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 "Do you like what you see?" Princess leaned over and whispered into his ear with her soft lips nearly touching it. Her hot breath and sexy body which lay on him stimulated his male instincts to the limits.

It took him a lot of self-control to not jump on her and give himself to his desires. He felt like she was directly touching him with her skin as her thin nightdress didn't do much. Her perfectly round peaks moved up and down on his chest as she breathed out hot air on his neck.

He didn't feel the cold temperature of the room anymore as he was focused entirely on her body. He absorbed her stimulating smell into his lungs, becoming a prey in her game.

She left a light bite on his right ear, kissed his neck creating a red kissing mark and when she moved towards his face she finally kissed his lip passionately until he was left out of his breath. Because of the atmosphere she created, he didn't panic but followed along with her rhythm.

His mind blanked as their heartbeats connected and started pound at the same time.

She separated from him after a moment and looked at him with a flushed face. She acted like she was experienced but it was also her first time kissing. She surprisingly started to like that feeling.

He wanted more and unconsciously tried to reach with his arms to grab her into his embrace, but then felt he couldn't move his arms.

Although she was smaller than him, her physical strength was much higher than his. Princess pinned him to the bed giving him no options to regain his dominance.

"Do you want to me to be yours, so you can touch ... and kiss me ... whenever you want?" She asked as she leaned and kissed him passionately multiple times mid-sentence enjoying herself.

"Yes..." Xuefeng was already completely intoxicated with her and agreed without thinking.

"If you agree to my request, ... you could do whatever ... you ... want." In her last kiss, she slipped her tongue inside his mouth and danced freely to its fullest abilities. His tongue also entered into her territory wrecking havoc.

Her friend once told her it felt amazing like this, so she wanted to try it now. After 5 minutes of intense battle, they separated again with their hearts beating faster than before.

She sat down on his belly and placed his hands on her thighs. Feeling the restriction gone, he instinctively squeezed them unrestrained and massaged them up and down. He sensed softness he never felt before.

"Can you promise me you will protect me whatever happens?" She asked with her eyes full of hope and helplessness as she put her hands on his.

"I promise." He felt a need inside of him to protect her.

"Thank you. That's what I wanted." She gave him a last kiss and rolled away from him on the bed. She stood up, stretched "Aaah, that was a good sleep. I'm hungry."

Princess reached for the breakfast Xuefeng brought and started devouring her part. Her hair was a mess but she still looked enchanting.

Xuefeng came back to his mind asking himself the real question, 'What just happened?'

His brain thought totally different a minute ago compared to now as he calmed down.

'Ling, did she use some charm spell on me or something?' He asked confused in his mind.

'No, it was just you being a man.' She casually replied causing Xuefeng to be embarrassed.

'Don't forget about my Fate Fragment.' She added before going back to work.

'Right.' He turned towards Princess and saw her eating a pancake roll with her hands. It was wrapped in a paper material so you won't dirty your hands while eating.

"Do you like it?" He asked and he rolled on the bed and sat down on the edge.

"Yeah, it's quite good. You are not going to ask why I need protection from you?" She asked as she took another bite.

"I thought you would be the one to tell me before I asked." He played it cool, without mentioning anything that just happened. He knew his brain just didn't work properly and he can't deny what just happened.

"Well, there is one guy who likes me and wants to take me as his concubine. He is a prince in the Sacred Sword Kingdom and has a cultivation of Spirit Lord. Not only he is 28 years old, but he is also a leecher with multiple concubines." She gritted her teeth as she thought about him.

"When I visited the Kingdom with my father, he told me I will be his no matter what. There is no way I will be his another toy. I would rather stay with you as you seem quite nice. You wouldn't mistreat me like that playboy. Also with your Black Talent, you can grow fast, so you can defeat him for me in the future." She continued to narrate her story.

"So, that's the reason. Thanks for creating a problem for me in the future." He sighed helplessly.

"No problem." She smiled sweetly and handed him half-eaten rolled pancake, "You can finish after me I'm not hungry anymore.

"Why don't we exchange something to commemorate our promise?" He asked after receiving the pancake. He took the bite without problems. If they kissed already then sharing food was easy.

"What do you want to exchange?" She asked confused.

"Here, look. I bought a necklace for you." He put down the pancake and pulled out one of the two Spirit Necklaces he got from a Spirit Treasury.

"Wow, where did you get one like that?" She approached him and grabbed it gently.

"Not only is it pretty as you, but it can also increase your cultivation speed. How about I will give this one to you and you give me yours?" He proposed as he looked at her chest area.

"You mean this one?" She pulled out the golden crystal from under her gown.

"Yeah," He nodded.

"It's the only thing my grandma left behind..." She said softly as she looked at it with love.

"Well, if you don't want to, I won't force you. I just wanted to have something that will remind me of you." He faked being detected and lowered his head.

"... Okay, you can have it but you have to always keep it safe. I sometimes like look at it and think about my grandma." She finally agreed, taking it off from her neck and placing it on his.

"Here let me help you wear mine." He put the new one on her neck before he turned her around. "Yeah, you look much better right now."

"Yeah, I also like it. Okay, you can go. I need to get ready and change my clothes." She gave him a bag of pancakes from the nightstand and pushed him towards the doors.

"Then I will excuse myself. I will see you later when you are ready." He also wanted to leave as he could hear Ling excitement in his mind. She wanted to absorb the necklace as soon as possible.

After he left, Princess looked at her new possession and smiled.

'He is not that bad. Maybe I will keep him to myself then?' She thought happily as she hugged the crystal into her chest.