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 "Sigh... Little Mei..." Xuefeng couldn't help but sigh, not expecting that Little Mei would actually want to be his lover. He was really happy to have a loving little sister that he could spoil when he wanted and didn't plan to change it. Once he did that, he would no longer have one.

Little Mei didn't want to listen to his rejection before she tried to confess her love to him and acted right away, holding onto his face with her two small and delicate hands as she said gently, "Big Brother... I love you, okay? Doesn't Big Brother love me as well? I will be a good wife in the future... I don't mind sharing you with Big Sisters..."

She wanted to say those words to him for a long time and she finally found the right opportunity when they were all to themselves, without anyone else bothering them.

Hearing her emotional words, Xuefeng hovered right above the tailor shop and said with a warm smile as he patted her on the back, "Little Mei, you are my sweet little sister, how can you say such stuff... Doesn't a special bond connect us already? Our siblings' bond is much stronger than any of the other. Don't you think it would be a shame to ruin it?"

He hoped that Little Mei will understand, knowing she was much smarter than other kids of her age but he underestimated the stubbornness of a twelve-year-old girl in love. Because she was smart, Little Mei understood that she wouldn't find a similarly good man like Xuefeng anywhere else and she had to grab any chance she had to win him over.

She shook her head decisively and pressed her chest against his as she whispered, "No. Only Big Brother is right for me." She gave out a stubborn aura around her but Xuefeng couldn't agree with her this time, knowing it was wrong.

Even before Little Mei matures, he already planned to Ascend to Heaven Realm, together with all of his wives. Xuefeng was confident that he can improve their cultivation till the threshold, taking them all with him.

Rubbing her slim back to calm her down, Xuefeng assured her after he exhaled deeply, "Sigh... Don't worry Little Princess... You will one day find someone who is much better than big brother. Find someone who will cherish and love you dearly, willing to sacrifice everything for you." Hugging her like a loving big brother, he apologized, "I'm sorry it cannot be me..."

Little Mei heard it all but didn't react, hugging into his arms and Xuefeng didn't move, simply embracing her, knowing it was definitely hard for her. He thought she will finally understand his reasons but that wasn't the case at all in the end.

She leaned over to his ear and she whispered as if she tried to share a secret with him, "Big Brother..."

Xuefeng patted her on the back and replied kindly, "Yes, sweetie?" He thought it was over but then he heard a soft but deep question, having only one word in its sentence, "Why...?"

"Huh...? I already explain-" Xuefeng got confused and wanted to repeat his previous explanation but Little Mei cut him off as she said, "Is it because of my body that is not yet attractive for you? I noticed that all Big Sisters have big breasts... Is that because you like them this big? Mine still cannot compare but I can feel that they are growing bigger. In a few years, they will definitely be as ample and firm as Big Sister's. If you want them to be bigger faster, I heard that one need to massage them often... Mei Mei can let you-"

This time it was Xuefeng's time to stop her, even coughing from the shameless words she was speaking, "Cough, cough! Hold up. Little Mei, It's not about your body... Well, that's only a small part of the reason. The main point is that you are too young for me. Before you mature and reach sixteen-years-old, I will already Ascend to Heavens. Because of a certain promise, I can't wait too long for you. I need to arrive at Heaven Realm no longer than four years from now on. If I don't, someone's life will be lost and I cannot allow that."

He didn't want to lie to her so he told her the truth, knowing that they would only go back and forth this way. For some reason, Little Mei's mood returned on her face as she pulled away from his arms, no longer sad about Xuefeng's rejection and asked with a smile to confirm, "So it's just my age that is bothering Big Brother, right?"

Xuefeng didn't find problems with this question and nodded, explaining further, "Indeed. I cannot let you waste your time on me when I know we can't be together. This is why I tell you to look at other guys of your age." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"They are kids, I don't want them." Little Mei quickly shook her head, rejecting this idea right away and returned to her train of thoughts as she asked with a smile, "Big Brother, you are saying that its the age gap that bothers you but aren't Big Sisters all older than you? Sister Wuying is twenty, Sister Wen is twenty-two and even Sister Yiren is Twenty-five while you are only sixteen. How will you explain it?"

"Uhmm..." Upon hearing her words, it was the first time that Xuefeng realised that. Earlier he didn't even think about that but now that he looked at it from a bystander perspective, that was indeed the truth. After a certain age, it didn't matter for him how old someone was so he replied truthfully, "I don't think age matters after one is mature enough."

Xuefeng's answer made Little Mei even happier as she continued, acting like she was pursuing a certain result, "So based on Big Brother's words, after one reach sixteen-years-old, the age gap doesn't matter, correct?"

"That is indeed the truth." He once again confirmed but now he found Little Mei's actions a little bit suspicious. She wasn't a little bit worried like before, asking too many questions.

Little Mei didn't stop there as she asked more, "So if I am sixteen-years-old while you are twenty, the age doesn't matter anymore, right? Those were your words Big Brother."

"Yes. I said it, but where are you going with this. I already told you-" Xuefeng nodded but this time pried for answers from her. Too bad that Little Mei suddenly placed her finger on his lips, shushing him as she finally headed towards the conclusion, "Shush... Let me finish. Big Brother confirmed that after reaching sixteen-years-old, the age doesn't matter anymore so if that's the case, if I were to reach the stage that allows me to Ascend right after my sixteenth birthday and Big Brother is still in this home, preparing to enter Heaven Realm, will you take me together with you?"

Only after she finished did she pull back her finger, unlocking his lips. This time Xuefeng spoke in all seriousness, not beating around the bush, "Little Mei... I can assure you that there is very little chance that we will still be here in the next year or two. I don't want to lie to you and that's why I'm very honest with you. I hope you can understand me..."

That didn't discourage Little Mei as she deducted, "But very little chance is still a chance, right? What I am asking is whether or not you will bring me together with you if by any chance you are still around during my sixteenth birthday. Just answer me with yes or no. I won't ask you anymore after this one time..."

She looked at him with bright eyes, hoping to hear only one answer from him and frankly speaking, it was really hard not to choose it. Little Mei already went through every detail, leading him into accepting her from the very beginning.

Xuefeng thought this over for a moment, staring into Little Mei's eyes and finally said while smirking after realising something, "If by any chance I am not Ascended by the time you are sixteen-years-old and you reach the threshold then yes, I will take you with me to Heaven Realm. Why wouldn't I? You are my little sister after all."

Having waited for this answer, the last addition killed her excitement and she returned to Xuefeng's arms as she grunted, "Ugh, Big Brother, you are cruel... You don't understand young girl in love..." Only after a moment did she regained her confidence and declared as she pulled away once again, "Big Brother, don't forget what you promised today! I will work hard and chase after you! After you see how nice of a beauty I'm on my sixteenth birthday, you will definitely ask me to be yours! You will see!"

For some reason, Xuefeng found it funny and laughed while nodding, teasing her with the words that annoyed her, "Haha, alright, I wish to see how my little sister will pursue her goal."

"Ahh!" Little Mei exclaimed in protest and hit Xuefeng with the forehead before asking, "How about Big Brother call me Little Wifey when we are alone instead?"

"Haha, nope. Let's go down. Big Brother will pick a nice dress for his Little Sister." Xuefeng laughed as he flatly declined and finally flew down towards the Tailor Shop.

Little Mei could only pout at Xuefeng's teasing but deep down she was happy, promising herself to work hard to reach her goal and become Xuefeng's wife.


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