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A moment earlier by the pond, Tianshi was being taught by Yiren, explaining the basics but just as they were about to move to more practical stuff, a loud moan escaped Yiren's lips as she fell on her knees because of sudden weakness that filled her body.

Seeing Yuren on the ground letting out indecent noises with her face bright red while having her hand in between on her legs, Tianshi could naturally figure out something was not right and didn't hesitate to crouch next to her, asking, "Yiren, are you alright? What happened?" Her moan even made Tianshi blush a little but she waited for Yuren's answer, not overthinking too much about it.

Yiren was sitting with her head down but being already used to this feeling, she wasn't too overwhelmed and turned to Tianshi, assuring weakly with her face filled with pleasure, "I'm okay... Don't worry... I can feel it's slowly going back to normal... Just let me sit like this for a moment..."

As she could only feel Xuefeng's emotions and pleasures, after the initial explosion of pleasure, she could feel it diminishing slightly before keeping itself on a certain level that didn't want to go down. For some reason, it felt much different than normal. Realising that it wouldn't go down anymore, she had to bear with it for now and forced herself to stand up.

"You looked like you were filled with enjoyment right now? Is this serious?" Tianshi asked curiously as she helped her up, feeling that Yiren's body was burning.

Yiren glanced at Xuefeng's room and pouted, explaining, "It's all Xuefeng and my Mom's fault..." Tianshi followed her gaze but still didn't understand.

As Tianshi was already Xuefeng's wife and her sister, Yiren didn't hide it from her and told the truth, "I have a special connection with Xuefeng that allows me to feel everything he feels. His pleasures, his pains, his sorrows, I can feel it all. When I shared my bloodline with him, we were also connected with such a link between our souls."

Hearing that, Tianshi was quick to connect the dots and ask as she glanced at Xuefeng's room, "Does that mean they are now-" Even before she finished her sentence, Yiren already confirmed, smiling wryly, "Yes... It must have been my mother who did something naughty to Xuefeng as she tested his bloodline... It's stopped so they should be serious now, but who knows when they will engage in such acts. I think it was Xuefeng who stopped my Mom in consideration of me. He wants us to train properly, so let's start."

"Mhmm, I'm ready." Tianshi nodded as she finally understood it all, somehow feeling like she also wanted such connected with Xuefeng. Unfortunately, she knew it wasn't an easy task to do.


After the question, Xuefeng looked at Nuwa excitedly with the shampoo in his hand but Nuwa was as much surprised as he was, only after a moment understanding what could happen.

Getting distracted with the scene, she actually got a breather from the desire that was constantly attacking her mind and she shook her head, explaining, "No, it wasn't me. As you are in a bigger part a Royal Elf now, you should naturally be able to use our bloodline ability. Although I think it is still in the newborn state."

As if to test it again, he thought of making the shampoo float and it momentarily hovered above his palm, forcing him to ask, "How come I can use it right away without any training? I'm still not fully a Royal Elf, right?" He could still remember that there was still some of his Human Bloodline left in his body.

Laying gently on his back, she focused her mind on teaching, diverting her mind from any naughty thoughts, "My guess is that because of Ling, your Spirit is already strengthened a lot. Even if you didn't train with it a lot, you can still use it for some minor tasks. If you wanted to use it in a battle, you would find it hard to utilize it well."

Xuefeng believed her but then he tested the power some more and found it extremely unchallenging to control the bottle as he flew it around the room with ease, commenting to himself in wonder, "Hmm, I find it easy though..."

"Hah," This made Nuwa chuckle and she suddenly snatched the shampoo bottle from his hands, taking it over with her power before pouring some of it on his back and chest. As she began rubbing it his back with her chest and the front with her hands, she asked with a grin, thinking it would be easier to show him his current level with a little demonstration, "How about we test it out then? Try to force my hands away from your chest. I won't be using my ability to fight you back."

