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 Successfully gaining Xuefeng's attention, she continued to explain as she approached him, seducing his mind with each step she took, "Even though you only changed once, I can already feel small traces of Royal Elf Bloodline within your body. If you are wondering why it's because our bloodline is more superior than that of humans. The bloodline of humans is like water, acting like a great solvent but in this case, it acts as the best base for future connections."

As she reached him, she poked him in the chest with her finger before turning around while flipping her hair to the front, exposing her naked back to him. As this was their tutoring session, she didn't stop her lesson, "Although Human Bloodline is the weakest, it can connect with all others, being completely neutral. As you can only connect with bloodlines of higher rank, Human Bloodline is the best starter. If I were to try and acquire Human Bloodline, I would naturally fail to do so."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Knowing what she wanted, Xuefeng traced her slim waist and back, reaching up to the bra strap before unhooking it for her. Her hands were holding it in the front which prevented it from falling, but she then turned around to him, flipping her golden hair on her back before exposing her breasts right in front of him.

Throwing the bra to the side, she grabbed his hands and placed them both on her ample chest as she continued to teach, "Of course, this is just my theory. The knowledge about bloodlines is still pretty vague so I can't tell for sure. For example, I didn't know that the more you use your bloodline, the stronger it becomes, taking over the other bloodline. In your case, it will be hard to keep your human bloodline at this rate. One day or another you will turn into a full Royal Elf until you acquire another bloodline which is even stronger than it."

Xuefeng naturally took the opportunity which she presented to him, squeezed and rubbing on her breasts as he recalled the image of his bloodlines and how balanced they originally were. Not panicking about the possible changes, he asked after some thought, "Hmm, do you think my bloodlines will regain the balance if I use the Human Bloodline more?" He wasn't narrow-minded so he would naturally prefer to have a better bloodline but at the same time, he wanted to keep his original one as well.

Pressing her own hands on top of his own, wanting him to use more strength with her, she replied based on what she thought, "Royal Elf Bloodline is naturally more dominant than Human Bloodline. You would need to stop using Royal Elf Bloodline completely for a long time for it to regain its balance. At least that's what I think would happen. I still need to see it for myself and confirm my theory. We won't know until we try it out."

"Alright, you made me pretty curious. If Human Bloodline is that weak, maybe there is really no reason to keep it. We already know that both Royal Elves and Humans can copulate with each other and give birth to children, but what about other bloodlines? If I were to acquire an even more powerful bloodline in the future which would dominate the others completely but at the same time lose the ability to give make children with my wives, I would rather not take that bloodline." Xuefeng pondered to himself, finding the whole subject interesting.

She was already leading his hands down on her body, heading towards her bottom while planning on making him take off her panties as well but hearing his thoughts, she halted mid-way, asking with a strange look, "Why would you think about children all of the sudden? Don't tell me you want them now...?" She didn't expect Xuefeng to actually think about kids.

He didn't find that strange at all and travelled the reminding distance on his own, asking while kneading both of her buttcheeks equality, "What? Can't I think about the future? I thought this is normal. This day will come at some point. A mature man should be prepared for everything."

For some reason, the responsible Xuefeng was even more sexy to her and she praised, "Good... You are maturing, but don't worry about that. You can just find some stronger bloodlines for your wives later on if there is a need. Our lives are long enough to take time thinking about those matters."

Unfortunately, she still had to throw some light onto his thoughts and leaned over to his ear, whispering, "You need to be careful about this subject... Do you think others won't get jealous if one of us suddenly turn out to be pregnant? You chose this road for yourself. Now you can only have kids with all of us or none. There is nothing in between..."

Only after Nuwa mentioned it did he realised that he was thinking on a different scale. After Nuwa's words, he now imagined six or more children running around their future house and he could already imagine having a great headache because of that. He could only return this topic to the back of his mind to be re-examined until a new improved version comes out.

Scratching his head, he asked her with a wry smile, "How about we start with the examination then...? I will think about this subject again in the future..." Although he sometimes thought about those matters, Xuefeng knew he was still far from reaching the perfect solution. Just as Nuwa said, as he already picked to have multiple wives in the future, he had to take responsibility for all of them.

Seeing him changing the subject this quickly, she couldn't help but laugh and pat his chest as she said, "Haha, then chop-chop and take off your clothes. We don't have the whole day." Nuwa knew that it would be quite a hard nut to crack in the future so she did not trouble herself with it now.

Being this close to him, she began undressing him, taking his jacket, shirt before pulling his pants down with one move. Just as she expected, a fully erect member appeared in front of her, almost slapping her face as it bounced out of his pants. She looked at it with an expression of desire on her face, even reaching out to grab it out of instinct, giving it a few welcoming strokes.

Unfortunately, before she could even get started and warm-up, Xuefeng pulled her up, forcing her to abandon her favourite friend. Xuefeng didn't want to get naked as he knew they would get distracted a lot but as there was no other choice, he could only control Nuwa's desires.

"Shall we start?" Xuefeng asked as his hands slipped under her panties, pulling them down. A beautiful entrance appeared right in front of his face, but he successfully thought back the desire to dive in to have the taste of it.

He wanted to learn more about bloodlines but there was another reason for that. As Yiren was connected with him, if he actually gave in to Nuwa's seduction, they would disturb her teachings as well. This reason alone was enough for him to hold back.

"Sigh, you are no fun." Nuwa sighed as she saw him reject both chances for some fun together and grabbed his member, pulling him into the bath instead, "Let's enter the bath then. We won't sit on the floor after all."