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 Right after the selection started, on the other side of the city, one guy in a hood came out of the forest and walked through the gates of the city with amazement in his eyes. For some reason, he raised his hand upward and called out proudly, "After so much time, I am finally came back! This time nothing will stop m-"

Unfortunately, he couldn't end his heroic comeback words as just as he was at the end of his speech, he was pushed to the side after being cursed at, "Get lost! Stop blocking the road!" He fell on the ground and looked at the culprits, wanting to scold them only to see the backs of two petite girls who were hurriedly running towards the Central Plaza.

His anger quickly disappeared, knowing the offenders were both female and he couldn't help but take a second look at them while signing from happiness, "Gosh... I met two beauties right off the bat! I knew this was my paradise-"


Who would have thought that just as he was admiring the scenery, someone else would suddenly step on him from behind causing a golden armour to appear on his chest underneath his clothes?

"Idiot! Stop laying on the road!" He was cursed for the second time by a cute and feminine voice. This time the lady was in her teens but he couldn't look at her for too long as she also disappeared in the crowd, running towards the Central Plaza.

The man finally stood up but he wasn't mad, instead of laughing to himself, "Haha! I hit a jackpot today! I met three beauties! Today is my lucky day!" The man also took off his hood to show off his handsome face and his eyes quickly started looking for new beauties around him. If Xuefeng was there, he would recognize the man as the one he spared earlier, Murong!

Seeing that everyone was running towards the Central Plaza, he also went there and what he saw almost froze his blood. There were thousands of beauties all across the plaza, taking part in some kind of event.

Murong couldn't help but laugh while calling out in his mind, 'Ahaha! This is the best day of my life!'

Murong went on the roof to watch the beauties from the higher place and seeing the sheer amount of them, he couldn't help but mutter under his nose, "I think I'm dreaming... Heavens finally have mercy on me and gave me so many beauties... I think I will cry..."

He saw a few great beauties in the middle with quite a powerful cultivation who were interviewing the group of ladies on the plaza, moving a few to stand to the side while the rest was sent off to the crowd. They didn't seem happy with the result so he guessed they got rejected.

This couldn't be more perfect for Murong as sad girls were the easiest targets for him. A scene immediately appeared in his mind where the sad beauties dive into his embrace and he cheers them up while providing warm comfort.

"Stop blocking the view!" Unfortunately, his dreams got quickly destroyed as he was again cursed at and suddenly blasted away from the roof with a powerful kick. Even if it was meant to be just a normal kick to push him off the roof, because of Murongs ability, the power behind the kick was blocked and all the energy was focused on sending him flying.


He landed right in the middle of the plaza where the qualified participants were standing. He shook his head to clear his mind and looked forward. What he saw were two perfect feet that immediately shook his core. He didn't want to lift his gaze up but noticing that everyone quietened down, he suddenly had a bad feeling about it.

The moment he looked up and saw the beautiful face of Jiao sitting on a fancy chair, he couldn't help but tear up and mutter to himself with a blissful smile on his face, "I finally found my Goddess... Is this a dream...?"

Jiao only glanced at him and cursed as she looked in the direction from where Murong flew, "Who threw him beneath my feet? Do you want to die?" Naturally, the guy who kicked him paled and looked down, not admitting it was him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Murong smiled happily, hearing a heavenly voice mentioning him and said as he kneeled in front of her, "Goddess, your beauty is unmatched! This lowly one is lucky to be so close to the Goddess herself. Allow me to kiss your feet as a sign of my admiration."

Jiao saw him nearing to her feet and her face got filled with disgust. She immediately stood up, knocking the chair behind her as she cried out confused, "What the heck?! Get lost pervert!" Her legs charged at him without hesitation, carrying a devastating power behind it and struck him on the side of the belly.


Murong turned golden right when her foot was about to land on his body and the outcome was pretty similar to the last time. Unfortunately for him, Jiao did not reduce the power behind her strike, attacking with the intention to give him a good lesson and sent him into the sky like a rocket.

All they heard was Murong's cry as he flew into the sky like a golden star, "Nooooooo! My Goddess!!!"

"Sect Master, are you okay?" One of Jiao disciples asked worriedly as she pulled the chair back on its place, not expecting her Sect Master would be assaulted like that.

