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 As they flew back towards the Clan, Tianshi reached out behind Xuefeng, feeling the wings on his back and whispered into his ear, "Xuefeng, I want to learn how to make such wings... I have Air Qi too. Can you teach me later?"

Xuefeng gave her a peck kiss and assured her, "Don't worry, we will have a lot of time on the Warship. I already had plans to train with all of you."

Tianshi smiled brightly and whispered again, her voice having a double meaning that he quickly detected, "Alright then, I will wait for some private training sessions..."

As Wuying was so close to them, she naturally heard everything, the wind not disturbing her hearing and she also whispered to Xuefeng, "Is there a way for me to get such wings too...?" As Xuefeng carried the two of them, they were not travelling at a fast speed, allowing them to have such a conversation while flying.

"Uhmm..." Unfortunately, in Wuying's case, she didn't have Air Qi like Tianshi so Xuefeng had no idea if the same method would work, making him hesitate. He was just about to contact Ling about it when Dragos suddenly said without being called, 'Tell her it's possible and that you have a special surprise for her which you will give tomorrow after you all depart.'

'Huh? What a special surprise?' Xuefeng asked confused, but Drakos didn't say anything else and replied, 'Just tell her. She won't be disappointed.'

Seeing that Wuying was waiting for his reply, Xuefeng relayed Drakos' message, "Yes, it's possible. I already prepared a special for you and you won't be disappointed. After we leave on the warship tomorrow, I will give it to you."

"You really got me something...?" Wuying was a bit surprised but seeing Xuefeng nod, she burst with happiness and hugged him, not even thinking about the sweet blood flowing through his neck as she placed her head on his shoulder, saying, "Thank you."

It would suck if he promised something but didn't deliver so Xuefeng pried for more info, suddenly recalling the Draconic Longsword that Drakos took earlier and asked, 'Is that about the sword? It was sucking the blood of those Tang Family's members. I can't think of anything else.'

Drakos this time confirmed before explaining, 'Yes. We are working on fusing the Spirit inside of it into the sword. It will take a while as he is resisting but we should be done by tomorrow. We also discovered that some techniques were hidden within the sword and one of them being Blood Wings. Wuying will be able to learn those. They work in a similar way to her existing ones so they should match with each other.'

Xuefeng nodded, not having problem with anything Drakos said but he noticed one detail that he had to ask about, 'We? Someone is helping you? Is it Ling?'

Just as her name was called out, she admitted herself, 'I'm not strong enough for that. It's Ming.'

When Ming was mentioned, Xuefeng felt complicated emotions but seeing that she was trying to help them, he didn't comment on that, simply saying, 'Alright, I won't disturb you guys anymore.' They finally reached Liu Clan so he didn't speak anymore, prepared to land safely. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Ming who was working with her powers on the sword in front of her only smiled to herself but also kept quiet, knowing it was her fault from the very beginning. Things were much more complicated than what Xuefeng imagined. She had no other choice but to make sure that Xuefeng was the right person as Ling wasn't just a normal Fate Spirit. Even Ling didn't know that secret which is why she reacted this drastically the moment she realised the two have feelings for each other.

Just as they gently landed in front of the Clan Leader's mansion, Xuefeng was surrounded by the ladies and Nuwa asked, trying to figure out where they will be going now, "Will you tell us what are your plans?" It was an unusual feeling for her when everything was decided before she could even say anything. Xuefeng made the decision by himself and as he already announced it to the public, they could only listen to him.

"We will be leaving Eastern Region and travelling to the Capital of the Central Region. We destroyed one of the Families that was against us and now I want Liu Clan to move in there." Xuefeng gave her a vague idea before taking her by the waist and saying, "Let's go to my father office. I will explain everything there, okay?"

"Alright... but I want to know... everything." Nuwa agreed, but as she said so, her thumb caressed his cheek, stopping on his lips which together with her intonation made her words feel like a sweet warning.

Xuefeng wasn't worried too much, knowing she wouldn't hurt him and instead pulled her closed to himself, taking control of her by the waist before replying with a smile, "Naturally..."

