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 This time, Xuefeng didn't attack, solely focusing on his defence as he knew anything else would be useless. Nuwa's disks were now so fast that only thanks to his Spirit Awareness was he able to see their movement. What made him more worried though was the leisure in which Nuwa launched her strike. Instead of going hard on him, she would rather tease him by spinning the disks around him in a circular route.

It seemed like she was waiting for an opportunity to strike but he imagined that she was rather thinking of what to do in her situation. She was naturally in a big disadvantage and it would be tough for her to break through his defences. At least, that's what Xuefeng thought because Nuwa didn't seem to be bothered at all, still smiling to herself with confidence visible on her face.

He tried to think of a way for her to win but nothing came to his mind. As he still did not get any signs from her for more than twenty seconds, Xuefeng didn't wait anymore, deciding to scout her plans with one of his swords.

Unfortunately, this happened to be what Nuwa was waiting for from the start. Just when his single wooden sword rushed towards the encirclement, Nuwa smirked and flicked her hand, sending four of her disks forward.

Xuefeng quickly abandoned his single sword knowing he couldn't catch the escaping disks anymore. Seeing all four of them already upon him, Xuefeng sent four strikes on his own, aiming right in the middle of the disks, surprisingly, managing to get a successful hit on each of them.

'Huh? Did she give up?' Xuefeng thought, feeling that something was off. Nuwa didn't do anything aside from crashing straight at him, allowing him to easily destroy the disks which made him suspicious.

He cast a glance at Nuwa, expecting to see a troubled expression but he still found her smiling. In the sky, there were no more disks, but then, something occurred to him. There were five of them left but he only destroyed four, meaning, one was hidden somewhere.

Seeing nothing in the air, he looked down, thinking, 'If it's not in the air... It's underground!'


Just as he exclaimed in his mind, he immediately jumped upwards, wanting to give himself some time to block the attack but it was already too late. The disk exploded forth and banged against his leg, breaking apart the moment it touched him.

"I won" Nuwa called out happily as she walked to Xuefeng, planning to pick him up but Tianshi and Yiren were first, appearing right at him while calling out worriedly, "Xuefeng, are you okay?!"

Their hands quickly skimmed through his body as if they searched for some injuries, almost taking off all of his clothes but he stopped them while rolling his eyes, asking confused, "Why are your hands roaming on my chest when I was hit on the leg?"

He naturally saw how Yiren was all flushed, coming up to him with ulterior motives but he knew it wasn't her fault. Knowing he could create such a reaction on Nuwa, it wouldn't be strange if Yiren was also affected.

Xuefeng thought that he could stop them by exposing them, but he underestimated the power of outside of the box thinking in the critical situations that women had and Xuefeng heard Yiren call out to her partner in crime, "Right! Tianshi, we need to take off his pants to check as well."

Tianshi's eyes naturally lit up and couldn't reject this plan to tease him, saying in agreement, "Yes, I couldn't agree more." Unfortunately, just as they moved in action, Nuwa stopped them by pulling on their ears and drew them away from Xuefeng, giving him some air to breathe.

"Au Au Au!" Both Yiren and Tianshi quickly stood up to ease their pain before rubbing on their ears upset. The rest couldn't help but laugh out loud and Xuefeng knew they would receive some scolding from Nuwa soon so he acted to shield them.

He broke off the handcuffs and hugged them both as he said to Nuwa, "It's alright, they were trying to help me, right?" Naturally, the girls hugged onto his chest and nodded happily, forgetting about the pain before glancing playfully at Nuwa, making her eyebrow twitch.

He gave a peck to the both of them before focusing on Nuwa as he also hugged her tightly to soothe her a bit and thought out loud regretfully, "I really could have thought about it. You used Earth Qi to create those disk so naturally, you can attack with them from the underground. I guess I'm still inexperienced. I need to battle more else one day I will suffer a loss like that not from you but from the enemy."

Feeling his arm pull on her waist, pressing her against his well-toned abs that were earlier exposed by the two naughty girls, she couldn't say anything other than agree with him, "Mhmm... I will train more with you."

Xuefeng shook his head and widened the scale as he said, "No, not just you. I need to train with everyone as each person has their unique thoughts and skills. If I can defend against all of your skills, I have more chances against real opponents. When we travel on the Warship to the Central Region, we will create a schedule for our training to make sure I train with everyone. What do you think?"

"Yes!" Yi was the first to shout out in agreement but seeing everyone look at her afterwards, she blushed and coughed, saying softly, "Cough, I mean... I would love to help..."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Everyone else nodded and accepted the deal, finding such training a great opportunity to spend some alone time with him. What would be better than some personalized training and a special physical contact when they make a silly mistake, forcing Xuefeng to adjust their bodies into a correct position. The girls couldn't help but imagine such scenes already.

Nuwa heard Xuefeng plans and suddenly asked, not feeling as if she even won anything with such turn of events, "Hmm, you just decided everything for yourself, what about our bet? I thought I would be the one to decide everything for a week?"

Only then did Xuefeng recall the wager from the bet but fortunately, he already knows how to compromise, "Don't you think this is necessary? I will be training with you the most, don't worry. I still need to get much better control over my bloodline."

To further convince her, he made sure to give her a solid kiss while holding onto her face. When his fingers rubbed around her earlobe, he felt her shiver in his body and he knew she was already convinced.

Lifting her chin after he pulled away, Xuefeng rubbed their noses together and whispered, "I will let you schedule the training for me, alright?" Even for such a tough player like her, Xuefeng's treatment was deadly and she quickly softened.

She agreed hesitantly, her mind affected by his gentleness and whispered back, "Okay... But I want more of those later..." Even though Nuwa was older than the rest and much more experienced, she was also a woman in love which sometimes clouded her decisions in favour of her lover.

"Deal." Xuefeng naturally knew what she meant and sealed the deal with another peck before turning to the ladies that waited for him, saying to the each of them, "I hope you all trained well. Wuying, tell me what you decided with the Shadow Guard. Tianshi, show me your wings that you worked on. Shan and Yi, how was your sparing, did you learn anything?"

When everyone faced their own question, it was the matter of quickness of who would be first and Tianshi was the winner this time. She walked forward and created pure white wings on her back. Although they were still in their initial phase, they already had a good shape, looking like proper wings.

Xuefeng finally let go on Nuwa and walked up to Tianshi, gently touching her wings, as he commented proudly, "Yiren did a good job. I'm also happy you managed to learn so fast. You only need to make them look like feathers which will make them even more beautiful. We will work on that tomorrow."

"Alright~" Tianshi nodded happily, wanting exactly that and reverted her wings back to normal as she rushed to hug Yiren. It was thanks to her that she gained praise from Xuefeng.

Just as he was about to move to Wuying, someone came in through the entrance and rushed towards the garden. The sound of footsteps was short and rushed, signalling the person was small and in a hurry.

Just as Xuefeng thought, it was Little Mei who came and she called out as she ran, "Xuefeng~! Uncle invites you for dinner- Ahhh! Why are you naked!" Too bad that just as she came to the garden, she saw Xuefeng's naked chest and her small face quickly flushed.

She glanced at her toned abs, abundant muscles on his chest and only after she started for a while did she realised what she was doing, blushed even more. Although she didn't want to look, her curious eyes were wandering on his body on their own.

Without saying anything, she ran back to the entrance with the image of naked Xuefeng and touched her chest, feeling the fast beating of her heart. At that moment she knew Xuefeng was the only one for her in this world.