the two runaways as Yiren was all red, pretending that she was red all because of the strong wine but the insiders knew it wasn't the truth.

"Xuefeng seems to be taking a while, hmmm..." Liu Xiaobei commented as he drank a full glass of fine, already figuring what he could be doing. He tried to help his son, making one of his wives go check what was up with them so that he has more fun but he didn't expect that Little Mei would be the first to stand up and volunteer, "Something must have happened. I will go check on-"

Fortunately, before she finished her sentence, Yiren stood up abruptly and called out, "I will go check!" She didn't wait for anyone's approval and simply rushed towards the room that Xuefeng and Wuying went into before. This action made Little Mei look at her back in disbelieve before she sat back down, pouting to herself.

'Aaah, if only I rushed right away like she did, gosh, I'm stupid, stupid...' Little Mei blamed herself in her mind before putting a snack in her mouth, trying to suppress her sorrows with food.

Just as Yiren entered into the room, she saw what she expected to see and immediately rush up to two bunnies, embracing Xuefeng by his neck and kissed him, finally realising her tension that kept building inside her during their passionate sex.

As Xuefeng was really close to bursting, he continued to thrust forward while embracing Yiren with one of his hand. He held her by the waist but Yiren moved it onto her butt, knowing he liked to do so a lot and he couldn't help but take her up on her offer. Wuying was already in such ecstasy that she didn't even notice Yiren stealing Xuefeng's attention, fully enjoying her experience.

"Mhmm!" Xuefeng exclaimed with his lips locked in a deep kiss when he finally exploded forth, sending a big load inside her, filling her completely with hot liquid. As if they matched with each other perfectly, Wuying's body also constructed with her muscles tightening and juices gushing out.

Although they were in contact for only a bit, she came just as fast as he did, proving he was hitting her spots right where he had to. Both of them fell on the sofa, deeply tired. Ling gave him a moment to relax before finally regenerating his stamina back to full potential. Even though he did the same to Wuying, she was still breathing deeply, pleasure still present in her mind.

He didn't even need to ask and already Yiren crouched in front of him, sucking on the tip while squeezing the shaft from the base to the top, wanting to milk the last drop from him. Wuying who regained some rationality was surprised to see Yiren with them but that didn't stop her to join her and start licking as well.

To pull them away, he lifted them by the chins and planted two sweet kisses on their lips as they all stood up. He knew what Yiren wanted to say based on her pouting expression so he gave her a bonus kiss, pacifying her anger. After all, he kept teasing her with their connection and she had to go through a lot, yet she ignored it as long as he was happy.

"Good girls get seconds, huh..." Yiren muttered with a smile after they separated and Xuefeng rubbed her cheek, promising, "You are exceptionally good so you will receive even more later."

"Okay!" Yiren quickly agreed before adding as she started buttoning his shirt, "Let's go back, they already started to ask questions..." Xuefeng was already away for more than fifteen minutes so it was natural but he was already busted so he didn't care anymore, saying after hugging the both of them, "It's okay. Let them think what they want. It's too late to worry."

"Mhmm..." The two of them nodded happily and they all finally left the room.