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 With the hot water poured in the bath, Nuwa embraced him from behind inside of it, whispering softly into his ear, "Just stay still and lean on my chest... Relax your body and let me sink into you with my Qi. If you resist, it might hurt you so let me handle everything."

As she said so, she did a quick check-up on his muscles, skimming everywhere around his body before wrapping her legs tightly around his waist, coincidentally, putting his member right in between of her calves. Giving it a sensual stroke, she added softly, "We will work with this one later on... I'm catching it so it doesn't escape."

Xuefeng smiled at her actions, already expecting it before they started and knowing he couldn't stop it, he instead took advantage of that fact, reaching up to the sides to feel up her squashy thighs before saying, "What a coincidence, I am also not letting you go afterwards..."

"Heh," She chuckled as she hugged him, finding herself feeling very comfortable around him and asked as she placed her chin up on his shoulder, "Are you ready then?"

"Mhmm, tell me what to do. Should I just repeat the same like with Ling and turn into Royal Elf?" Xuefeng asked for the commands as he prepared himself for anything.

"Yup, but let me insert my Qi first, I want to see all the changes that are happened throughout your body. Just relax." Nuwa nodded and began filling his body with her own Qi, trying not to leave anything uncovered. Even his dantain was invaded but Xuefeng didn't mind that, letting her do what she wanted. They were already at a point where he could entrust his life to her and he knew Nuwa wouldn't let him get hurt.

He laid comfortably in her embrace, feeling the warm energy spreading everywhere around his body, reaching even the tips of his fingers and toes. He didn't move much, knowing she was focusing on her job as it was a dangerous procedure to disturb someone's body with another energy. One wrong move on her side and he could easily get injured so he limited himself to only caressing her thighs.

When she completed her part, she rubbed her cheek with her own, saying quietly, still focusing on controlling her Qi, "I am done... Now it's your turn..." She didn't need to wait for long as Xuefeng closed his eyes right after received her signal and sunk with his consciousness straight inside of his Spirit's space. After some practice, he didn't need to manually enter inside of it anymore, feeling a much stronger connection with it.

Just as Nuwa theoreticized, his bloodline body was now visibly dominated by a Royal Elf Bloodline, filling up almost sixty percent of the whole body. This confirmed her guess that his Human Bloodline would be quickly discarded if he continued to use them this way. Too bad that he couldn't stop that process so he could only accept that he will soon become a full-pledged Royal Elf.

As if sensing thoughts, Ling's voice reached him as she assured him, 'Don't worry, there are little differences in the genes of the two of them. If any, it is basically a better version of a Human Bloodline. You won't need to change your bloodline anymore, getting the advantages of being a Royal Elf the whole time. Your body will be more sturdy and your body will cultivate even if you don't want it, absorbing Spirit Qi with each breath as well as through your skin. I don't mind that change and rather strongly suggest it.''

Hearing the pros of that change, Xuefeng didn't worry anymore, touching the shoulder of Royal Elf Bloodline while saying with decisive expression, 'Alright, let's do it.' Just as before, when his fingertips touched it, the whole bloodline body turned into that of an Elf while the Human Bloodline disappeared inside of it.

Outside his Spirit, Nuwa was observing as Xuefeng's body started slowly changing itself, transforming into a male Royal Elf that Nuwa wanted to see for such a long time. She didn't tell him but she was extremely excited about this, her heart beating hurriedly the moment the changes started showing.

One had to know that there was never a male Royal Elf born within their race. As each male that copulated with Royal Elf Queens was a human, each child born took their mother's bloodline which was stronger, giving them one hundred percent chance of giving birth to a girl.

This time, there would finally be a Royal Elf male which would explain why Nuwa was excited. The moment Xuefeng's ears grew to a similar length as her own, touching each other, her whole body suddenly shuddered.

Her whole body started getting hot and her lips felt dry. This was the first time she experienced such feeling, being much stronger compared to any time she had sex with Xuefeng, causing her to asked confused in her mind, 'What is going on...?' She didn't expect the would be such a significant change.

She confirmed her earlier thoughts, finding out that his bloodline was getting stronger each time he used it but this wasn't her concern anymore at that moment. She could somehow guess what could cause such a reaction from her, realising it was coming from her bloodline. Feeling another male of her race right in front of her, sitting in her arms, her body naturally began pushing her forward, deeply attracted to him.

Opening his eyes after his transformation, Xuefeng gave her a welcoming rub as he said curiously, "I'm done. Did you find anything?" He felt her Qi withdrawing from his body so he thought she was done. Unfortunately, the effects were much more than he would expect.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Uhmm... I did..." Hearing his soothing voice, Nuwa blushed for some reason, his touch also feeling much different than before. As he travelled with his fingers up and down on her thighs, it planted hot marks on her skin, leaving the feeling for much longer even after he moved his hands away.

Hearing her react strangely, he turned his head around to check up on her but this made the tips of their ears touch, sending a wave of pleasure right through their bodies. Even Xuefeng suddenly felt the immense desire to swallow Nuwa right away on the spot.

"Ahh..." Nuwa even moaned as her hands gripped on his chest, leaving fingernail marks on his skin before called out with a warning, "Don't move! You are making it much worse..." Her legs also tightened around him, squishing his member as well, but fortunately, it was so hard already that she couldn't do anything to it.

The feeling didn't want to go away, only escalating with each second. He partially gave in to it, letting his hands roam towards her butt as he asked confused, "What is going on...? Is it because of my bloodline change?" He guessed that was the reason, knowing there were always some special nuances between elves.

"Yes... You are now a Royal Elf... The only male having the same bloodline as me... My body would naturally react like this the moment you touch my sensitive spots... I guess this is how it feels to have intimacy with another male of your race... It should be much more intense when it comes to the purest elf bloodline... I don't remember ever hearing of such reactions between normal elves..." Nuwa nodded and explained based on her theory, stopping after each sentence to take a deep breath that would stop her desire from taking over.

The more they moved, the stronger the feeling became so Nuwa halted all activity as she proposed, "Let's just stay like this for a moment and it should calm down..." On one hand, she wanted it to stop so they could continue their tutoring but on the other, her body wanted some attention. As if to fulfil her wish, Xuefeng did exactly that.

"Mhmm, maybe it will..." Xuefeng nodded, agreeing with her, but then his hands reached upwards and he gently grabbed on her ear while asking, "But what if I don't want it to end?"

"Ahh!" The eyes of the domineering Nuwa widened momentarily as she exclaimed loudly, moaning right into his ear. Her body suddenly spasmed and collapsed on his back as if she didn't have energy at all. Just as she was about to scold him for such a sudden attack, Xuefeng began rubbing on her sensitive ears with both of his hands which stopped her reprimanding words from leaving her mouth.

"X-Xuefeng, stop it right now... Ahhh..." She ordered him to let go but her words were quickly replaced by another moan, leaving her in no strength to fight him.

Seeing her already giving up, Xuefeng finally let her go, stopping his teases as he said with a grin, "Heh, now you know what will happen if you misbehave in the future."

Too bad that his blackmail failed as Nuwa hugged him weakly instead while saying softly, "If you punish me like that... I will only misbehave more..." She suddenly started behaving cutely which was quite a deep contrast with her usual behaviour.

Getting what they wanted, Xuefeng thought of giving Nuwa a special something, reaching out for the shampoo that stood not far away from the bath but then, something amazing happened. Just as he thought of taking the bottle into his hand, it flew from its place, landing straight inside his palm.

"What...?" He didn't feel as if he did anything yet the bottle landed in his palm. He thought that Nuwa was playing with him so he asked, "Was it my doing or was it you?"