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 Xuefeng decided to give breakfast to Wuying before going back to his room and refine the Fate Fragment.

He approached her door but somehow felt guilty in his heart. After all, he just kissed with Princess and now he is acting as if nothing happened. She will know sooner or later.

When he finally mustered his courage to knock, they suddenly opened, showing Wuying who was already ready.

"Oh, you already up? I was just about to wake you up." She smiled sweetly the moment she saw him. Seeing her so happy at his sight, he felt even worse.

"I bought breakfast for you." He took the bag with a pancake from behind his back.

"Wow, since when did you start waking up alone and even buying breakfast." She looked surprised when she received it and gave it a bite after unpacking it.

"Yummy, thank you." She reached out, hugged him around the neck and kissed on the cheek. "That's the reward."

"No problem, I will go into my room for a while after I'm done with something we can start our training." Xuefeng turned around, intending to leave but then he heard Wuying voice "Wait, what is that on your neck."

'Fuck, I was discovered.' He pretended he didn't hear anything and ran towards his room. He closed the door and sighed in relief, feeling safe.

The moment he turned around, he left as if his soul jumped out of his body. Wuying was standing there looking at him suspiciously.

"What did you do? Show me." She came closer demanding an explanation.

"Eh, I wanted to present it to you later but I guess I can give it now. Turn around." He said with a smile.

"Why?" She was still doubtful.

"Just turn around, you will like it." He promised.

After she finally did, he pulled out the second necklace and placed it on her fair neck, not bothered by the intimate touch.

When she looked down at her own chest and saw a beautiful crystal. She opened her mouth trying to say something but no words came.

"I saw it and instantly bought it cause I thought it will match with your beauty." Xuefeng complemented her and turned her around to face himself. "And I guess I was right."

"Thank you, I like it a lot..." She buried her head in his chest as she thanked him. She already forgot about the mark on his neck.

He placed his arms around her enjoying the feeling. He felt bad lying to her, but at the same time, didn't want to hurt her.

"...iss me..." Wuying suddenly said something quietly.

"What did you said?" Xuefeng didn't hear her completely.

"Kiss me." She looked at his face, with her eyes watered and said weakly.

This time he heard her clearly and felt that even if he wanted, he couldn't refuse her.

He moved his hand on the back of her head and leaned for the kiss. She stood on her tiptoes and received it with her whole heart.

With Xuefeng previous experience, he had more confidence this time. She expected a short kiss but he didn't let her go for a long time.

Wuying thought that their first kiss would be awkward, but after a moment she liked it so much, she didn't want to separate from him. She dreamed about it many times and she finally got the courage to ask.

Xuefeng enjoyed completely different sensation than when he felt with Princess. She was much more aggressive and his actions were limited. This time he had full control over the situation.

Just when she thought that their moment would end, Xuefeng attacked with his heavy artillery. She opened her eyes in surprise at the sudden unidentified object entering her territory, but she didn't push him away.

She tried to fight with her own army but was defeated before she knew it.

They separated from each other after ten minutes full of passion. Wuying looked like she was still hungry and wished for more, but didn't want to start the battle herself.

"I will finish reading my Spirit Art and will find you later, okay?" He asked her as he caressed her hands.

"Mhmm." She nodded happily. Having her dream come true gave her new energy. She came back into her room with her face still flushed and collapsed on the bed giggling to herself.

'What a smooth talker.' Ling commented when Wuying left the room.

'Okay, no one asked you to say anything. Do you still want your Fate Fragment?' Xuefeng left irritated at her remark. He already knew he was doing bad.

'Yeah, I can't wait. It's still sealed so you can bring it into my space.' She said excitedly.

'Okay.' He sat cross-legged on the bed and entered into his dantian. He entered into Ling Space and willed for the necklace to appear. As soon as the necklace appeared inside, it was trapped in the golden sphere.

'But don't destroy it. I'm supposed to wear it from now on.' He reminded her helplessly.

'No worries. Actually, I might even keep it for myself. If I'm inside your spirit the whole time I can't help you if you are in danger. This Crystal is a perfect Spirit Artefact for me. After I subdue this Fate Fragment I can move inside of it.' Link explained after examining the Crystal.

'Oh, as long as It's in one piece.' Xuefeng nodded.

'I'm currently weak so you have to lend me all of your Spirit Qi.' Ling called out.

'Go ahead, meanwhile, I will refine more as I already used some today. Call me when you need me' He told her before leaving the space.

He pulled out a few spirit stones from his ring and started to absorbing spirit essence from within them. All the time it was Ling who did it for him so he needed to practice.

It was much easier to cultivate with spirit stones than with normal method. He didn't need to look for Spirit Essence in the air as it was already waiting for him.

Suddenly, he felt that his Qi is being sucked at a rapid pace. He quickly pulled out a whole box full of spirit stones and started madly absorbing its essence.

They broke apart one by one after they were sucked dry. His Spirit was refining to its limits, but he still couldn't keep up with Ling needs. He only hoped that she will finish the job before his Spirit Qi level hit rock bottom.

Fortunately, after ten minutes and 3 boxes of spirit stones, he got a good news from Ling.

'I did it! You can take it outside.' She said before golden necklace appeared in his dantian.

It looked much brighter than before and the scratches on the surface were all fixed. He pulled it out and placed around his neck.

'You won't guess what new ability I gained from this Fate Fragment.' Ling said playfully.

'Well, the threat is gone, so I would be pleased with anything.' He was happy that he met the deadline this fast. If he gains anything cool that would be even better.

'You are not fun. My new ability is healing! I also learned from that Fragment memories that Princess Grandma was a Fate Fragment Holder and a famous healer in this domain. Before her death, she sealed it and gave it to her. You are lucky cause the seal would be broken on Princess 18th birthday if we didn't do anything.' Ling explained happily.

'Princess, I'm sorry but I had no other choice.' He apologized in his mind for stealing her future.

'At least I should keep the promise I gave her earlier in exchange.' Xuefeng decided.