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 The moment Xuefeng left the room to find Tangwei, the sisters turned towards each other and suddenly Tianshi jumped on Xiao Wen, pinning her to the bed and questioned, "Sister, can you explain to me how are you Xuefeng's woman now? Didn't you hate him before? Hmmm? What is your explanation?"

Xiao Wen couldn't help but chuckle at her and asked, "Hah, can't I be one? To think that you were hiding such a nice guy. Didn't you think of introducing him to your older sister?"

She didn't wait for Tianshi's reply and rolled on the bed with her, naturally being stronger than her sister. Their roles changed and now Tianshi was the one being at the bottom.

Xiao Wen felt like it was a really long time since the two played together and decided to tease Tianshi, declaring playfully as her hands quickly landed on two peaks under in front of her, "Let this older sister punish you for hiding hubby from me!"

"Ah! Wen!" Tianshi immediately exclaimed, scolding her sister and seeing her sister was just playing around, she counterattacked, reaching towards Xiao Wen's chest as well while teasing her, "Sister, you seem to have gotten much bigger than before."

Too bad that Xiao Wen was already an experienced master in the art of teasing and quickly replied, tightening her grip on Tianshi's breasts while giving them a massage, "Of course! I let Xuefeng massage them plenty which made them so big and firm. How about I let you experience the same?"

Tianshi shut her mouth by pressing her lips together to avoid letting out any unwanted sounds but just as she was about to prepare a comeback, the doors to the bedroom opened and they both heard Xuefeng voice coming from behind, "Hey, I forgot to tell-"

"Xuefeng!" The moment the two of them turned around and saw him watching with a smile, they quickly called out to him so he wouldn't misunderstand but unfortunately, it was too late. He gave them an approving nod before saying, "Sorry for interrupting you girls. I will leave you two alone. You can have fun until I come back."


The doors closed after him and Tianshi couldn't help but scold while pushing her to the side, "Ahh! See what you did here! Xuefeng will think that we are perverts now..." She pouted and ran after Xuefeng but he was already gone from the throne room.

"Hah..." Xiao Wen chuckled and also went out, following Tianshi into the bathroom. Now that Tianshi would be together with them, the power struggle would be shifted which quite intrigued Xiao Wen. Tianshi was after all Xuefeng's first woman and even if he wanted to treat them all equal, it was bound to be impossible.


The moment Xuefeng came back from meeting Tangwei, he saw the girls already patiently sitting on the sofa while chatting and Xuefeng couldn't help but tease them, "I'm back! Did you enjoy plenty?"

He visited Tangwei inside the auction house as she moved in there after being assigned to taking care of it and praised her for the good work. As he gave her the goods with the explanation crafted by Ling that was included inside of it, he noticed her gaze at him that was filled with desire and he had to ask her about it.

Naturally, he received an answer that he was expecting as she said, "Can't I look at our handsome Young Master like that? You are like a dream man for us. It's only natural." Xuefeng didn't have a response to that and quickly evacuated in case anything escalated forward.

Hearing Xuefeng question, Xiao Wen hugged Tianshi's arm and called out playfully, "Yes, we did. If you don't take special care of us, I will steal her from you."

Xuefeng found that funny and reached out to Tianshi, offering her a hug, "Oh, really? Tianshi, how about a hug?" He didn't need to wait for her to shrug Xiao Wen from her arm and ran into his own, squeezing his chest tightly.

Looking up at him, Tianshi asked softly, trying not to act jealous, "Since when you two are together...?" She didn't mind that but she at least wanted some reason to understand the situation.

Xuefeng actually recalled not too long ago about this and knew she would ask so he explained prepared, "Hmm, for some time already... I was too natural with the three of us and forgot to tell you... We just happened to get along and after she confessed to me, some feelings started to be born between us... I love all of you, will you forgive me?"

Tianshi looked at his eyes and knew he wasn't lying, making her want to squeeze him tighter which she did while saying lovingly, "I love you too dummy... Just don't leave me again like that..."

"I told you I won't. We will be all together now." Xuefeng promised.

"Mhmm..." Tianshi nodded and as revenge for teasing her earlier, she glanced at Xiao Wen and said with a smile, "Xiao Wen was naughty earlier. You need to punish her."

