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 Xuefeng couldn't help but smile when he saw Little Mei's reaction and called out to the rest as he buttoned up his shirt, "I guess we will have to attend this dinner. I think we never had one when everyone was gathered. What do you all think?"

Now that he thought about it, he was rarely eating in this world. Because of Ling, he was always well-nourished due to her regeneration ability but also because of his cultivation, he could basically survive without food for a few weeks if he wanted to.

Yuren clapped her hands, all ready to go as she said, teasing Xuefeng, "Mhmm, we should go. We didn't spend much time with your parents yet. I want to gossip with auntie. She should tell us about your childhood, hehe."

Xuefeng snickered as he grabbed Yiren into his arms and held onto Yiren from behind, "Tsk, please. I changed. I'm a completely different person now. I doubt you would find anything similar to my previous self." She wanted to tease him but now she was in his arms and Xuefeng was ready to strike back.

Yiren could only give up and lean on his chest while changing her mind, "Yeah... I guess I still prefer the older Xuefeng. He is the one that can give me cuddles after all."

Tianshi smiled when she heard that, knowing the truth behind Xuefeng's words and absorbed back her Air Qi wings, already imagining their joint training that would happen tomorrow.

Smiling at her fast change, Xuefeng game her last tight hug and finished wearing his clothes, saying to Wuying who didn't get the chance to talk, "Wuying we will talk on the way." She didn't mind that so she simply nodded, agreeing without any unnecessary words. They were already close enough to understand each other without those.

Just then, Xuefeng recalled that it was Nuwa who was the boss now for the next week and returned to her while asking, "My Queen, can we proceed this way or do you have some other wishes? This man honours his promises." He extended his hand to her, inviting her to join him and Nuwa couldn't help but take it.

She won the bet after all. The least she should get was the support of his arm that many would fight for. Leaning on his shoulder as she selfishly wrapped her fingers with his, Nuwa showed that it was her own place for tonight.

"What about Wen? She still didn't finish." Tianshi asked as she glanced at the last person that was still not ready and Xuefeng frowned, approaching Xiao Wen to check her condition.

As Nuwa didn't let go of his hand, she followed after him and tested the durability of the barriers around Xiao Wen before commenting, "She placed a lot of layers around her. I can break through them with my own Qi if you want but that might disturb her."

The protection that Xiao Wen set up wasn't simple and even he didn't think he could break through it this easily. There were many high ranked Life-saving barriers circling around her, even protecting her from below, underground which would trouble even a few Monarch Stage cultivators.

He thought that it was a bit paranoid of her to do so but then Ling explained it to him, shedding some light to his ignorance, 'I think it is normal behaviour. She already absorbed all the stones and she is currently undergoing Spirit Transformation. This is not a quick process and the Fate Holder is very vulnerable in this moment. If she is disturbed, her Spirit could be potentially damaged.'

'I understand... But she could tell me. I would make sure to protect her well...' Xuefeng replied, not knowing how to feel but Ling thought differently about it, assuring him, 'Don't worry, she didn't tell you so you wouldn't waste time and train yourself as well. Everyone was near so you would still protect her if there was a need. She also needed some calm environment to breakthrough and those barriers could make that happen.'

'Alright. Do you know how much longer it will take her?' Xuefeng asked after understanding the situation fully. If there was a need, he was willing to change the plans for her.

Ling already counted it before and replied right away, 'From my calculations, it shouldn't be long. About ten minutes.' Feeling genuinely happy Ling was always there to help him in need, Xuefeng didn't spare his words as he expressed himself, 'Thank you, Ling, I love you. I honestly don't know what I would do without you.'

'Mhmm...' He only received a soft acknowledgement from her but he knew it was because she was too happy.

Knowing he couldn't leave Xiao Wen like that, he asked the lady by his side as he squeezed her hand, "There are still about ten minutes until Xiao Wen finishes her breakthrough. How about you all go first and I will join you all in a bit?"

