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 "Hmm, it seems like we will have to apply some ointment on those wounds after they are done..." Tianshi called out softly, seeing how many times Xuefeng got hit already. They even stopped their training, worried about their love but they knew Xuefeng was too sturdy to not handle this much of beating. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Mhmm, I think so too..." Yiren nodded, not leaving Xuefeng with her gaze. For some specific reason, her whole body was burning and she knew what caused it. The moment he left the bedroom, she noticed the obvious change right away. His long ears, high cheekbones and sharp eyes made her insides tremble.

Although she was further away from him, Yiren could still feel the influence of his bloodline on her body. She was respecting her mother for calming it down while being so close to him. At that moment, she finally understood what happened between the two of them that caused her such a reaction earlier. Yiren didn't think she would stop herself from jumping on Xuefeng and enjoying herself without restrains if she was on her mother's place.

Seeing as he was just hit with another disk, Yiren thought out loud, "I will make sure to massage him plenty today. Poor Xuefeng... Mom turned into her teaching mode again. Nobody can save him unless he can learn how to perfectly control his new power, but it doesn't seem to happen too quickly..."

Tianshi was also worried but she believed Xuefeng could do it, saying as she hugged Yiren from behind, already behaving as if Yiren was her big sister, "Well, nothing we can do about it. Yiren, let's return to our training then. I think I know what I was doing wrong before."

"Alright." Knowing they couldn't just stare at Xuefeng, Yiren nodded and took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. She regained some clarity in her mind after some short meditation when Tianshi broke it with her innocent question, "By the way, you are still flushed red. I thought your connection with Xuefeng makes you feel what he feels, right? He is there getting hit yet you are all blushing. Is everything alright?"

"I have no idea... When I look at him, my whole body burns like molten lava and I want nothing else than just enter into his embrace, being prohibited from letting go." Yiren muttered as she glanced at Xuefeng and blushed once again, averting her gaze in case she was influenced anymore, disturbing Xuefeng in his training.

"You must really love him then?" Tianshi asked softly, not knowing it was all because of the Royal Bloodline and Yiren nodded, asking back, "Yes, what about you?"

Maybe she asked it to test her or maybe just to talk to her about Xuefeng some more but Tianshi didn't mind that, answering with full confidence as she stared at him, "He is the one and only one for me. I doubt I would ever love anyone like that if I didn't meet him..."

"I couldn't word that better..." Yiren agreed fully, feeling the same herself.


As the girls finally returned to their training, Xuefeng still wondered how to defend against crazy Nuwa who kept throwing Earth Qi disks at him.


Getting hit another time, this time the disk smashing against his chest, Xuefeng couldn't help but cursed to himself, not able to figure out the correct way, "Damn, how can I defend against them when the disks are dodging my sword each time I'm about to hit it?"

He already found it hard to control the sword with just telekinesis, yet the disks were simply too fast for him to keep up. If that was him using his hands, even if there were ten of those disks, he would still destroy them all.

Too bad, it was a completely different story when it came to using his Spirit instead while having his hands bound behind his back. The disks were just too fast for him and unless he had two swords, it would be impossible for him to crush them.

'Wait,' Only after he was hit a few times did Xuefeng finally understand it wasn't the right away. He tried to increase the speed of his sword but all he had to do is increase the quantity of them instead.

He glanced at the pile of swords on the ground and Nuwa smiled, creating another disk on top of her palm and said while sending it forward, "So you finally figured it out? Defend then!"

Just as Xuefeng pulled another wooden sword from the pile and made it hover in front of him, the projectile was already a meter away from him. Just like before, he slashed at the disk, but just as he expected, it dodged his attack pretty easily, but this time another sword was waiting right behind, destroying it into dust.

"Ha! Got it!" Xuefeng jumped as he exclaimed happily before looking towards Nuwa as if waiting for praise for her. He was a simple man so he was happy from minor achievements but his joy wasn't long-lived. His smile that was widely plastered on his face suddenly disappeared when he saw two disks on top of Nuwa's palm, gently hovering while giving out a soft rustle as they spun around.

"Nuwa... You know how much I love you, right?" Xuefeng said with a wry smile as he slowly pulled up his double swords but Nuwa couldn't be bribed with a few sweet words, saying back with an innocent expression, "I love you too, dear."

Too bad that her words did not match with her actions as her fingers flickered, sending both disks are him, making them travel and spin even faster than before.


Even though Xuefeng could destroy one disk again, he wasn't able to shatter a second one, getting hit right in the middle of his chest, blasting him to the ground. He didn't have his hands to regain his balance which caused the fall.

Fortunately, the ground was soft and he fell on the shortly cut grass which cushioned his collapse. He felt the ground was too comfortable to stand up so he laid down for a little bit more.

Xuefeng looked up at the sky, watching the sun move towards the horizon when beauty of golden hair blocked him the view, throw shadow at him. He naturally recognized her and asked, pretending to be in pain, "My love, don't you feel bad for beating your husband? What if I get hurt?"

As if joining his acting, Nuwa acted like a concerned wife and leaned over his face, rubbing gently on his cheek as she said, "My poor hubby, how about I give you a kiss to heal your wounds? You must be suffering..."

Even though Xuefeng knew it was too good to be true, he still nodded, getting ready to receive her kiss, "Yes, please..." Unfortunately, what he received definitely wasn't a kiss but rather a sharp pull on his cheeks as Nuwa started her scolding, "What was that defence?! Didn't you figure the pattern already? Instead of controlling another sword, you tried to battle with the two you have. You were just asking to be hit!"

Although his face was disfigured from her squashing on his cheeks, he still bantered with her, "So there will be no kiss?" He wasn't actually injured as Nuwa attack wasn't meant to hurt him from the start but it was definitely hurting his pride his time he was hit.

"Oh, there will be one for sure." Nuwa let go of him, confirming it as she pulled him up on his legs but his hope was crushed right after as she created another disk on her palm, ready to smash it on his head, before introducing him with a smile, "My friend Rocky is a very good kisser. How about you give it a try?"

"Ah, sure, but I prefer sexy beauty like you. You were registered first so Rocky should wait in the line for his turn." Xuefeng said with a smile, hoping he would at least get a kiss before another round and Nuwa didn't disappoint him, leaning over to plant a deep kiss on his lips.

Hitting his chest to pull herself away from him, she pouted, giving him a penalty, "I'm already struggling to control myself yet you tease me on each step. As punishment, you have to control all those ten swords simultaneously while defending against my attacks. I will only let you off if you can survive one full minute of pure assault."

"What? But I can barely control two at the moment..." This wasn't good news for him, pleading for leniency but she resumed the training as she walked towards her position, "That's not my problem. Continue!"