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 "Everyone!" Xiaobei voice bellowed throughout the Training Grounds, making everyone quieten down momentarily. They were asked to meet here due to a certain life-changing announcement so everyone was curious. Many already knew what was up so they stood there excitedly.

Xiaobei didn't want to unnecessarily prolong it so he went straight to the topic, "You probably wonder why we gathered here. I won't keep you hanging for too long and I will answer right away. My son, Liu Xuefeng, presented us with an opportunity to move our clan to the Capital of the Central Region!"

One had to image what a commotion did such words create. Not everyone was prepared for such explosive news so they quickly exclaimed happily, forcing Xiaobei to withhold with his speech for a moment. Naturally, there were many who knew about this and they cried out to stop the raging crowd, "Let Clan Lead speak! Shut up you all!"

Of course, it was a hard task to calm them all. When one actually comprehended what did such relocation mean, it was natural to be overexcited. If they could trade everything they owned for such an opportunity, they would gladly do so without hesitation.

It was a nice view for Xiaobei to actually see everyone so excited but at the same time, it was his duty as a Clan Leader to keep everyone down to earth. After all, how easy it was to move thousands of people across many countries.

When the crowd calmed down, he crushed the dreams of many of them with the next words, "As you may already figure out, it is a quite difficult task to transport thousands of people across the whole Region. What's more, we only have four hundred something spots that we can manage. Many of you probably recall the gigantic warship that visited us a while ago. Xiao Family from the Central Region was kind enough to lend it to us."

One Shadow Guard member who was undercover within the crowd called out with a question, "Clan Leader, does this mean not everyone can go?" Only then many of the Clan Members understood that all of this was obviously too good to be true. With only four hundred spots, only the elites of the clan will be able to join the relocation.

Xiaobei smiled to the question and nodded, "That's correct, but that doesn't mean they don't have a chance at all. We will be travelling back and forth until all members of our Clan are relocated."

Such words made everyone's dreams to be reborn and cheer loudly. The undercover Shadow Guard member called out through the raging crowd, "How long will it take?!" When many heard him, they swiftly calmed down to hear Xiaobei's reply.

Xiaobei kept his calm expression and explained, "You may not know but one way trip from our clan to the Capital of the Central Region takes about a month if one travelled on flying Spirit Beasts. We were lucky to receive such precious flying artefact so we can reduce that time to about a week. Even though that week seems to be a short time, one whole trip would total to a whole two weeks. If we were to travel back and forth without stopping, it would still take us more than a year before we could relocate everyone."

Many nodded their heads, understanding that such a big move required time. One year seemed like a long time, but looking at the size of the operation and the average Cultivator's lifespan, it was actually a short duration. They would be actually more suspicious if their Clan Leader suddenly came up with ten or twenty warships, planning to transport them all at the same time. It would look like he is selling them.

"Unfortunately, everything is not that colourful as we would like it to be. Nothing is free in this world and especially Warships. One way trip to the Central Region from our Clan cost around one Million high-tiered Spirit Stones. It's definitely not cheap." Xiaobei informed them all about the actual cost for such travel and stopped speaking, knowing this would create another commotion.

Just as he expected, the crowd exclaimed loudly, talks filling the Training Grounds.

"What?! One Million?! Isn't that too high?!"

"Tsk, I knew it was too good to be true. There are no free meals."

"But isn't that Xiao Family unfair too? Giving us such an expensive artefact and expect us to pay so much for the travel. Do they want us to be indebted to them for that? Pfft."

"Yeah, if they help us, why can't they help us all the way-"

When Xiao Wen and Tianshi heard their Xiao Family being mentioned like that, a frown quickly appeared on their faces. They were about to say something when an overbearing pressure suddenly descended from the sky, filling the whole arena. An additional call was added to it that further silenced everyone, "Shut up!"