He knew she would be against it and he confirmed his guess when he saw her squinting her eyes, but planting a soft kiss on her lips, he tried to convince as he whispered, "I don't want my parents to wait, but I also can't leave her alone here..."

Leaning for another kiss, she demanded, not willing to lose even one day, "My reward will start from tomorrow. Today doesn't count." Xuefeng continued to decide everything even after she won so she decided to take over the leadership when they are on their trip to the Central Region.

Naturally, this was fine for him and he quickly whispered, "I will reward you in bed tonight..." It was something Nuwa expected already from him so she did not even need to mention it and finally let go of it, announcing to the rest, "We will leave earlier. Xuefeng will wait for Xiao Wen and join us at the dinner."

"Yup, she is currently undergoing a breakthrough. It should take a moment so you can all go first. Little Mei is waiting at the entrance so she will lead you all to the dining place." Xuefeng added and no one had any problems with it.

Well, only one person had questions and it was Little Mei who asked right after the girls felt the courtyard, "Where is Xuefeng?" She was really looking forward to jumping on Xuefeng and take advantage of this walk to snuggle in his arms.

"He will join us a bit later." Nuwa explained before asking, giving Little Mei a smile but she could feel that Nuwa didn't expect another answer than yes, "How about you lead us first?"

Little Mei listened to her intuition and nodded gently, knowing this lady could be her husband's second wife in the future, "Alright." She snuggled into Wuying's arm, being the only one she knew the best and led them to Clan Leader's mansion. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


Just as she successfully broke through, advancing her Fate Spirit into a Fate Law, Xiao Wen stretched her arms as if she was a newborn baby, calling out to herself, "Aaaah! I feel amazing!"

The barriers all around her broke off the moment she touched them and she saw lonely Xuefeng who was sitting there cross-legged, observing her movements.

Although Xiao Wen was wondering where everyone was, the priority for her was Xuefeng and she immediately jumped into his arms, knocking him over to the ground. They rolled a few times on the grass before finally stopping with Xiao Wen on top of him. She didn't hesitate to cover his lips with hers before exclaiming sincerely, "I love you!"

"Hah, I see that you successfully broke through." Xuefeng chuckled at her reaction and didn't change their positions, hugging Xiao Wen into his chest before asking, "Anything changed? Maybe a new ability?" He was also curious about Ling's transformation in the future so he naturally asked to be prepared for it.

Xuefeng's question made her excited and she quickly exclaimed, sitting up on Xuefeng's waist, "Haha, yes! I also want to test it out, but I don't know if this is the right time of the day. Based on Lang's explanation, he says that my second ability is much powerful than the first one. And it's also an offensive one! Let me see if I can test it without alerting anyone."

Hearing Xiao Wen, Xuefeng immediately got excited and picked her up so that she could test the ability in a more comfortable position. He couldn't help but wonder what would be his second ability the moment he advances.

Creating a small fireball in her hand, Xiao Wen described, "My first ability is called Fire Body. No fire can hurt me and all fire attacks I create are much more powerful. It is basically a booster to everything fire-related. This is why I didn't have troubles to master Fire Qi as it was already flowing through my veins."

"Whoa, that's great. You didn't tell me about that before. How about my Black Flames. Can you also defend against them with ease? They seem to be different that normal."

"You can check it then on my hand then. It won't leave any burns at all." Xiao Wen smiled as she extended her hand to him and Xuefeng couldn't help himself but test her Fire Body by attaching his Black Flames Slayer to her arm.

To his surprise, the black fire that was always burning crazily now calmed down and moved according to Xiao Wen's gestures, following her fingers. It looked as if the flame was listening to her which quite impressed him, making him watch her in amazement.

Playing with the black flame on top of her palm, she solved Xuefeng's questions, "I couldn't do that earlier because just as every ability, my Fire Body also draws my Fate Qi when I use it to control the enemy's flames. Now I have more than enough to use it in battle. It's all thanks to you."

Looking warmly at him, she held onto his hand, cutting their talk and extended her hand excited as she called out to gain his attention, "Let me show you my new ability."