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 Xuefeng didn't change his expression and nodded, answering calmly, "Yes, there is exactly one thousand. If you need more just tell me. If you can turn your Fate Spirit into a Fate Law, that would give us a good boost in strength."

Xiao Wen looked at how relaxed Xuefeng was and couldn't comprehend why. In the world she knew, people were willing to break the rules and kill for that amount yet Xuefeng gave it out as if it was nothing.

Taking a deep breath, she planned ing convincing him to take the stones back as she said, "You already know how precious those Fate stones are... You can't just take out so much and expect me to take them without asking questions. You should take them and use it for yourself. Your Fate Spirit's level is even lower than mine so-"

She wanted to give him more reasons but Xuefeng suddenly stopped her, placing a finger on her lips before proceeding to caress her cheeks while assuring her calmly, "Xiao Wen, calm down. I told you once to not worry about such stuff. I have a lot more than this box. At least ten times that. What's more, I will have even bigger stock in the future. I can definitely support you and others with such income. I already planned to find a Fate Spirit for everyone. Do you think I would do so without having a stable source of Fate Stones?"

Xiao Wen knew he was responsible so she shook her head, denying, "No. You wouldn't..." Even though they spent some time with each other already, it was the first time she received such a big present which made her a little overwhelmed. She would be even more shocked if she knew that Xuefeng understated the number of Fate Stones he had. If she was freaking out with a mere one thousand, could she handle thirty times that?

Xuefeng naturally knew that so, for now, he decided to keep it to himself that he basically exchanges Spirit Stones into Fate Stones and instead convinced her, "We are already husband and wife. What's mine is yours, what's yours is mine. Why are you worried about such little bit of Fate Stones? If you wished for one hundred, I would get you a thousand, if you wanted a thousand, I would get you ten thousand. Nothing can stop me from getting what my dear wives want."

Xuefeng leaned over and gave her a sweet kiss before pulling away while staring into her eyes, waiting to hear her reaction. As he smiled at her, she couldn't help but let out a short laugh, his silly teases working exactly as he wanted.

Wanting to further assure her so she wouldn't decline him anymore in the future, he shrugged and said, "You are also helping me too. I wish to know how many Fate Stones I need in the future so I hope you can reach up to Fate Law stage for me. Whatever I give you in the future, just accept it without protesting, okay? I don't wish to see my wife rejecting me."

Each time Xuefeng called her his wife, a smile would come out on her face. Hearing that she was actually helping him, she gave up on resisting and hugged into his chest instead, saying happily, "Okay. I won't hesitate to ask for more then, hehe."

Xuefeng realised that Nuwa was waiting to the side for him this whole time, looking coldly at them so he ended his lesson to Xiao Wen, "Mhmm, you should go and absorb all of the ones you have at hand for now. After you are done, just come to me for more. It should take you quite a while as you have to absorb each of them all personally?"

They pulled away from each other but Xiao Wen didn't release the barrier around them, replying softly, "Yes, I don't have such a space like your Ling has so I can only do it all by myself."

Only then did Xuefeng nod and decided to leave, no longer provoking Nuwa in case she takes sneaky revenge on him in their training, "Then I won't bother you anymore. Nuwa seems to be impatient so I will be leaving with her. You can begin your task."

He wanted to walk to the barrier, expecting Xiao Wen to deactivate the barrier but she reached out to stop him as she called out, "Wait, I want to ask you something. If you have so many Fate Stones, how come Ling still didn't advance by using them?"

Hearing the question, Xuefeng realised he didn't actually know the answer to it. Just as he was about to ask Ling, Xiao Wen continued explaining, "Becoming a Fate Law is just the beginning so it's relatively easy but from what I know, it is very important as it unlocks the full knowledge and gets rid of all limits placed on the Fate Spirit. I asked Lang about it out of curiosity and it seems that Ling is a really high figure in the World of Fate Spirits. If she could regain her knowledge, that would be a really good help for you."

"Hmm... I know. I will make sure to ask her about it." Xuefeng thought for a moment but still didn't get any results, asking in his mind instead, 'Ling? Is there any reason you still didn't advance? We already have a lot of Fate Stones so there is no need for us to hold back anymore.'

He waited, but Ling didn't reply and only when he was about to ask once again did she reply quietly, 'I don't know... How about we talk about it face to face in the evening...? There is something I'm worried about...'

He knew it was a serious matter based on her voice so he didn't reject her, already scheduling for himself to pay her a visit in the evening, 'Sure, I will come.'

When Xiao Wen's barrier finally disappeared, Xiao Wen suddenly called out as she caught him by the hand again, "Hey... You forgot the rule... Good girls get seconds, right?"

Xuefeng gave out an apologetic smile at Nuwa and asked Xiao Wen as he turned around, "Were you a good girl?" Seeing her nod eagerly, he could only lean over and plant another kiss on her lips.

Xiao Wen wasn't someone who wouldn't benefit from the situation like that and wrapped her arms around his neck to prolong their kiss, even going as far as engaging in a battle with his tongue for a single round but just as she wanted to go for more, Xuefeng smacked her butt which made her finally pull away.

Pretending as if nothing happened, Xiao Wen smiled cutely and walked away, finding herself a spot in the garden before surrounding herself with various barriers that blocked any Spirit Awareness from getting inside of it.

He chuckled at her actions, finding her too cautious and finally turned to Nuwa who stared at him with her arms wrapped under her chest, pushing it upwards. Although her stance was in nature aggressive, he was more worried about the calm expression on her face which was even scarier.

Fortunately, he was already an expert in soothing his angry wives and quickly found himself right in front of her, holding her by the waist while pressing her body into his. Everyone else was settled for training so there were only two of them, allowing him to focus all attention on her.

He showed his handsome smile and leaned over up to her lips as he called out, "Is there anything wrong my Queen? I am ready to train." Before adding, "Or is it that you want to claim your reward first as well?"

As he rubbed his nose against hers, he was sure that she won't hesitate to close the distance between their lips but he miscalculated a bit, thinking that normal methods would work on Nuwa. Instead of that, she reached out behind her and pulled his hands away while holding onto one of them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Without saying a word, she turned around and dragged him towards his room, not letting him resist for a moment. He could only wait for his judgement, not knowing what did he do wrong.

Just as the doors closed behind them, Nuwa caught his second hand and suddenly pinned him to the closest wall, repeating his method. Getting closer to him she teased his nose and his lips with hers before asking, "You seem to like to tease me a lot... Didn't you learn after what happened last time...?"