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"Tell me that you are joking..." Jiao approached Xuefeng and grabbed him on the sleeve, afraid that he will once again disappear. Didn't she come to this city especially for him? If he wanted to leave right after coming back, it could only mean that he decided not to enter their Sect which would be a tragedy for her.

Xuefeng only smiled gently as he took Jiao's hand off his arm and explained, "I never joke around. I received an offer to move to the Central Region. I would naturally prefer to stay there where the Spirit Essence concentration is so much stronger. A small valley can't handle this Dragon."

The moment his words sunk into everyone's brains, they quickly erupted with euphoria, shock and disbelief, "What?! Did Young Master just say Central Region?!" At first, everyone thought that Xuefeng was joking but seeing him so calm and collected, they understood that with Young Master status, joking like that was impossible.

Many people still remembered the giant Warship that visited the Liu Clan a while ago and everyone knew that Liu Clan has a connection with Xiao Family from the Central Region.

It didn't long for someone from the Liu Clan to suddenly cry out with bliss on his face, "Oh. My. God! Heavens didn't leave us! With Young Master becoming a member of one of the forces in the Central Region, our Liu Clan will flourish! Love live Young Master Xuefeng!"

When one person chanted his name, many followed and cheered after him, "Long Live Young Master Xuefeng!" This change would bring enormous benefits to everyone in Phoenix City so naturally, they would be happy for him.

The only ones not smiling right then were White Lotus Sect members as well as their Sect Master Jiao who asked confused, trying to understand, "When did that happen?? You were only away for one night... You couldn't arrive in the Central Region and returned in just one day." Her face didn't have any traces of joy but only annoyance and coldness.

Xuefeng did not want to hurt her but he already planned earlier to announce everything to the public so he explained further out loud, "Of course not. I naturally left the city to receive the messenger in secret. I received an invitation from the Xiao Family, the strongest family in the whole Central Region to take over the Palace and territories of Tang Family which they defeated just today." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Looking at the crowd gathered, he raised his fist to the sky and called out, "I and part of our Clan will move to the Central Region to become one of the two strongest families in the whole world!"

The crowd didn't exactly know about the Tang Family but the moment they heard that Liu Clan will also be moving with their Young Master Xuefeng, everyone erupted with shock, talks and cheers filling the whole plaza with their voices. On the other hand, Jiao didn't care about that but rather focused on the crazy news which was the eradication of the Tang Family. Such news was enough to shake the whole world, making the power struggle totally one-sided.

For some reason, Jiao turned completely pale, white as a sheet of paper and called out to Xuefeng with deep worry on her face while holding onto his arm, "Xuefeng, please, tell me what exactly happened! Did you kill the alchemists as well?! Are they safe?!"

Xuefeng got surprised by Jiao panic behaviour and tried to get to her, "Calm down... Why would we kill the alchemists? They are under Xiao Family control now. They will just work for someone else now. Only those who lived in the Tang Family Palace were killed."

Jiao glared sharply at him, trying to make sure that her little sister was alright and asked unhappily, "Are you sure?! My little sister worked as an alchemist for the Tang Family! If she got hurt, White Lotus Sect will never forgive you." The threat she uttered was much softer as she knew that Xiao Family was a hard nut to crack.

"I'm sure. If she wasn't in the Palace at the time of the attack, she should be alright." Xuefeng nodded firmly before pointing at Xiao Wen and Xiao Tianshi who stood next to him, admitting, "You already know Xiao Wen. This is Xiao Tianshi, her sister. Both of them are Princesses of the Xiao Family. Tianshi was the one who acted as a messenger this time, using a special teleportation array to transport herself to the Aurora Country. I left with Xiao Wen to receive her and she was the one who passed us the news."

"I'm Xiao Tianshi, the youngest daughter of Xiao Feng, the leader of Xiao Family. I can confirm that everything Xuefeng says is the truth. It's not in Xiao Family's interest to kill any Alchemists." Tianshi quickly nodded and introduced herself, confirming what Xuefeng was saying. As Xiao Wen knew more about politics, she added, "Of course, this applies to those that don't revolt. If your little sister willingly joined the Xiao Family, she should be safe."

Xiao Wen didn't want to promise anything like Xuefeng did, knowing that everything could happen. Fortunately, that was enough to calm Jiao down as she muttered, "My little sister is an alchemy freak... She doesn't leave her workshop so she should be alright..."

Seeing her so worried, Xuefeng suddenly thought of an idea, combining her current worry with his previous plan and proposed, "How about you follow us to the Central Region after the selection so you can meet with your sister? We will be setting off tomorrow at the latest."

