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 "Of course. Who else would I ask other than my beautiful wife, Wuying? I need to learn all elements sooner or later." Xuefeng replied with a smile as he wrapped his arms around Wuying's waist and pressed her against his chest. When his love sat directly on top of him, it was hard for him to retract his hands.

Assured expression appeared on Wuying's face as she snuggled into his cheek, whispering happily, "I'm glad... I will make sure to teach you well..." As she thought of her behaviour during this whole time she was adjusting with her power, she added softly, "But can that not include the skills I received from Blood Inheritance? They are really addicting and change you completely... I don't want you to be like me right now."

As Xuefeng was much more powerful than her, she knew that his reaction would be much worse. It was really hard to forecast what would happen so she didn't want to try it. Fortunately, Xuefeng already had the same plan as her and agreed right away, "Alright. I will only learn the basics and master some of the easiest skills. I need them to one day combine all elements together and form Fate Qi."

He would never learn skills that could potentially hurt both him and his loved ones. Wuying's Shackles of Doom were unpredictable. Last time she activated it, although the power behind them was enormous, it did not distinguish between a friend or a foe.

Although he believed that upon perfect mastery, she would be able to control them with full awareness, he knew it would take a lot of time before that happened. The risk of hurting someone wasn't worthy for him.

"Mhmm..." Getting his approval, Wuying could finally stop suppressing her desire that was clouding her thoughts and allowed them to carry her forward, influencing her actions. Her lips returned to kissing him, invading his mouth with her tongue as if it was hers and immediately attacked the first target it touched, trying to suffocate its opponent like a snake that strangles their prey with its body.

Unfortunately, it was too sly and slippery, always getting away while using the same methods as her to counterattack. As Wuying knew they had little time at her disposal, she retreated from her attack, giving up on her current target and whispered without opening her eyes, rubbing her nose against his, "Can I have some more...?"

Hearing the desire in her voice as well as the softness of her rubs, Xuefeng got somehow influenced by her and looked forward to more, whispering back with some rationality left in his mind, "Okay... But be quick. Others are probably wondering what take us so long..." They were already away for a few minutes so they couldn't prolong their disappearance for too long.

Having Xuefeng's approval, Wuying body rejoiced as he felt her skin shivering from excitement. As if she tried to find the best spot to bite through his skin, her lips skimmed through his face, travelling downwards while leaving a trace full of kisses behind her.

The hands that never stopped massaging him also started to relocate. They dropped down onto his shoulders and quickly slipped underneath his shirt, unbuttoning it one by one from the top, showing more and more with each second. Her lips were already kissing him on the neck when the last button popped and both his chest and abs were exposed.

Xuefeng allowed this much, finding it erotic but he also didn't want to ruin her flow. Wuying left many playful bites on his neck right at the spot where his blood was flowing, each time making him think that she would finally attack but then she would change the spot only to repeat the same teasing action.

She repeated it a few times, making Xuefeng lose his vigilance but then, when he least expected it, her fangs finally bit into his skin. "Ahhh..." He let out a deep breath, letting the air slowly leave his lungs before filling them with the fresh dose that brought the sweet smell of his blood through his smell sensors.

After being nourished by Ling so many times, even his blood tasted sweet and tasty as he felt before from the leftovers that Wuying brought into his mouth. Feeling his vital liquid slowly flowing out, Xuefeng closed his eyes while diving into the soft sofa. Just as before, Wuying had much better control and this time, she was controlling the flow of his blood, letting her enjoy each ounce of it.

At the same time, outside the round in the garden, most people didn't think much of Xuefeng's disappearance, knowing he will be back really soon but Nuwa observed. She was looking at her daughter and seeing her rub her neck from time to time, she figured out what Xuefeng and Wuying were doing.

As Yiren was connected with Xuefeng the whole time, Nuwa could tell what was going on with Xuefeng at all times. Seeing Yiren's face redden in the next moment, she knew that the two couldn't help themselves but do something naughty. She didn't do anything, only pouring herself another glass of wine while reminding herself to push Xuefeng later at night.

Although Wuying sat on his lap the whole time, Xuefeng could still stay calm, not releasing his inner desires but when Wuying's butt started moving back and forth, rubbing against his crotch, it was naturally much harder to resist. His manly companion got awakened with just a few movements of her hips which only encouraged her to assist him further.

When her hands suddenly dove downwards and found the location of the disturbance, grabbing it firmly to eliminate the danger, Xuefeng acted rational and tried to stop her, "Wuying, it will take too long... How about we continue back at our place?"

Unfortunately, his whispers did nothing to stop her and instead only prompted her to continue. Knowing the time was tight, she quickened her pace and revealed his raging erection to the world. As she only wore her skirt today, the access to her entrance was extremely easy and she used it to her advantage.

She controlled his firm staff, pushing her panties to the side with its soft head, revealing her soaked lower mouth that was all ready, begging to be opened and kissed by something long, thick and hard. Having the exact thing she needed right in front of her, she sat down right on top of it without hesitation.

"Ahh..." They both moaned at the same time, Wuying while pulling away from his neck and he while pressing her bottom even closer to himself, allowing him to reach much deeper inside of her.

The moment she stopped sucking on the wound she created, it sealed up, preventing her from tasting his blood anymore. Fortunately, it didn't bother her as she already got her to fill and focused on something else. She moved her hips upwards, feeling the throbs of her body as his hardness rubbed against her walls, trying to escape from being eaten alive but then she slammed down with power and decisiveness, showing that it was all hers now.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.