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As Xuefeng finally landed on the speaking platform, he walked up to his father and asked to confirm, "Can you handle it all by yourself? We will help if needed." He didn't mention his the scolding he just gave out as he knew that his father wouldn't mind that at all.

Just as he thought, Xiaobei was all smiles and shook his head, declining, "It's alright. There is nothing much left to do, only some boring stuff. Everything happened so fast that I also need to settle some Clan Leader's stuff. Although, when I need your help I will call for you so be ready but I don't think there will be a need. You can spend the afternoon with your wives."

Winking at him, he added, "Just don't overwork your body too much..."

"Haha, alright." Xuefeng laughed as he nodded, patting his father on the shoulder and walked towards his girls while saying, "We will be going back to my courtyard then."

Just then, his father stopped him, calling out as if he remembered something, "Oh wait, there is one more thing. It's not about you but Wuying instead. I need her to choose which Shadow Guards she wants to take to the Capital. Although Xiao Feng promised to provide us with some of his experts, we need to train our own strength as well. Shadow Guards are unique thanks to the concealment technique I once found so it would be a shame to not utilize that force."

Xuefeng exclaimed as he suddenly realised that he still didn't learn Wuying's skill, "Right! I always wanted to learn it but I always forget. I guess I don't need it anymore as I have better abilities now." He already had the invisibility ability he got from Thousand Blades which was a much better version than what Wuying had.

Xiaobei couldn't help but agree, knowing very well what were the cons of that skill, "Yeah, it can only conceal you from the enemy's eyes, not from the enemy Spirit Awareness, but it's still a good method to infiltrate the enemy base."

Seeing that Mu Lan was coming up to them with Little Mei in hand, he stopped talking afterwards, "Anyway, pass my message to Wuying. I will be leaving to supervise the selection."

He wanted to leave with them as many youths already gathered below the stage to follow them to the Training Rooms when Little Mei suddenly let go of Mu Lan's hand and jumped into Xuefeng's arms without hesitation. She already spent some time with him but naturally, there was never enough of Xuefeng in her dictionary.

Xuefeng had no choice but to catch her and she immediately called out, "Xuefeng! You looked really cool!" As she was close to his face, she quickly leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Unfortunately, they were not in the air right now where they were alone but instead in front of everyone so Xuefeng placed her back on the ground, afraid she would do anything else uncalled for to him.

Patting her head instead, he asked gently, "Little Mei, are you going with Uncle to the training rooms? I will be busy right now but you can show me the results of your training this way. You will come with us to the Capital anyway but if you can get on top others in this selection, Big Brother will be really impressed."

"Really?!" Little Mei quickly exclaimed and seeing Xuefeng nod, she immediately grabbed Xiaobei's hand, pulling it while calling out excitedly, "Uncle! Let's go! I need to win this selection!" Before he could say anything, he got already dragged from the stage leaving Mu Lan and Xuefeng to themselves. They couldn't help but laugh at this scene.

Mu Lan rubbed her son's cheek and advised, knowing that Xuefeng probably knew about Little Mei's feelings already, "I know she is still young but if you happen to be around when it is her Maturity Birthday, I hope you can give her a chance. I don't want you to break her little heart. Do it for mom."

She didn't wait for his reply before simply jumping off from the stage, catching up to Little Mei and her husband. Xuefeng looked at Little Mei's back, trying to imagine her older version in four years but her cute expression and tiny dimples kept replacing the facial appearance, forcing him to give up. He could only settle it when the time is due.

'I guess I can't think about it now... I will try to figure it out if that actually happens...' Xuefeng thought as he also dropped down the stage, walking up to his girls who were waiting for him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Little Mei's matter was complicated but he still believed that he wouldn't be able to satisfy her, knowing they will train really hard to leave to Heaven Realm earlier. He had to leave much earlier just in case he wasn't able to find the Thunder Goddess fast enough or if he was met with any complications on the way.

Just to be sure about it, Xuefeng asked Ling to confirm his cultivation speed, "Ling, how much time do you think it will take all of us to reach the peak of the Monarch stage?"

'If you were to cultivation normally, probably a year of continuous cultivation. If you use your Royal Elf Bloodline then I guess about three months to half a year but if you were to cultivate every day together with me, we should be done in about a month.' Ling quickly explained, putting emphasis on the last method she proposed. She couldn't wait to experience another day of productive pleasures with him.

'What about others?' He was satisfied with his speed but he was more concerned about his women and just as he expected, Ling crushed him with the brutal facts, 'Putting Xiao Wen and Nuwa aside as they already have high cultivation, even if others were to cultivate by using your physical help, it would still take them one or two years to reach the peak of Mortal Cultivation. Without your help, unless you find them a Fate Spirit, it will take them at least a few years.'

'Physical help? Do you mean...' Xuefeng asked to confirm if she meant that he thought she mean.

'Yes, by engaging with them in physical intercourse, your boost their cultivation by a large margin. Your seeds work like a Cultivation Elixir thanks to the Spirit Qi that sunk inside of them during our breakthrough. They also have amazing nourishing effects which any girl would die for...' Ling replied but then continued, acting a bit biased but still knowing what were the priorities, 'There is a reason why all your women have perfect skin with shiny hair and nails. I don't want you to do it with other women... But if that can help us speed up their cultivation then I can only allow it... Temporally...'

Xuefeng laughed to that and assured her, 'Hah, don't worry. I will definitely cultivate with you more, but I don't think I will hurry myself to cultivate to the peak right away. No need to rush when others still need a year or two. Will focus more on helping them catch up with me.'

If he were to advance fast himself, he would still have to wait for others while suppressing his cultivation which would be quite annoying. He would have to calculate his cultivation schedule to not advance too quickly else he would be met with a situation where he can't have any Dual Cultivation with his wives just in case he accidentally breakthrough.

Upon reaching the girls, Tianshi and Xiao Wen were the first two who approached him, thanking him for his actions to protect them, "Thank you for defending our family's name."

Xiao Wen even clenched her fist as she added, "I really wanted to beat them up. Everything was given to them on a golden tray yet they still complain."

"It's alright, I already punished them. People learn on their mistakes." Xuefeng quickly calmed her down, hugging her so she doesn't run out and do anything too stupid.

"What are we up to now?" Nuwa asked as she traced her forefinger on his neck, adding as she whispered into his ears, "You know how hard it was for us to stand up today without you? I hope you don't leave us like that anymore..." Everyone else nodded to that, wanting to express their dissatisfaction with today's night. Even Princess Shan was hoping to feel even a bit of his warmth in bed but knew how hard it was with everyone finally gathered together.

Xuefeng only smiled, acting mysteriously and gave them a teaser, "I thought of something special to fill our afternoon and evening time. Don't worry, your bodies will be definitely exhausted until you all can't stand anymore."

The girls naturally thought about that one thing they all wanted but they didn't how wrong they were this time.