Jiao had a frown on her face, seeing how Murong didn't even get hurt from her attack but he was already too far from them for her to investigate. Knowing that she couldn't leave as Xuefeng and the girls were much more important for the Sect, she replied as she sat back down, "Yes, continue with the selection!"


"I will be baaaaaaaaaaaack! Wait for me, Goddess!!" Murong cry not only resounded in the city but also outside of it, right above the Moon Lake as well just when Xuefeng and the girls finished drying their clothes.

"Huh? I somehow recognise this voice but I can't seem to remember from where..." Xuefeng thought out loud as he looked in the sky but quickly put that behind him, knowing they were already super late.

He pulled Tianshi into his arms as it would be faster if she flew together with him and launched into the sky. Naturally, Tianshi didn't mind that, wrapping her arms around his neck with a smile.

It didn't take them long to arrive in the city, appearing above the plaza with hundreds of ladies taking part in the selection. Xuefeng was surprised at first, not knowing there were so many teens in the Phoenix City but he understood right after that many came from surrounding cities after learning the news about the selection.

"Won't the Sect Master you talked about earlier stop the selection the moment she learns that we are not joining her sect?" Tianshi asked as she looked down at the many excited ladies that hoped to get the chance to change their future.

"I don't think she will do so. It would ruin the White Lotus Sect reputation. If she does, I will ask her to continue. It would be unfair to all the ladies gathered. Let's go down." Xuefeng replied, already having a plan of what to say to decrease backlash and flew down towards the platform on the plaza.

There were little people who would not recognize Xuefeng even from far away so the moment he showed up, he immediately heard cries from the many ladies, announcing his arrival, "It's Young Master Xuefeng! He came to watch the selection!"

Some were even more excited, jumping up while waving their hands to gather his attention, "Ahhhh! Young Master, look here!"

"Hah, it seems you got quite the following since the last time I was here..." Tianshi teased as they landed on the main platform where Jiao was sitting but Xuefeng was currently out of focus as he glared at all the men gathered around the plaza who watched the newly arrived beauties. They quickly turned their gazes away under his glare, stopping ogling them.

Jiao smiled the moment she saw him and stood up to greet him, no longer mad that he wasn't here, "Xuefeng, you came at last. I was asking where did you go but your women didn't want to tell me anything."

Unfortunately, she didn't receive an answer as Xuefeng was quickly swarmed by the other four ladies that have been waiting for him. Yiren was the first to jump onto the platform without hesitation and hug into his chest as she called out happily, "Welcome back Xuefeng! We all missed you."

Xuefeng smiled, hugging her tightly as he asked, "Wasn't I gone for only one night?"

Yiren only buried her head in his chest as she lamented, "Ahh, one night is like an eternity."

When Yiren finally let go of him, his body was suddenly pulled by his shirt as Nuwa gave him a forceful kiss, locking his lips, "Mhmm..." Drawing away, she looked into his eyes and declared, "Next time we will all go with you. We won't care what you say."

Seeing the stubbornness in her eyes and hearing everyone signing under that petition, he could only give in, agreeing. Wuying also got her kiss afterwards and Princess Shan who was the only one left who didn't receive a hug yet. She took the first opportunity when she saw Xuefeng's arms were free and embraced him for a moment, saying sweetly, "Welcome back."

Xuefeng didn't mind that and patted her head in return, not saying anything. For Princess Shan that was enough for now as she at least showed that she wouldn't back down from fighting for him. She wasn't resigned to only being his friend so she could only act.

Tianshi and Yi were a pair of new faces to Princess Shan as they never saw each other but none said anything yet, knowing Xuefeng will introduce them to each other when it's time.

With all of them having such mini-reunion right in the middle of the platform, it naturally gathered the attention of everyone and the selection basically halted with everyone watching the show.

Jiao was already annoyed for being ignored but what inflamed her, even more, was Xuefeng's next question, "What's the status of the selection? It seems like it's still in its early stages."

She couldn't help but comment, "Well, if you didn't create such a scene, everything would end already..."

"Hah, my bad. We won't disturb you guys anymore." Xuefeng laughed wryly, not giving any excuses and said to his wives, "Let's return to the clan then."

Just as he expected, he heard Jiao's shout right after, "What?!"