"Sure." Being challenged, Xuefeng naturally did not reject her and focused his mind on Nuwa's hands that roamed around on his chest and toned abs, trying to clean it properly.

Just as he locked on one of her hands, it halted its movements. He thought he successfully made it stop and planned to push it away when Nuwa returned to moving as if nothing happened. As if to tease him, she whispered, "Sorry, I couldn't resist myself. I didn't feel anything but I stopped to give you some hope and chance. Too bad you did not make good use of it."

Her words made his eyelids twitch, almost crushing his confidence but also gave him new determination, realising it wouldn't be as easy as he thought. This time he used his full power in focusing on forcing her hand away, but it didn't even move the way he wanted, forcing him to give up.

To cheer him up, she gave him a kiss on the cheek and explained, "Just as I said, your ability is still in its early stages. Before you become a full-pledged Royal Elf, it will be only useful for everyday things. Compare your bloodline to an Array and your Spirit to spirit stones. If the Array is of low rank, no matter how much Spirit Stones you have, it won't give you a lot of power."

"This is why you have to wait till your bloodline become that of a pure Royal Elf and only then you can enjoy its full potential. Right now all you can do is improve the control over it. Last time your Royal Elf Bloodline disappeared after night, right? This time it should be a long time." As Nuwa finished explaining with her theory, she couldn't help but mutter to herself as she hugged him tightly, "I can't wait to see you become a pure Royal Elf..."

She could already imagine how strong the intensity of their connection will be. Only if the two elves share romantic feelings towards each other would they experience such a response from their bloodline. Based on the current tension between them, she already knew it would be explosive.

Taking the clean water, Xuefeng rinsed them both from the foam and finally turned around to see her still slightly flushed cheeks, asking as he caressed them, "Will I create a much stronger reaction from you the moment I become one?"

Nuwa leaned on his hand and replied quietly, "I don't know... Maybe. This is what I want to find out... You are already making me go crazy. I still wonder what will happen at that time." Based on the knowledge she gathered so far, she believed when that happens, she would definitely jump on him and drag him to bed in a flash. She actually didn't know how strong she would react but one thing she knew for sure, they would definitely enjoy plenty.

Xuefeng didn't mind that as he pulled her into his arms as they floated on the water and said chuckling after a long kiss, "Don't worry, I will make sure to test it with you later on, hehe."

As he hugged her, he reached out to rub on her sensitive ear again which made her shiver in pleasure, bringing back everything she just tried to constrain. "Baddie... Only teasing me... Mhmm..." She whispered softly as their lips locked in the kiss.

This time she didn't fight back, knowing that Yiren would be alerted and called out after forcing their kiss apart, "Come, let's continue tutoring. We will train control over your ability. You only worked with a small object. We will see how you are doing with something bigger."

Seeing her wanting to leave his embrace, he asked unhappily, quite liking to train with Nuwa's soft body in his arms, "Can't we train in the bath? Isn't it cosy in here?"

Nuwa, although wanted to call out a loud 'yes', knew that it wouldn't be an effective training so she rejected him while pulling away from his chest, "No, else we won't get serious at all. Also, you said it yourself. We can't do anything else we will disturb Yiren and Tianshi's training."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Alright... Let's go out then." Xuefeng could only sigh and stand up but still didn't let go of this opportunity to carry her out of the bath in his arms. Although they could use their Water Element or Fire element to get rid of the water on their bodies, Xuefeng still prepared the old, manual method.

Reaching out to the towel, it flew across the room straight into his hand and placing Nuwa on the ground, Xuefeng gently smacked her buttcheek while starting to wipe the water off her, saying happily, "Special service for the Queen."

Unfortunately, Nuwa exposed him as she asked, "How is that Special when you do it every time?" Too bad this only made her receive another smack on the second buttcheek as Xuefeng corrected himself, "Husband duties for the wife." This time she didn't complain and instead picked her own towel, performing her own, wife's duties.