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 "Xuefeng! You finally came! What took you so long?" Little Mei called out as soon as Xuefeng landed on the ground, immediately standing up from her chair before running towards him. As Xiao Wen was inside of his arms, Little Mei couldn't hug him so she had to wait for the moment when Xiao Wen would leave his side instead.

The family dinner was situated in the garden, inside his parent's courtyard so Xuefeng could directly descend from the sky, landing inside the nicely lit place. There were a lot of appetizers placed on the elegantly prepared table and everyone seemed to be drinking red wine. No one was eating yet so he figured they were waiting for him to come before they start.

He was thinking that maybe it would be a dinner with a lot of people but it turned out his parents wanted only a close family to attend it. Aside from all of his women and his parents, there were Wu Lan and her brother, Little Mei and her family as well as Senior Wang who was already considered as part of the family.

As he was supposed to be the next Clan Leader of the Branch Clan, his father probably needed him around to discuss some matters. There were not that many of them but Xuefeng prefered it this way, finding the small gatherings much more climatic.

To Little Mei's annoyance, instead of replying by himself, Xiao Wen was the one who acted on his steed as she reached out to pat Little Mei's head while still hugging into Xuefeng's chest before saying, "You have such a nice little sister. So cute."

As Little Mei didn't want to look bad in front of Xuefeng and her parents, she could only bear with it while protesting cutely, "Big sis! You will ruin my hair..." She was a good girl in front of Xuefeng and she wanted it to stay this way.

Just as she successfully suppressed Xiao Wen's attacks, finally something fortunate happened. Xuefeng reached out to rub her right cheek before naturally grabbing her and receiving everyone as they walked together towards the table, "Greetings to everyone. I am sorry for being late. Something came up."

Liu Xiaobei nodded happily as he invited them to sit down, saying warmly, "Welcome. We were waiting for you. Now that everyone is here, we can officially start our dinner." Everyone else already stood up when Xuefeng came so they could no sit down.

Although the girls sat down, Little Mei's parents did not, waiting for Young Master to sit down first. It was a common courtesy but they didn't know that Xuefeng did not care about things. On Earth in the modern world, such behaviour was unheard of and all that mattered was age.

Xuefeng sat Xiao Wen on the empty chair first before walking up to Little Mei's parents with their child next to him. For some reason, Little Mei got nervous but then Xuefeng simple smiled warmly at them and said while patting her on the head, "Please sit down, Sir, Madam. Little Mei is my dear little sister. You don't need to stand on ceremony. We are all family."

Little Mei knew her parents would still stand even if they were asked to sit down so as to avoid being embarrassed, she gave up cuddles and sat down first on her own seat in between of them before pulling them down by their arms, saying, "Mom, Dad, sit down. Xuefeng said it is okay."

Naturally, they didn't listen and her mother bowed her head, thanking politely, "Young Master Liu, we would like to thank you for taking care of our daughter. I hope she didn't create any troubles for the Young Master. Sometimes she can be a little mischievous-"

"Mom!" Little Mei quickly exclaimed to stop her mom as her face flushed red but fortunately, Xuefeng's warmth saved the day as she once again felt his hand rubbing on her cheek before hearing his praising words, "Nah, she is a great kid. She works hard and she is determined to achieve her goals. She will one day become a great cultivator and her name will shake the whole world. As long as she continues walking the current path, nothing can stop her from achieving her goals."

"Thank you, Young Master." Hearing such praises, Little Mei's parents thanked again, naturally extremely happy and finally sat down, not wanting to make Xuefeng stand so much.

Of course, what Little Mei imagined was different as her main goal was conquering Xuefeng's heart and based on his words, it was definitely possible as long as she works hard. She couldn't help but blush even more while looking down. She had to calm down her heart as being praised by him caused it to cry for help.

When Wu Kong saw the whole scene between Xuefeng and Little Mei, he wasn't jealous. What he felt was a new determination that awakened in his mind as he knew his wife would be snatched by someone else if he didn't work hard. Only when she sees how serious he is will there be a chance for him.

When everyone was seated, only then did Xuefeng finally sit down as well, his seat being the head seat at the end of the table. Usually, it should be his mother to sit in this position as the hostess but she liked to seat next to her husband so nothing could be done.

It was one of the reasons why Xuefeng didn't want to go together with everyone and was happy that someone had to wait for Xiao Wen. He could already imagine the headache he would have when his wives argue who seats where. Without him, everything was decided by them in the inner circle. The closest to him was naturally Nuwa and surprisingly Xiao Wen was placed by his side as well.

He guessed that Nuwa assigned everyone based on their strength as Tianshi was sitting beside Yuren, the furthest from him but it didn't seem like she minded such assignment as he was sitting right next to his mother, gossipping with her while giggling to themselves. Tianshi was working hard to gain Mu Lan acceptance which made Xuefeng smile.

Clink, clink.

As the host, it was Liu Xiaobei role to officially start the dinner so he stood up, tapping the wine glass with his fork to gather everyone's attention before saying as he toasted, "As tomorrow we will be leaving this place that we all put a lot of heart into building, I wanted everyone to gather for the last time and enjoy dinner together. For the new beginning."

This sentence worked perfectly for Xuefeng so he was the first to join his father and repeat, "For the new beginning!" Arriving in this world was literally his new beginning and if he was, to be honest, he liked it here. Although just as on Earth, there was a rat race to be the best here as well but it wasn't as intense as at his old home.

When the food came, Xuefeng started talking with his father about the certain specifics of their relocation but the girls were talking between each other instead. They didn't mind revealing those in front of Little Mei's parents as they only talked about some vague information. Her father also joined in the talk which made the dinner lively.

Picking another snack from the table, Xuefeng looked around the girls to check if they were enjoying themselves and noticed something which bothered him. Wuying wasn't eating much, only smiling and talking instead but he knew what was the reason behind this. Normal food was okay for her but it naturally didn't taste well for her anymore. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Xuefeng didn't hesitate to put down his food and stand up, walking up to Wuying as he said out loud, "Excuse me, I need to talk to Wuying about something." She looked up at him and realised what he wanted to do which warmed her heart.

Although it seemed like Wuying was already much better, Xuefeng liked to spoil his wives and this little bit of blood wasn't much for him. Nuwa watched as Wuying grabbed his hand, walking away with him but she didn't say anything, knowing it was Xuefeng's decision.


"It's okay... You can drink faster..." Xuefeng whispered as he hugged her from behind, watching as she gently licked his wrist, slowly tasting each drop of blood that dripped out of his skin.

They were inside a guest room, sitting on the sofa with Wuying behind on top of him. She leaned on his chest, deeply enjoying this moment. Although Xuefeng wanted to just let her drink some before returning, Wuying was currently in heaven so she didn't want to let go of him this simply.

Instead of replying, she pulled away from his wrist and placed her head on his shoulder before luring his lips with a slight caress of her fingers before connecting with a soft touch. Xuefeng momentarily felt the taste of blood but it was quickly connected with her own saliva adding other flavours that she tried earlier.

"I like to enjoy when I get the chance..." Wuying replied gently as she continued kissing him deeply while slowly turning around, suddenly appearing to be facing him face to face. Her hands rubbed his scalp, entangling itself in his hair as she kept releasing the desire that was building up inside of her.

Wuying was now in a much better position as she regained the control over her actions during this special state but it didn't mean her desire was much smaller. It was the opposite. Although she was in control, she still wanted to do everything the same way. The only difference was her ability to stop when she wanted.

Licking the drop of blood she left on his cheek, Wuying asked softly, "Will you let me teach you about the Blood Element?"