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 "So the thing you prepared that was meant to make us all exhausted was training and even more training?" Yiren asked to confirm if she just heard right. They returned to their courtyard but just as she was about to pull Xuefeng back to the room to finish their sleep, Xuefeng informed her about the change of plans.

Naturally, the change of the supposed plans they thought of earlier. He came at them with a strict training regime that they didn't expect.

Xuefeng smiled evilly and nodded, saying firmly, "Of course, what else did you think? In our plans, we are supposed to leave this Earth Realm in a maximum of two years. We should naturally use every chance to train our abilities and cultivate. As the Spirit Qi in the Eastern Region is not as dense as in our destination, we will solely focus today on our skills and abilities instead."

"Ahhh, I really wanted to just cuddle for now..." Yiren whined to herself as she hugged into Xuefeng's arms, wanting nothing more than just sleep on his chest.

Xuefeng almost lost to her cuteness but he stood by his decisions firmly and said while patting her head, "You will get a chance soon if I see you all working hard."

Turning to Wuying, he first passed her the message from her father so based on her answer he could arrange the training for everyone, "Wuying, my father wants us to pick fifty members from the Shadow Guard that we should take with us to the Capital. Do you need my help in picking them? We can perform some tests to check who are the most loyal and have the best skills."

"Don't worry, I can do it myself. I already expected that so I wanted to go settle that anyway. You should stay and train with everyone. I will be back real quick." Wuying wasn't surprised by that and replied while preparing herself to leave but then her hand was caught by Xuefeng and she was pulled back, landing straight on his chest.

Just as she looked up, her lips were covered by his and they engaged in a short but deep kiss. Her hands squeezed the shirt on his chest while his hand found its way behind her head, brushing into her dark hair. He didn't prolong it for too long and finally pulled away, reminding her, "Did you forget the rule number one? Never head out without leaving a kiss."

Wuying looked like she wanted more, her hands not releasing his shirt and asked sweetly, "Since when there was such a rule? First time hearing about such rule."

Xuefeng only smiled and replied with a shrug, "If there wasn't one yet then there is now. It's official." Wuying naturally didn't mind that, wishing there were more rules like that, and then thought of an idea as she asked, "Can I add one more rule?"

"Sure." Xuefeng nodded, wondering what she had in mind but then she pulled on his shirt and stole another tasty kiss from him, saying afterwards, "Rule number two, good girls can ask for seconds."

Not waiting for his reaction, she suddenly disappeared, entering into her shadow form and ran away towards the exit. Xuefeng smiled at her cute reaction but then felt six gazed on his body, making him realise that's a lot of kisses.

Because they could say anything, Xuefeng asked first, explaining himself in the process, "What? Good girls train hard. You will also get a kiss if I see you working well on the task I give you. Wuying left with a task so she received an early reward.

Yiren was the first one to agree as she exclaimed excitedly, suddenly no longer wanting to sleep but prove that she was a good girl, "Alright! I want to train now so I can get lots of kisses. What do I have to do?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Xuefeng glanced at Nuwa who stood silent till this point and proposed, "I wanted us all to bond together so I thought that working in pairs would be a good method, what do you think?"

Nuwa looked at him and right away sensed the same familiar feeling from him as if he belonged to the Royal Elf Family. She already noticed it from the moment she saw him this morning which made her secretly surprised. Changing his plans a little, she agreed, "Sure, but you will work together with me. I noticed something is different with your bloodline so I wanted to check on that. I don't need to train myself anymore as I already reached the peak so I will focus on you."

Xuefeng went back with his thoughts to his yesterday's transformation and realised that maybe something happened with his bloodline which Nuwa noticed. He didn't need to think twice before he agreed, "Okay, I originally wanted to train with Tianshi and help her shape her wings but I guess we can change the plan."

Turning to the girls, he crafted a new plan and ask, "Yiren, how about you help Tianshi with her wings while you Shan will train your sword with Yi? After Tianshi is done, you girls can switch so that each of you knows some fighting skills."

"Sure!" Yiren was the most ecstatic about the training, exclaiming excitedly as she rushed up to Tianshi and introduced herself once again, "I'm Yiren, your older sister. Hope we can take care of each other." She was naturally very easy-going so she didn't hesitate to hug Tianshi right away.

Tianshi quickly connected the dots as she looked at Nuwa and asked while also introducing herself again, "Hi, I'm Tianshi. You said you are my older sister...? Does this mean we share the same father?"

"Mhmm!" Seeing that Yiren nodded, Tianshi stared at Xuefeng as she came to the same conclusion as everyone and couldn't help but burst out laughing at the end, "So Xuefeng is having all of us three daughters and my father's ex-lover as his wives? Pfftt- Poor Father, haha."