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 "Alright." Seeing that Xuefeng was now fully healed, Nuwa decided to give him one last round. She knew it would be hard for him to control all ten swords even if they spent a whole night so it was better to give themselves a night's break first.

'I guess his bloodline is not fully matured yet. Next time he transforms and the Royal Elf Bloodline takes an even bigger chunk of the cake, he would definitely find it easier to use it.' Nuwa thought after analyzing their training tonight. She guessed that he should be already a seventy percent Royal Elf but it was still too little to gain full control over his bloodline ability.

She even thought of taking it easy for the last round but just as she did, Xuefeng called out as if he read her mind, "I want you to give me everything you got. You don't need to go easy on me. I know my limits. This time I will succeed for sure."

"Oh!" This surprised the girls as they exclaimed, seeing his confident smirk and Nuwa asked curiously, "You will? What makes you so sure?" He for sure figured out something or rather thought of a trick he can use to win and just as she expected, he grinned, replying mysteriously, "It's a secret. You will find out when we start."

"Alright, how about we set up a wager then? If you are sure you can win against me, you might as well bet something on it." Nuwa proposed casually, testing Xuefeng's decisiveness but he actually didn't take time to agree, calling out happily, "I'm in! What are the terms then?"

Seeing what was going on, Yiren grabbed her face in unease, knowing it will be hard for Xuefeng to win. She even whispered her opinion to the other girls who gathered around her, already finished with their training, "Ah... Xuefeng shouldn't bet with mom. She never makes a bet when her win is not guaranteed..."

"I believe that Xuefeng can win. It's good that he is confident with his skills. I doubt he would make a bet if he didn't consider everything." Tianshi was the first to defend Xuefeng, her eyes looking at him proudly. For her, Xuefeng was the greatest cultivator so she had unconditional trust in him.

Wuying, who already came back from her mission, also nodded, fully agreeing with that statement and both Yi and Princess Shan followed with their support after her. Only Xiao Wen was still busy with her Fate Spirit Breakthrough but she would definitely cheer with them as well.

Yiren naturally rooted for Xuefeng as well, but she had more information than them, knowing her mother's tendencies to bet. Back in the Holy Land, she was known for her likeness to wager the battles in the arena and everyone was welcomed to bet against her.

It wouldn't be anything special but if anyone looked at the score of her winnings, they would naturally feel hesitant to bet against her. It's because she never lost. Xuefeng already lost once to her on the arena so he should know about her skills. Unfortunately, as Xuefeng was already so hyped, there was no turning back anymore. She could only support him from the side.

Nuwa awakened her dormant betting potential and proposed, "How about this, the one who loses, will do whatever the winning party wants for a whole week and they can't say no. What do you think?"

Xuefeng got intrigued with this bet and accepted it without batting an eye, being sure of his victory, suggesting the conditions, "Alright, what are the conditions for the win? How about you will lose the moment I destroy all ten of your disks and I will lose when you hit me with any of them. What's more, we can only use our bloodline power and Spirit Awareness to fight. You can only control your disks and cannot touch my swords with your power."

Nuwa created ten sturdy Earth Qi Disks as if to show her agreement and asked with a confident smile, "Shall we start then? I cannot wait to receive a massage from a certain someone tonight." She has already beaten him so many times today so she didn't see a world where she would lose.

Setting up the conditions he wanted, Xuefeng also raised his swords, aligning the standard sword formation that was already familiar for Nuwa, awaiting her attack.

Just when Nuwa was about to launch her assault, she was disturbed by the cheerleaders who suddenly voiced out their support, "Go go Xuefeng!"

Tianshi was the first one who started jumping and shouting to hype Xuefeng more, behaving as if she was on a football match back on earth, "You got this! We will root for you!" Naturally, hearing her words, the others also joined her, creating a small fan group who cheered their favourite fighter.

Xuefeng finally understood how did those handsome athletes felt like, having their name chanted from the tribune. He definitely didn't want to disappoint the trust they had in him.

Aiming to decompose his opponent before the fight, Xuefeng bantered, "It seems like everyone thinks you will lose, hehe." Unfortunately, Nuwa was not bothered much by that and even smiled, fighting back, "Of course. I'm also cheering for you. If you can actually win, I will be really impressed. This a win-win bet for me after all."

They exchanged a look and Xuefeng called out, wanting to put his plan into action, "Then attack when you are ready." He didn't need to ask twice as Nuwa was only waiting for that.

Her face welcomed a focused expression as she sent all ten of her disks at the same time straight at Xuefeng. He knew that Nuwa would not go easy on him after setting up the bet so he expected much stronger and faster targets for him but that's exactly what he wanted.

Xuefeng already surrounded his swords with his Spirit Awareness, allowing himself a better precision in his attack before waiting for a perfect moment. He didn't want her to figure out his plan before it was too late for her to react. Naturally, with the short distance between them, he didn't need to wait for too long. The moment all ten disks passed the half-way distance, Xuefeng focused on five of his swords and launched them forward in an explosive fashion.

His aim? Fast attack! Destruction! Confusing the enemy! Retreat and repeat!

'So that's what you wanted to do...' Nuwa thought the moment she saw Xuefeng attack but it was too late for her to retreat. She could change the trajectory but definitely not come to a full stop in a split second.

When his swords were wrapped in Spirit Awareness by him, she was already suspicious but she continued with her charge nonetheless. Knowing that she already lost five of her soldiers, she didn't bother with them anymore, saving the other five as she sent them to the sides, continuing her attack.

Even though she could try to bypass them, because of Xuefeng's Spirit Awareness around the swords he would still hit her disks so she did not focus on them.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

All five disks were destroyed in a clean fashion, slashed right through the middle. As another five projectiles were heading towards him, Xuefeng discarded his attacking formation and focused on his defence instead. This time he was not at a disadvantage as he had five swords against five disks. Apparently, Nuwa also realised that and suddenly retreated, halting her advance.

Xuefeng was surprised by that but also happy, quickly returning with his attacking formation, joining both of them together. He would naturally accept the present she just gave him with pleasure.

"Good job Xuefeng! Keep it up!" Tianshi cheered from the side, seeing that Xuefeng was winning, believing in him from the start.

"So this is what you planned. The best defence is naturally a good offence. Not bad." Nuwa praised as she returned all five disk to her side. Although she lost five units, it didn't seem like she was worried too much. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Xuefeng knew she wouldn't give up this easily and silently accepted her praise while preparing for the second assault. Just as he expected, Nuwa called out right after as she cracked her head left and right, "Well, I guess I can't hold back else you will actually win. Shame on me."

She gave him a last smile and her disks suddenly disappeared, flying forward with a flash, leaving a series of afterimages.