They stared at each other's eyes but their moment didn't last long as Xuefeng suddenly felt another weight hanging on his second arm and heard a sweet voice calling out to Nuwa, "Mom... Don't take Xuefeng only to yourself..."

She wrapped her hand around his and it didn't seem like she planned on letting go so Xuefeng could only comply with her. Nuwa also shamelessly hugged onto his first arm which made the mother-daughter duo rule in this exchange. They didn't know it was only because Tianshi and Xiao Wen already received their fill last night so they let them win this time.

As they finally arrived in front of his father's office, it seemed like he already knew everything as Liu Xiaobei was already waiting for them in front of their office. He looked confused but at the same time excited for the change.

Xuefeng came up to him and gave him a bear hug while saying, "Father, I guess I owe you some explanation."

Xiaobei nodded, trusting his son that he wouldn't joke like that in public and invited everyone inside, "You all, come to the office." The girls also wanted to hear the whole story so they didn't dilly dally and followed after them.

As they all sat down, Xuefeng started explaining with what happened with Tang Family and how he convinced Xiao Feng to gift him the Palace, trying to not skip any details. He stayed humble, not speaking of his battle abilities but then Xiao Wen exposed him by adding some fire to his story. In the end, Xuefeng presented his father with a Storage Ring that had the Warship and Xiao Feng's list inside of it.

"So you want to make Liu Clan the second-best Family in the World, huh?" Xiaobei asked his son after he finished reading the letter and heard Xuefeng's claim. It was naturally really easy to say but hard to accomplish. With Xiao Family support, it wouldn't be hard to establish themselves in the capital but if they didn't do anything special, they would always live behind the Xiao Family's shadow.

Xuefeng smiled and nodded, putting the responsibility on his father's back, "Yes and I want you to continue leading our Clan."

"If you are doing such a good job, why don't you become the Clan Leader instead and I will retire?" Xiaobei asked with a teasing smile but Xuefeng naturally couldn't accept it and coughed, replying, "Cough, I still have a lot of training to do... Father has naturally more experience-"

Unfortunately, before he finished his excuses, Wu Lan who was sitting next to his father suddenly exposed his plans, "Big brother wants to spend more time with big sisters and focus on 'training' with them. He also wants to join the White Lotus Sect for more 'training'." As she said the word training, she put more emphasis on them which gave it a double meaning that Xiaobei quickly caught up and looked at Xuefeng with a knowing smile.

Xuefeng opened his mouth wide and glared at Wu Lan as he exclaimed, "Ah! Traitor!"

Wu Lan only shrugged to that and said with an innocent smile, "Big brother left me here to work for uncle Xiaobei. I can only do my work properly..." This was her revenge for leaving her like that. It wasn't like she didn't like to be here as both Mu Lan and Xiaobei treated her like a real daughter but she still preferred to stay around big brother.

Xuefeng really didn't have time to act like a leader, listing all the things he wanted to do in just a year, "Well, I plan to learn how to control Ice from Shan in the White Lotus Main Sect, how to create Artefacts from Xiao Feng and Alchemy as well but I still didn't mind someone who can teach me. I also need to increase everyone's cultivation as well. On top of that, there are some dangerous adventures that are only waiting for me and I can't give up on them. All that in less than one year. Where do I find time to lead the Clan?"

Hearing Xuefeng list out all the things that alone could take tens of years to master and claiming he wants to do it in one year, Xiaobei couldn't help but laugh, and praised his son, "Hahaha, ambitious! Just like father." Having the fire inside of him awakened after hearing Xuefeng's bold claims, Xiaobei assured him, "Don't worry, Father will make Liu Clan great again, I can promise you that."

Xuefeng knew his father wasn't resigned to staying in the Eastern Region and always wanted to return back to his homeland so he didn't worry about that. He already thought of a few things they had to figure out and asked, "Great, then there is the first issue we have to consider. Who will we take with us in the first back to form Liu Clan in the Capital?"