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 "Young Master is not kidding? Are we really moving to the Capital of the Central Region?" Lady Riu looked at Xuefeng with bright eyes, hoping that what he just said was the truth. She and her brother naturally understood what was the difference between starting a business here in the Eastern Region compared to the famous Central Region.

Not only all geniuses gathered there but also all rich young Misses and Princesses that could be their potential customers. The market was completely different. They could make their brand unique and make every teenage girl wear their lingerie. Their dress' business would also flourish as they could create limited edition collections that everyone would want to have.

Xuefeng found it natural to not believe him but he confirmed it once again, "I'm not kidding. We are really moving and I decided to take you with me. Naturally, I don't want this business to get ruined so I hope you find someone to continue the work here while you created another one in the Capital. What do you think?"

He didn't need to wait for a reply as Rui agreed right away excitedly, "Yes! We agree, we definitely agree! We already trained a bunch of tailors who can take over the job as even now my brother only supervise their work. I think they can survive without our guidance now. We can always send them some designs once in a while. Yeah, this will definitely work. We don't mind starting from scratch again."

"Can you get ready by tomorrow morning? We will be leaving at that time." Xuefeng asked as a formality, but as he expected, Riu quickly answered, taking control over the decision, "Definitely! We can even be done by today if necessary."

"Perfect. Let's work together on conquering the Capital's Market as well." Xuefeng nodded to himself, knowing that everything worked out just as he planned and finally patted Little Mei's shoulders who was leaning on his body right in front of him, patiently waiting like a nice girl before saying, "Also, I wanted to get a nice dress for my Little Sister as a reward for her hard work."

Hearing the two forbidden words Little Mei stepped forward as she gave out a slight cough and introduced herself as she held Riu's hands, "Cough, you don't need to listen to him. Hello, I'm Xuefeng's future wife but you can call me Little Mei." After her confession, Little Mei no longer called Xuefeng her big brother but this time she used his first name, acting like his actual wife while trying to get used to this role.

She leaned over to Riu's ear and added out loud so Xuefeng could hear everything but at the same time acting as if she tried to hide it, "He is too shy to admit it so don't worry about him."

Riu and her brother looked at Xuefeng to confirm such claims but Little Mei also looked at him sharply, wanting to see what he will say. Xuefeng only patted Little Mei's head and asked her with a warm smile, "Why are you staring at your big brother like that?"

"You naturally know why. Forget it, you can't run away from our fate anyway." Little Mei warned him cutely with her finger before turning around in a cool spin and said, "Miss Riu, I know what kind of dress I want."

Riu knew when to meddle and when to stay out of something so she did not say anything about her employer's quarrel. She held onto Little Mei's hands and said, "Young Miss can tell me. We will find something special you will be satisfied with." They didn't have kids clothing but they could quickly resize something for her as she wasn't that small anymore after all.

Little Mei smirked at Xuefeng as if she planned something naughty and whispered into Riu's ear, "...I want a sexy nightgown that Xuefeng would like..."

"Pffft- Cough, cough!" If Xuefeng had any water in his mouth at that moment, he would definitely spit out all of it. He almost choked the moment he imagined Little Mei in a sexy nightgown and immediately shook his head to get rid of this image from his mind.

Seeing Xuefeng reaction, she knew that she couldn't hide anything from him as he could hear everything so this time she said it out loud, "Naturally I want it to be in the bigger size so I can wear it when I'm sixteen-years-old, all mature and ready." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Little Mei found it fun to watch Xuefeng's troubled face so she was glad she decided to go with the shameless route. If she wouldn't be shameless, she wouldn't reach anywhere in the situation she was in.

This time it was the young tailor who took the voice and said excitedly, quite proud with his new project, "Alright! I think we have something special like that. I made the nightgown yesterday when I was experimenting with new material and I planned to present it to one of Young Master Xuefeng's wives after his return. I guess it should meet Miss Mei's expectations."

The moment Little Mei heard him say 'One of Young Master Xuefeng's wives', she immediately knew that she wants it and called out while pulling Xuefeng with her by his hand, "Yes! I want it. Let's go!"


As they finally left, Little Mei was beaming with happiness as she played with her new ring that Xuefeng hanged across her neck. Inside of it, there was a phenomenal black nightgown that still made her exclaim each time she thought of wearing it in front of Xuefeng in the future.

Xuefeng took her into his arms but still asked before they flew into the sky, "Hey, don't you want a normal dress that you can wear right away? It might go to waste if you get a nightgown like that..." He didn't want to one day disappoint her but he knew that he couldn't afford to wait for her.

He had to admit that the material used for the nightgown was extremely soft and the whole design was great, making him want to see it on an actual body. The only problem it had was that it was translucent. He luckily stopped his brain the moment it wanted to imagine too much.

Naturally, Little Mei rejected him sternly, hiding the ring inside of her dress, right in the middle of her chest, definitely wanting to keep it, "No. I want this one. I want to wear it for you when I become sixteen. I know you are probably going to be gone by that time but I want this nightgown to symbolize our promise to each other. You are not going to take it away from me?"

She looked pitifully at him which made him regret even asking and he shook his head, saying, "I won't, don't worry. It's all yours. I also put a lot of Spirit Stones inside of the ring in case uncle doesn't give you any."

"Thank you." She said as she hugged him across his neck and let him carry her into the sky. As they were already high, she whispered to herself, "I will keep it for my birthday's night. If you don't come, I will ascend, find you there and show you... You won't be able to reject me again after seeing me in it..."

Xuefeng knew that she didn't expect any reply from him but he still said softly, knowing he couldn't fight against her dreams, "Alright, I will observe how hard are you working for that goal." Little Mei wasn't dumb and knew she was pushing Xuefeng a lot but she knew her boundaries. Such words from him were enough for her.

As they flew above the plaza, Xuefeng noticed that the selection was already over. He guessed that Sect Master Jiao simply decided by herself who should be picked from the preselected candidates, no longer trying to use any traditional methods. Many would think this was unfair but who was brave enough to confront her about it.

"Let's return to the clan. It has been some time. I bet everyone is already gathered on the training grounds. Hold me tightly, we will fly faster." Xuefeng said as he launched himself forward, increasing his speed.

At the same time, in the place that was only visited once by Xuefeng a few months ago, Manager Wu was staring into the sky from the balcony of Trade Union's Pavilion, watching the golden star flying away.

Her father's messenger who just entered into the balcony bowed and said respectfully, "Miss, we should be leaving. A Rank 6 Flying Spirit Beast got already prepared to set off. Your father really wants you to finally come back."

She looked at her father's letter in her hand and smiled, replying as she turned around, "Don't worry, I will be returning. It's just that I will use another way of transportation. Xuefeng, I hope you don't mind if I use my favour this way."