The crowd looked to the sky and saw a young man with a Golden Wings shining brightly in the sun. The pressure was so strong that those who spoke badly about Xiao Family were forced to kneel down. Not releasing the pressure, Xuefeng passed down Little Mei to his mother before flying back into the sky and yelling at the crowd, "How dare you badmouth our Clan's Friend?! If not for them, none of you would even have a chance to think about Central Region!"

Everyone paled when they heard him and especially those who complained a moment ago. It was all because Xuefeng was right. Why would they complain while having such a blessing in front of them?

Unfortunately, Xuefeng was already angry after seeing his wives' family being slandered and cried out to the Shadow Guards, "Throw those who kneel to the side. They don't appreciate the opportunity in front of them so they and their families will be the last ones to be picked. This is the punishment for being an idiot."

The Shadow Guards quickly picked up the kneeling Clan Members, not bothered by their gender and placed them all to the side, gathering a small group of fewer than one hundred people. Many liked to complain even though they received something for free but Xuefeng didn't plan on letting that happen in front of him.

With all of them cleaned up, Xuefeng turned to the rest of the massive crowd and called out sternly, "Anyone else wants to complain? You are welcome to step forward and leave. There is no place for people like this in Liu Clan."

Xuefeng glared at everyone as he released his pressure on them but no one dared to take a step or even let out a squeak. Too bad that Xuefeng was already getting started and scolded the still kneeling bunch on the side, "Not only you receive a life-changing opportunity for free, without doing anything, you also have your Clan Leader explain everything and reply to your questions, yet all you do is complain. How can you not appreciate the fortune that someone else placed right in front of your nose? I hope this punishment will teach you something."

Only then did Xuefeng also release the pressure from the complainers, giving them back their ability to move or speak. Xuefeng didn't want to hear their apologies so he turned to his father and called out, "Father, you can continue. No one will disturb you now."

He didn't return to stand together with the rest but instead kept hovering above the crowd, creating an invisible pressure that forced everyone to stay quiet. Maybe he was acting a bit overbearing but if his father was disturbed every few sentences, they would never proceed further. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Seeing how cool Xuefeng was at that moment, Little Mei couldn't help but go up and down with her legs, as she called out excitedly to her Auntie Mu Lan, "Auntie, isn't Big Brother awesome? Mei Mei will definitely marry big brother in the future."

"Haha, as long as you grow up the way you do, Xuefeng won't be able to resist your charms in the future." Mu Lan laughed as she patted her cute student and Little Mei naturally nodded, wanting nothing more than that, "Yes. I will definitely become Xuefeng's Wife, hehe."

With Xuefeng's stern and scolding performance, Xiaobei's calm voice was suddenly like nectar to the crowd's ears, soothing their hurt souls. No one dared to create trouble anymore and simply listened to what their Clan Leader decided.

"Because of the cost, our Liu Clan cannot afford to travel back and forth continuously so I decided to limit it to once every three months. What's more, it will be the younger generation that will decide who gets the chance of moving to the Central Region. The top one hundred young talents will be able to take their families with them and move to the future main Clan." Xiaobei declared his decision, stopping out of a habit but no one commented, waiting for him to finish. Having Xuefeng above their heads, no one dared to disturb the speech.

Knowing this was settled for him, Xiaobei continued, "Although I will be moving to the Capital with my family, the Liu Clan from the Phoenix City won't cease to exist. It will be permanently connected to the Main Clan, becoming the first Branch Clan. We will never forget our roots and naturally, we will continue to expand in this region."

Pointing at Senior Wang, Xiaobei announced, "As I will be leaving, I will pass down the Clan Leader's position to Senior Wang. He is the Saint Stage Expert that was always protecting me. Now that my wounds recovered, He can finally focus on something more important."

Senior Wang wasn't very talkative so he simply nodded, accepting the role, knowing that he was too old for such travels. He asked for it himself and Xiaobei naturally agreed, planning that from the start.

Seeing that no one complained, he smiled and finished his speech saying, "If no one has any questions, all those under twenty-five can follow me to the Training Rooms."