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 Xiao Wen squeezed Xuefeng's hand and at the same time, closed her fist, locking the small flame inside of her palm. Xuefeng watched her palm, expecting something to happen but then Xiao Wen called out, "Look forward."

Just as Xuefeng listened and moved his eyesight upwards, Xiao Wen aimed her fist in the direction of the pond and opened it with an excited expression on her face. She already knew what would happen but wanted to see Xuefeng's shocked expression.


As if something blew up, they heard a suppressed, dull sound and the ground shook, followed by a water gazer that exploded upwards from the pond. Xuefeng opened his eyes, thinking she gained new affinity but this time to either water or air but then, a burning fire illuminated the courtyard as it accompanied the water and he knew he was mistaken.

After both water and fire encountered each other, hot steam gushed out to the sides, filling the whole courtyard momentarily. Fortunately, Xuefeng reacted quickly, flying upwards with Xiao Wen in his arms and successfully dodged the hot wave.

"Haha, it worked!" Xiao Wen laughed happily, knowing that everything worked perfectly and hugged Xuefeng, repeated herself after an excited peck on his lips, "Xuefeng, it worked."

"Hah, I saw." Xuefeng chuckled at her reaction and asked curiously, finding this ability interesting, "What did you do exactly? Did you transport the flame into the pond with Ether Qi and then detonate it from the distance?"

Xuefeng questioned but then felt a few people approaching from the distance, probably hearing the explosion or seeing the water geyser which forced him to first call out loud to halt them, "Everything is alright! We were just training."

His voice resounded throughout the area and it stopped the Shadow Guard members from approaching, going back to patrolling Liu Clan Territory. Knowing there might be some people around them who could eavesdrop, he decided to carry Xiao Wen high in the sky so they could have some privacy.

Hovering above the sky, Xuefeng lifted her chin and asked again, "So, what was it?" He could already think of many uses of such ability in battle like sneak attacks or distracting the enemy.

Xiao Wen still looked excited by her new ability but calmed down enough to explain it to him, "You were close but it's not exactly it. I'm not using Ether Qi but Fate Qi and I can simply create explosions from the distance wherever I want. I think there is some limit to the distance but I think the limit will decrease the more I progress in the future."

Creating another small fireball, Xiao Wen locked it in her palm once again before sending it less than twenty meters away from them. This time both of them could see exactly what was happening. The flame that disappeared from her palm appeared out of thin air in the shape of a round crimson pill which exploded right after, sending a wave of heat their way.

Although Xuefeng shielded both of them, he could still feel both the heat as well as the shock wave from the explosion. It wasn't any powerful but this was just a tiny flame. How much damage would she cause to someone if she provided much more fuel to the fire?

Looking at Xuefeng with a smug on her face, she asked happily while pointing at the place where the fireball exploded, "Hehe, how cool was that? I called it Sudden Death." Although she had a few offensive abilities, they were not her main damager dealers and she was mostly using her sword to fight but now she had something much more powerful she could depend on.

"Hah, pretty cool!" Xuefeng naturally agreed while chuckling before proposing curiously, "I wish to measure its power. How about you attack me with it so we can test it?"

Naturally, Xuefeng received a quick rejection as she decided, "No! This was the smallest fireball and look at what happened. The explosion wasn't small at all. I definitely won't be testing it on you. It's a waste of your Fate Qi in case you get hurt. We will test it on something else tomorrow morning before we depart. Today it is too late already."

"Fine... We will do as say." Xuefeng was excited to test it now but recalling they didn't actually have much time, he gave in, changing the topic instead as he said happily when they started slowly descending, "I'm happy for you. I told you it will be worth it."

"Mhmm... I know." Xiao Wen nodded as she hugged into his chest, knowing she shouldn't have rejected him before asking what she wanted to know much earlier, "Where did everyone go? I did not feel any of them in the courtyard."

"There is a dinner party organized by my father. We should also attend it. I was simply waiting for you while the rest went first without me." Xuefeng was quick to reply but then Xiao Wen stopped them and began fixing Xuefeng's clothing together with his hair, adding after she was done, "Let's go then. We can't allow the main host to be late."

Looking at his changed appearance, she couldn't help but comment about her preference, "I like you in this transformation. It would be nice if you made it permanent."

As if to tease him, she reached out to caress his long ear not expecting it to be Forest Elves' special spot. Naturally, Xuefeng quickly showed a reaction on his face as he opened his mouth wide, wanting to let out a sound but fortunately, he stopped himself in the last moment by covering his mouth.

This didn't escape from Xiao Wen's attention as she quickly noticed his weird behaviour and gave Xuefeng another rub on the ear, finding that amusing.

The moment he reached out to take her hand away, he couldn't stop himself and moaned softly but quickly covered it up with his scolding, "Aah- stop it. This is not the time for games..." He was already stopping himself a lot as although the effects were much weaker compared to Nuwa's teasing, he still felt deep enjoyment.

Xiao Wen couldn't help but chuckle and continued to tease him, "I guess I know what I will do when you don't listen to me, haha." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Royal Elf Bloodline was one of the high tiered ones, giving great benefits but at the same time, it had a flaw of having such a sensitive part. Although one would only react to the people they loved, it was still considered as a flaw.

Seeing how cheeky Xiao Wen was, Xuefeng didn't hesitate to counterattack and started tickling her as he snickered, "Tsk, we will see who will tease who in the end." They were in the air but as Xiao Wen was in Xuefeng's arms, she had nowhere to run.

It didn't take long for her to beg for mercy as she laughed maniacally, "Aah! Hahah, stop, stop, I give up!" Only after she surrendered did Xuefeng finally stop and commented, recalling the thought he just appearing in his mind, "I just thought of something. Can you use this ability only with your Fire Qi? Did you think of using other elements as well?"

"Huh?" Xiao Wen looked at him confused but then the same realisation hit her, "Right... Why didn't anyone think about it? Lang said one can use it with Fire Qi, but what if I use something different instead as you suggested?"

They were already close to the ground as they were descending the whole time and Xuefeng asked with a smile, playing with her, "How about we test it after the dinner is over? I bet everyone is waiting for us."

When she heard him, Xiao Wen quickly shook her head, already being too excited about the new idea and said, "Nu, nu, nu, nu! We have to check it now! Let me check it with Water Qi."

Without waiting for Xuefeng's approval, Xiao Wen extended her hand and created a small ball of water, hovering on top of her palm. Naturally, it was much harder to create one without any water in the area but she transformed Water Qi into Water easily.

Xuefeng was also curious so he watched closely as she closed her fist before releasing it some distance away from her. Unfortunately, what they expected didn't happen and instead of a giant explosion, the water just burst out of a bubble-shaped ball of water before falling down from the sky.

Xiao Wen looked disappointed, thinking she would discover something new but Xuefeng wasn't convinced of their failure. He already figured out a few methods to fix the problem but they would need many tests to confirm his theories. Luckily, they had a whole week of training ahead of them and Xuefeng already decided to make the full use of it.