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 "How many people can we carry inside the warship?" Xuefeng asked Xiao Wen before his father replied, planning to include the girls in the conversation.

She was happy to help him as she explained, "Although it's the biggest warship that our Xiao Family owns, it can only fit five hundred people inside of it without feeling crowded. Of course, if those were all singles, wanting their own room, we wouldn't be able to fit everyone, but if each family can share only one room, we would be able to take more. Naturally, that would make the Warship more crowded. We can cover the distance in a week's time but that means six nights spent on the ship."

"So it basically means we can't relocate the whole Clan at the same time. We would need a few tens of trips back and forth to bring every member of the Clan with us..." Xiaobei quickly calculated and didn't like that number. He knew that such migration would be difficult but didn't expect they would need this much time.

Naturally, if they decided to travel by land, it would bring them even bigger pain than the Warship. They could take everyone with them on a single trip but they would meet many bandits or Spirit Beasts on the way that would cost them time and energy.

Knowing that Xiao Wen presented them with some advantages of using a Warship, "Even though travelling on a Warship is costly, it's the safest and efficient method from all of the choices. Unless someone of a Spirit Monarch stage attacks us, it would be hard to break through the Warhip's defences. It is also much more comfortable than the normal caravan."

"How much does one-way travel cost?" Xuefeng asked curiously, wondering if they should actually even bother with that, knowing he still had a lot of money with him.

He only gave one billion high-tiered Spirit Stones to Tangwei so he still had a couple billion for his personal use. He also received a bunch of Fate Stones as well but it was much less than he expected. He believed that only after the elves see the usage of Spirit Qi would they actually be willing to trade all their Fate Stones for Spirit Stones.

Having so much Spirit Stones, he told her to exchange one Fate Stone for two or even three Spirit Stones before auctioning all the Storage Rings with the rate of few rings per day. This would make the rings more valuable but the product would advertise itself to other buyers by the word of mouth.

Doesn't matter if its a human or an elf, bragging was everywhere. After buying one ring, many would bug the winner to show the usage or at least explain it further. It was always better to ask the user for his review instead of a biased seller after all.

Xiao Wen smiled hearing his question and raised a single finger, saying, "Don't worry, only one." This made Xiaobei pleasantly surprised as he asked back in relief, "Oof, only one hundred thousand high-tiered Spirit Stones I presume? That's indeed a lot but we should be able to afford it."

"Cough, it's one million." Xiao Wen quickly corrected him which made Xiaobei embarrassed. He quickly controlled himself though and explained, "What? There is no way I can know that. I never had a Warship. Anyway, one million is indeed a lot. If we were to spend a few tens of millions, our Liu Clan will go bankrupt..."

With Liu Clan earned only a few millions each month while spending almost all of it, saving a few tens of million was naturally hard. Fortunately, Xuefeng currently had the wealth of one of the top clans out there so it wasn't the issue for them anymore. He laughed and assured his father as he threw Storage Ring at him, "Haha, don't worry father. I already figured out the money issue."

Tang Family earned hundreds of millions each month but they had similarly big expenses which made saving really hard. For them to actually save a few billion Spirit Stones was actually impressive. Those were not assets but pure money that they could use however they wished.

His father felt a bit sceptical but the moment he saw a mountain of Spirit Stones inside the Storage Ring, he couldn't help but be shocked. He immediately questioned, "Son? Did you rob Tang Family's treasury or something?"

Xuefeng laughed even stronger this time and replied with a smug, "Hahaha, and what if I did? I earned it fairly. The rule was to keep all the loot for anyone you kill. Who would have thought that I would kill Tang Family's Young Master who took most of the loot from the treasury?"

"Hah, definitely my son. If you got Tang Family treasures then I will shamelessly keep this ring. Thank you, son." Xiaobei laughed as he wore the ring, not bothered at all but Xuefeng didn't mind, already considering it a gift to his family.

Recalling the initial question Xuefeng asked, Xiaobei replied while already having something planned, "It shouldn't be hard to pick participants for the first travel. We should naturally all take everyone from our family including Wu Lan, her brother and Little Mei. About the rest spots, we can maybe decide them by using the Training Rooms."

"Huh? Since when do we have a Training Rooms?" Xuefeng asked confused, first time hearing about such news.

Xiaobei smiled and explained, "When you were away for almost three months, we made a few training rooms that work similarly to the treasury but can simulate a fight instead, helping you improve your battle abilities. Unfortunately, the rank of the Spirit managing the is too low and we can only replicate an opponent of Spirit King stage."

"Ah, too bad. I was willing to try it." Xuefeng shook his head regretfully, suddenly had an itch to fight someone and added, "We should also put a bar on cultivation ranks. Cultivators with stages lower then Spirit King should be eliminated. If our Liu Clan is not yet established and they appear in the Capital, they will be easily bullied which we cannot allow."

Xiaobei naturally nodded and agreed, "Of course. Anyone who can defeat the Spirit in the Training room will be available for selection. We will choose those with the biggest potential so they could have an easier to survive in the Central Region Capital."

Knowing that the plan was ready, Xuefeng stood up and asked to confirm, "Well then I guess I can leave everything to father then? There should be a panic in the Clan as I already announced it to the public. You should quickly call everyone to the Training Grounds to proceed with our plan. We plan to leave tomorrow so everything should be settled today. There is still a week of travel for us."

"And what are you going to do?" Xiaobei asked curiously. He knew that Xuefeng had something in mind as he would not just stay and do nothing.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Xuefeng indeed had something in mind, trying to help his father in establishing the Liu Clan in the Central Region Capital. Even though one billion Spirit Stones seemed to be a lot, not much would be left after Xiaobei pays for everything necessary. What they needed the most was business that could represent Liu Clan. It would take a while till all the alchemists submit to them completely so they needed something else.

Xuefeng smiled as he replied simply, "Naturally I will be moving the biggest business of our clan straight to the capital." He didn't need to imagine to know how much of a potential it had.