"Tsk, betrayed by my own sister." Xiao Wen only snickered and also followed her sister's footsteps, diving into Xuefeng's arms as well before fighting back, "Don't believe her. She was the one who started talking about breast enlarging massages."

"Huh?! It was-" Tianshi's eyes widened when she heard that and she immediately tried to deny but Xuefeng stopped their banter by smacking their butts before rotating them, making them both lean on his chest with their backs.

He pulled out two packages and gave one each for them as he said, "Alright you two. You seem hungry. Eat those snacks. I passed by the kitchen and saw Auntie doing breakfast so she gave me some for you two."

They quickly sensed the great smell of the rice rolls in front of them and didn't hesitate to grab them, saying warmly, "Oh! So nice of her. She is such a kind woman." Taking a bite, they both said at the same time as they presented the roll for him, "Have a bite too."

"Don't worry, I already had some." Xuefeng shook his head as he sat down with the both of them, placing them both on his lap, he embraced their breasts as if it was natural and said, "You should eat and meanwhile, I will help you with that massage you wanted."

Seeing how Xiao Wen didn't mind it at all, enjoying Xuefeng's touch, Tianshi also kept quiet, knowing she will have to get used to such situations from now on if she wanted to be with him. For her, there was no life without Xuefeng in this world so she could adapt to such life. As long as Xuefeng wouldn't leave her, she didn't think it would be hard.

Just then, when Xiao Wen already ate half of her breakfast, she asked curiously, "We are not going to the White Lotus Sect in the Easter Region, right?"

Xuefeng wasn't actually surprised that she figured his plan already and nodded, "Yes, we will attend the main sect in the Central Region instead. As I plan to move my whole clan to the Capital anyway, it will be quite pointless to still attend the Sect there. We are not afraid of the Fate Organization anymore. They need us but we don't."

"So we will be able to live all together in the capital without moving anywhere?" Tianshi asked after hearing his explanation and Xuefeng asked back, confirming at the same time, "Are you happy? I told you I won't leave you anymore. We will stay with each other forever now."

"Yes! I'm happy and I'm really fortunate I decided to jump after you..." Tianshi admitted as she leaned over and kissed him deeply, not even willing to imagine what would her life look like without Xuefeng on Earth. Jumping after him was the best decision she has taken. Pulling away, she said with a gentle smile, "At last, we are together. This is all that matters." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Hearing them talking about an unfamiliar topic, Xiao Wen joined and asked confused, "What jump? Am I not aware of something?"

Unfortunately, Tianshi only booped her nose while saying happily, "Hehe, this is mine and Xuefeng's secret. We will tell you in the future if you stop being naughty."

Xuefeng smiled, seeing the two bickering again and kissed both of their heads as he said, "It's okay. I like the naughty Wen and gentle Tianshi. You can stay like that," before finally standing up with them, seeing they almost finished eating and said, "We should be going. With the girls taking part in the selection, they are bound to win but that will ruin the chances of others to joining the Sect."

"Alright!" They both nodded, Xiao Wen still curious about the secret but didn't pursue the subject, knowing she will learn one day or another.


At the same time back in the Phoenix City, the selection was already delayed for some reason and all the girls on the plaza were still waiting. It was already noon when the selection was supposed to start at nine but naturally, no one complained, knowing the reason had to be serious.

They would be mad if they learnt that they were actually just waiting for the girls who were sleeping and didn't want to wake up without Xuefeng being the one to do it.

"Damn Xuefeng. Where is he? Where is Shan and the girls too? They are all three hours late. How are we going to start a selection made for them without them in the first place." Jiao muttered to herself, waiting for them for so long, already losing temper.

Fortunately, just as she thought about it, she heard a familiar voice coming from the sky, "Sect Master! We are here. Sorry for being late." It was Princess Shan with the other three girls, landing on the centre of the plaza where the initial test would be taken place.

Princess Shan gave her master an apologetic smile but didn't explain, knowing that there was nothing to say. Not only they held her hostage in bed, Nuwa wanted to have her revenge on Jiao and stalled even more which resulted in this situation.

"It doesn't matter." Jiao waved her hand, showing she doesn't want to hear any excuses and didn't extend it any longer, crying out to the crown, "Let the selection for joining White Lotus Sect start!"