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 Out of respect for their father, Xuefeng didn't continue this topic and coughed while saying, "Cough, alright. Yiren, I hope you will take care of your younger sister."

"Okay!" Yiren nodded firmly, pretending to look like an older sister and assured him as she switched into her teacher mode, "I will teach her well." She might have a soft spot for Xuefeng but she definitely wanted to act like an older sister for once with both Tianshi and Xiao Wen.

Just then, Ling called out in Xuefeng's mind to remind him, 'Xuefeng, the quantity of Tianshi's Air Qi is probably not sufficient to create wings and even if it is, she is bound to lose some Air Qi in the process of studying. Yiren should use the Wisdom Tree for that so give her those Fate Stones.'

Only then did Xuefeng realise he missed such an obvious detail and exclaimed as a medium-sized box of Fate Stones suddenly appeared in his hands, "Right! Yiren, take those. Tianshi will probably need a way to replenish her Air Qi so you shouldn't hesitate to use your Miniature Wisdom Tree. You should know how to use them." The box had a lid and it didn't let out any fate aura from it which worked perfectly as he didn't want to leak his Fate Stone factory.

Seeing the familiar box, she immediately smiled and took it into her own ring, praising Xuefeng for his wits, "Xuefeng you are really the smartest! I actually forgot about this matter. I usually use my Royal Elf Bloodline so I rarely use the Wisdom Tree but without the bloodline, Tianshi will find it hard to recover Air Qi from her surroundings, making it really time-consuming. Now we can be much more efficient. I carry little stones as well so this will help."

Xuefeng didn't take the credits for himself and admitted, "Well, it was Ling, who reminded me of it. I'm just passing the message."

"Well, hubby is still the smartest. You can give our thanks to Ling as well. Tianshi, let's go, we are going to start. There is a lot you need to learn." Yiren didn't cancel her compliment and took Tianshi by the hand, pulling her to the other side of the garden.

At the same time, Ling was scolding Xuefeng in his mind for exposing her, 'Tsk, can't you just take it as if you thought of it? I'm helping you, not them. I don't need their compliments...'

Fortunately, Xuefeng quickly thought of a counter-argument and said sweetly, calming her down in one statement, 'Ling, I would never take the credit for you. I'm doing it for your own good. When you finally get your physical body and appear in front of everyone, I want them to recognize you as my lover, not a Fate Spirit that helps me. It can't be done right away, but I will slowly introduce you to everyone, naturally as my wife.

Hearing no reply from her, he imagined her face getting all red and almost laughed to himself, wanting to see her expression right now. With Yiren and Tianshi settled, he approached Shan and Yi who were still standing still as if they did not know what to do.

He acted natural and grabbed one hand of each of them while asking, "Shan, Yi, what's up? Will you train well? We are all family now so don't stand on ceremony and befriend one another."

Although it was natural for Xuefeng as he was already pretty confident with any male-female interactions, it definitely wasn't for Yi, especially because she was in love with him and even for Princess Shan it was hard to stay unbothered. Although earlier she was like a mature tigress, walking around the enemy territory as if it was her own but after setting her priorities straight, her attitude to Xuefeng flipped inside out, becoming more cautious with her behaviour not to ruin her chances with him.

Both of them blushed from that little bit of contact but Xuefeng did not seem to plan on letting them go this quick. As she was trained by the cold for the last three months, Princess Shan was the first to recover and tightened the grip around his palm, even going as far as rubbing his hand with her thumb before saying, "Of course we will. We were just waiting until you finish with Yiren and Tianshi so that you can give us more attention. It worked."

Yi didn't deny it and copied Princess Shan's method, tightening her grip while nodding, taking advantage of this situation for as long as she could. Unfortunately, if they thought that they could throw Xuefeng off the track, they were wrong. He let go of their hands and pinched their cheeks instead while scolding, "If you have so much time, why not use it to train? If want such attention again, you better work hard." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Releasing their cheeks, he explained, "You can use the training room to sharpen your sword skills and learn from each other. As the Spirit Essence in the Central Region is much more condensed, we will start raising our cultivation stages there. For now, just focus on your skills."

"Yes!" They both nodded firmly, touching their cheeks, not to stop the pain but to feel his touch. They didn't mind such affection as long as there was any affection at all. They had to start from something and seeing that Xuefeng didn't mind getting close to them and use physical touch, it was enough of a sign that they are moving forward.

The girls smiled cheerfully at him and both headed towards the Training Room, already knowing where it was, leaving only Nuwa, Xiao Wen and him. Because Wuying had her own task already, Xiao Wen was left without a pair.

She already figured that out and asked with a sad expression as if she was a cute puppy asking for a bite of your grilled sausage, "What about me...? Are you going to leave me alone so I can train with myself...?" Her hand gripped at the corners on his jacket and she kept looking at him, expecting something as well.

Xuefeng naturally couldn't leave her with a face like that and rubbed her nose to cheer her up while saying, "Of course not, I already have something else planned for you. I noticed that you are not using your abilities too often. Is it because you got used to having little Fate Qi? What if I can change it?"

Without waiting for her reply, a similar-looking box from before suddenly appeared on the ground but this time it was much larger than the previous one. Xuefeng picked it up and presented it to her while saying with a grin, "Take this box and open it inside your ring. It consists of something that will stop you from worrying anymore."

Xiao Wen looked at the box and her eyes widened when she figured out what could be inside of it. She placed her hand on the lid and sucked it inside of her ring, wanting to quickly confirm her theory.

Xuefeng thought that she would be happy but she suddenly released a soundproof barrier around the two of them and scolded him with complicated emotions on her face, "Xuefeng! Do you know how many Fate Stones there are inside?!