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 Turning behind him, Xuefeng saw seven beauties, each having their own unique qualities and appearance. Five of them were already his women, those he wouldn't let go no matter what happens and will always keep by his side. There were also Yi and Shan which he knew they had feelings for him.

Unfortunately, he was not sure what to do with those feelings. He was not sure of how he felt himself. With Princess Shan, the situation looked much more clear. He knew that he didn't want her to leave his side and marry someone else as that would bring him pain but at the same time, he sensed that his feelings for her were still incomplete. It was hard for him to let someone else into his heart which was already filled with love for others.

Yi, on the other hand, was in an even worse situation as Xuefeng basically considered her his friend and companion. Xuefeng only asked himself two questions to tell if he really loved someone, 'Would I sacrifice my life for her during danger? Would I disregard everything I worked for my whole life just to keep her by my side?'

When he looked at Yi, the answer that would appear in his mind was sadly a 'No' while with Princess Shan, he was still not sure. The whole matter was really complicated and troubled his mind to the point he didn't want to think of it anymore. He decided to just wait and see how fate leads them.

Sighing in his mind due to his internal troubles, he pleaded as he looked warmly at them, "Can you girls stay with my father and help him with the selection? I will go to the tailor and inform them about the migration. Going to the bigger market will definitely bring Liu Clan immense profits."

He knew that there was no need to bring everyone with him wherever he went and it would be unfair to only take one or two of them so he decided to leave them all, helping his father in the process. He would be back soon enough anyway.

"Alright. If anyone dares to cause trouble, we will settle it real quick." Xiao Wen was the first to agree as she approached Xiaobei and patted him while saying, "Don't worry father, we will help. Let's go to the training grounds." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Xiaobei only smiled bitterly, trying not to cry due to Xiao Wen's strong pats that were almost crushing his shoulder. Although he regained his strength already, reaching his previous stage which was Spirit Sage, his body could not compare to Xiao Wen's which was strengthened by her passive ability. She was already used to such strength as Xuefeng wasn't bothered at all when she touched him but not everyone had a body nourished by regenerations ability thousands of times.

"Haha, alright, then I will be goin-" Chuckling from seeing his father suffering, Xuefeng was about to walk up to the window and flew away when a sudden lovely voice stopped his movements, "Xuefeng~!"

Seeing it was his almost adopted sister as his parents were hogging her all to themselves, he smiled and called out, "Oh, Little Mei, I was planning to visit you later, ugh-" He couldn't finish his sentence as Little Mei already smashed against his body, hugging into his neck with happiness written on her face.

Although she was beaming with happiness for being able to see him, Little Mei still questioned sharply, "Xuefeng, where are you going? Hmm? The moment Auntie informed me you are back, I ran straight here but you didn't plan to wait for me..."

This immediately made Xuefeng feel bad and rubbed her cheek while explaining himself, "Well, we are really busy right now and I was going to settle some matter in the city. We will be moving the Clan to the Central Region where big brother will live. Are you happy that you will meet me more often?"

"Ah, really?! Very happy!" Little Mei exclaimed in shock, fully accepting such an idea as joy entered into her arms, making her squeeze Xuefeng's neck even tighter. She quickly followed up with the question, "Can I go with you then? You promised me to fly with me whenever you are back..."

Xuefeng happened to look at his women and they all were glancing expressionlessly at the two of them as if they tried to say, 'What? You said you don't want to take us but now you will take her?'

Xuefeng could only give them the look with his eyes, rolling them while glancing down at Little Mei before mouthing soundlessly, 'Come on, she is just a kid. I can't say no to her...'

He pulled Little Mei away, holding onto her maturing body and agreed with a smile, "Of course... Big brother will fly you around. We will also get you a nice dress as we are at it, what do you think?"

Little Mei quickly exclaimed sweetly and returned to hugging Xuefeng, not letting him go, "Yes! Big brother is the best!" She acted exactly like a little sister that Xuefeng never had which made it hard to reject any of her little demands.

"Alright, then hold on tightly," Xuefeng said as he gave an apologetic look at the girls and jumped out of the window, first flying out with his Spirit Qi before finally creating his signature wings.

Back in the room, Wu Lan sighed as she thought, 'Big brother is in trouble...'


Knowing that it was Little Mei in his arms, Xuefeng didn't speed up too much and that created an opportunity for Little Mei to talk to him. She extended her hand onto his back, rubbing the golden wings that moved up and down on their own before saying sweetly into his ear, "Big Brother, I am already advancing to Spirit King Stage in the next few days. I worked really hard for you. Are you proud?"

Xuefeng was actually pleasantly surprised about that and praised her, "Oh, that's great! You are really advancing fast. I'm definitely proud of you. Let me give you a reward then. Don't resist." He only needed to think about it and Ling already worked her magic, inserting Fate Qi into Little Mei's body, heading straight towards her Dantain. Little Mei was well behaved, having full trust in him and let him do whatever he wanted.

The procedure was quick as Xuefeng only needed to help her advance by two stages and he cheered for her with a smile, "Congratulations, you are now a Golden Talent cultivator."

Little Mei wasn't a complete newbie in cultivation so she quickly circulated her own Purple Spirit Qi through her Spirit, swiftly turning it into a Golden Qi that many could only dream of. She couldn't help but exclaim excitedly and hug the man even tighter, wanting to squeeze all the juices from him, "Thank you, Big Brother! I love you so much!"

"Haha, it's okay. I will do anything for my Little Sister." Xuefeng laughed as he could only accept her thanks but he didn't know that the words, 'Little Sister', caused Little Mei to go on the rampage in her mind, not wanting to be his little sister at all. She quickly used that though as she asked sweetly, looking at him with bright eyes, "Will Big Brother train with me more often after we move the clan then? You said you will do anything..."

"Of course. I will try to find some time so we can spar together." Xuefeng couldn't say 'No' to her again but this time it was just a small thing so he didn't mind battling with her once in a while. At that time, he recalled Wu Kong who was supposed to train with her and asked, "But don't you have Wu Kong for that? He is such a good boy. Didn't he volunteer to train with you? He should be a nice opponent."

He didn't expect that Little Mei would suddenly get annoyed and rant about Wu Kong's behaviour, "Ah! Don't even tell me about him. All he does is eat a lot and slack but the moment I want to meet Big Brother, he suddenly awakened, saying we need to continue training. When I wanted to leave, he blocked my way so I beat him up and run to meet Big Brother. He should still be laying on the ground inside Auntie's training room."

"Hah, don't you think it's cause he has some feelings for you? I think you should give him a chance. Don't you think he will be a fine man in the future? You are both at the same age-" Xuefeng chuckled as he teased her, actually finding it nice if the two of them turned out to be joined with love but his words were suddenly cut off by Little Mei ask she cried out unhappily, "I don't care! I only want Big Brother!"