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 Unfortunately, Xuefeng have already been in such situations many times so he naturally wasn't flustered by her, continuing to tease her instead, "Last time? From what I remember, at that time you were all over me, asking me to push harder- Mhmm..."

She didn't let him finish and instead kissed him forcefully, making sure he left her kiss on his lips before saying, "This one is because you forced me to wait so long... Don't you know how much I hate waiting when my body is on fire...?"

"It is...? Weren't you normal just a moment ago?" Xuefeng replied confused, not expecting her to suddenly explode with such passion.

Nuwa glared at him, looking especially cute when she was complaining sweetly and explained, "I was naturally fine, but then you decided to kiss them one by one, showing your affection... How do you expect my mind not to run crazy with my desire taking over? The more you tease me, the more I want... Mhmm..."

She couldn't stop herself anymore and leaned over for a second kiss, this time making it much longer, her hands slowly giving up on pinning him to the wall as they travelled down to his shoulder before wrapping around his neck for a better position.

Barely moving away, leaving their lips still open and touching each other ever so slightly, Nuwa gave the second kiss another reason, whispering seductively, "This is for teasing me so much without giving me the rewards right away..."

With his hands-free, Xuefeng naturally pulled her closer to himself, embracing her fully and asked with a smile, already knowing what would be the answer, "So you don't want me to tease you anymore? Just say a word and I will stop..."

"No!" Just as he expected, she rejected his proposal right away, suggesting her own offer, "How about you tease me even more but also give out the equal amount of kisses. I allowed you to have other women aside from me because you promised to take care of my needs. Don't you think you need to take responsibility for your words?"

Without waiting for his reply, she kissed him for the first time, not bothered by the time their tongues kept entwining with each other. She wanted it so she continued, not giving him any break. He knew she wouldn't stop until she was satisfied so to proceed further with their training, he made sure she was satisfied.

He was really intrigued by her mentioning his Royal Elf Bloodline, thinking that maybe something changed after he engaged in passionate cultivation with Ling while using his bloodline. He really hoped it was the truth, finding the special ability of the elves to be quite useful in battle.

"Mhmm!" As his hands slipped underneath her skirt and grasped her butt strongly, Nuwa exclaimed in midst of their kiss but she didn't stop, letting him enjoy as well. Her body was only for him to touch and caress so there wasn't any place on her body which he couldn't exploit. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

It wasn't after ten or twenty minutes of their training time till Xuefeng finally stopped her arms from controlling his head and moved them onto his chest instead. Her hands immediately gripped his shirt as the sign of protest, signalling that she still didn't have her fill.

To distract her a bit, Xuefeng asked while following the previous pattern of hers, "What was the reason behind this long kiss then...?"

"It was because I can." Nuwa quickly replied, already having the answer for anything she does. She was always shameless so she wouldn't change her attitude this quickly.

Xuefeng didn't have anything like a reply to such a strong argument as she, as his wife, indeed could kiss her husband whenever she wanted. Fortunately, not everyone was as shameless as she was else he would do nothing else but give out kisses all day long.

As he successfully stopped her rampage, Xuefeng tried again, "How about we proceed with our training? Everyone works hard but we fool around. What if they find out about this? You don't want me to have any peace, later on, right?"

"Don't worry. No one can break through my Spirit Awareness. We can do whatever we want..." Nuwa assured him as she traced with her finger on his cheek but then seeing his look, she stopped it and finally gave in, "Fine... You win, but you still owe me for my tutoring fees."

Xuefeng wasn't surprised by that demand but he was already prepared as he asked, "I thought that a client should pay after the lessons, am I right?"

Fortunately, this was enough for her as she smiled and started the lesson, saying happily, "Okay, but don't forget about it later. Let's go to the bathroom, I need to first check up on you."

Nuwa went first, not giving him the chance to decide anything and he was forced to follow after her as he asked confused, "Bathroom?" He naturally had great memories from this bathroom but this made him worry as he knew each time he enters this bathroom, something is going to happen.

Opening the door for him she invited him inside as she said with a mysterious smile as if she was planning that from the very beginning, "Naturally. I need to inspect your bloodline changes. I need to see your naked body as you connect with your bloodline for better expertise."

As she put it like that, Xuefeng didn't mind it but still asked curiously, "How did you know I connected with my bloodline already? I don't think I mentioned it before, right?"

Nuwa closed the doors behind him and gave him a back hug while seizing up his chest with her hands before explaining, "You didn't, but I can see the changes in your body. Although you returned back to your human form, you still retained some of those changes. You didn't know but we, Royal Elves, can sense our bloodlines when we are close to each other. Based on my theory, each time you change, you should retain more and more Royal Elf Bloodline after reverting back, slowly making the one bloodline more dominant than the other."

Saying up till this point, Nuwa passed him, walking up in front of him and threw her sandals away, showing off her graceful legs before pulling up her dress, taking it off through her head. She wore the very same white lingerie set that Xuefeng bought her earlier which obviously looked stunning on her curves.