Instead of replying to his question, he asked a new one, questioning him for more info, "How are you going to transport your whole Clan to the capital? Won't that take months?"

Xuefeng only chuckled and assured her, "Haha, you don't need to worry about that. With Xiao Family's Warship, we can arrive there in a week."

Jiao was quick to decide after seeing his confident smile, knowing that it was extremely hard to enter the Central Region even for her and called out, "Fine! We will move together with you. As for the selection, we will limit it to three places. The first seven were reserved by you anyway."

"Alright. No problem." Xuefeng didn't mind that, knowing his girls would definitely take all six spots available. Turning to the crowd, Xuefeng spotted a lot of Liu Clan members within both girls on the plaza and the men gathered around them. He didn't hesitate to call out as his golden wings spread widely from his back, "Liu Clan members! If you wish to become the first members of the Central Region Liu Clan, I welcome you to return back to the clan and gather everyone on the Training Grounds!"

He didn't wait to see everyone's reaction, grabbing both Tianshi and Wuying into his arms before telling the rest, "Follow me. Wen, take Shan with you." Nuwa, Yiren and Yi didn't hesitate to follow after him but when Princess Shan was about to set off with Xiao Wen, Jiao asked her, "Shan, where are you going? You won't help us with the selection?"

Princess Shan stopped for a moment, giving Xiao Wen a look that told her to wait for a moment and bowed to Jiao while clasping her fists, saying softly, "Master, I can't thank you enough for taking care of me this whole time, but I wish to be selfish this time and follow after Young master Xuefeng. My place is by his side. Please accept this bow as my apology."

Seeing her actions, Jiao knew that love won this time and agreed hesitantly, "... Fine, you can go."

"Thank you, Master." Princess Shan thanked happily and they finally followed after Xuefeng who was waiting in the sky for them.

Jiao was silent for a moment but then looked at the silent crowd and cried out, venting her anger on the crowd, "Where are you all staring at? Those who don't take part in the selection, get out! Those who want to join the White Lotus Sect, stay!"

Seeing the angry Sect Master, the Liu Clan members paled, but the happiness in their hearts couldn't be suppressed. For them, having an opportunity to relocate to the Central Region which they only heard from the stories was like a God's gift.

Both females, their parents and the males of the Liu Clan suddenly began running towards the Liu Clan territory. Of course, there were also some smart girls without any relation to the Liu Clan who quickly acted, rushing towards the many males that Liu Clan had to offer.

Blocking their path, the most beautiful and confident girls would wrap their arms around their necks before asking, "Handsome... Are you maybe looking for a girlfriend?"

Naturally, the boys were not that dumb and it was easy to figure out their motive. One even laughed and called the girl out, "Haha, so you only look at me when you have something to gain? What an opportunist!"

Unfortunately, he underestimated the motivation of a woman that was hungry for success. The girl pulled his head towards her own and kissed the boy deeply, catching him off guard. For a young man like him who never held the girl's hand, this was quite the experience. What's more, she led his arm with her free hand, placing it on her firm and juicy butt before covering it so he would let go.

Having such a new and great feeling in his palm, the youth couldn't just let go of it and let her lead him unconsciously. Too bad that the girl suddenly pulled his hand away before he could get satisfied and placed it on her back instead. Their lips also separated and the girl struck while the iron was hot, whispering seductively into his ear, "If you take me with you, I will let you do such stuff whenever you want... We can also 'do it' every day after your training... Don't you want a beauty you can mess around with whenever you want...?"


The youth swallowed his saliva and feeling the soft breasts that kept rubbing him on the chest, his initial 'No' was quickly turned into maybe. At that moment, he suddenly remembered Xuefeng's words from before, saying that they would be leaving tomorrow as well as being the first batch of people who would leave for the Central Region.

There was a chance that he wouldn't be chosen but at least he could have a nice fun today with the lady in his arms if he played that right. Looking at the beauty, the youth smiled and thought, 'You want to use me then let's see who will use who, hehe.'

He didn't hesitate any more and said while taking the girl's hand, "Alright, I will go for the Clan meeting now and visit you tonight to tell you the news."

"Alright! Let me tell you my address..." The girl naturally accepted it, knowing she couldn't enter the Liu Clan Territory without a registering as husband and wife within the clan.

Of course, there were not that many brave girls who would throw themselves at all the boys. The Liu Clan youths that were unlucky to not be selected by the beauties quickly felt jealous and rushed towards their crushes, confessing their love instead. It would be strange if the girls rejected them with such circumstances. They only lacked the courage to approach them but when a juicy apple was presented to them, it would be a shame to not take a bite.

Seeing almost half of the ladies disappear from the plaza, Jiao only snickered before calling out, "Tsk... Let's continue!"