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 "I won't give you any new Spirit Artefacts cause you already took some from Spirit Treasury." Liu Xiaobei continued as Xuefeng took each Spirit Stones box.

Hearing him, Xuefeng face turn red. He knew that he would be caught sooner or later.

"What, you thought I won't notice? Spirit Treasury is my artefact after all." Clan leader asked as he chuckled.

Seeing his son not talking, he knew, he won't get anything out of him today.

"Okay, I hope you will tell me how you did it in the future. I won't force you." Liu Xiaobei patted him on the shoulder before sitting on the sofa.

'Damn, I knew it was a bad idea. Now my father is suspicious of me.' Xuefeng cursed in his mind.

"I guess, I will be going back to training." He said awkwardly before slipping away towards the doors. There was no point in staying anymore as he couldn't tell him about Ling existence anyway.

"If you want anything in your practice just ask Elder Ming and he will prepare it for you." Clan Leader called out before his son left.

"Okay!" Xuefeng shouted from behind the doors and closed it. He went down the stairs and he was soon on the street.

'I need to be careful around my father or he will one day realise I'm not his real son.' He thought as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Back in Clan Leader study, Senior Wang appeared in the room just as Xuefeng left.

"Did you see that sword move my son created?" Clan Leader asked.

"Yeah, and it was quite powerful." Senior Wang admitted. He was also quite shocked when he saw it.

"Can you replicate it?" Liu Xiaobei knew the answer but still asked.

"I can copy the movement, but Spirit Qi patterns were too advanced. I don't know how a 16 years old boy can create such a technique. And he also mentioned that he has more moves in this Spirit Art. If what he said is true then you have a genius in your family." Senior praised.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. This move was based on Sword Serpent Steps and later modified into what we saw a moment ago. I also felt an ancient vibe from it. There were also almost no holes in the Spirit Qi Patterns." Liu Xiaobei thought as he stroked his beard.

"Does leader thing that something must be helping him in the background?" Senior asked interestedly.

"That's the only solution, I can think of. But it shouldn't be a person but a powerful being which is assisting him. Well, anyway there is no point in guessing. As long as it's helping him I don't mind." Liu Xiaobei finally decided to stop investigating for now.

Suddenly, Senior Wang looked behind him as if he sensed something and vanished. After a few moments, a Shadow Guard appeared in the room.

"Sir, we carried out your orders and we followed your brother. We discovered that he planned an action that could endanger Young master life so we detained him and his son." Spirit Guard reported.

"Oh, I was waiting for that. I already spared them when that bastard attacked my son but I guess it's to time finish the job. Execute them both and spread the news of their betrayal to the clan." Clan leader quickly decided.

"Yes, sir." Shadow Guard nodded without questions and disappeared.

"I guess, I should introduce my plan to Mu Lan. I can't lie to her anymore. If Xuefeng can mature at this speed, we will have to act sooner than I thought." Liu Xiaobei said after some thoughts.

"That's probably a good Idea. Madam will understand." Senior Wang nodded after he reappeared.

"Oh, Xuefeng, Xuefeng..." Clan Leader smiled thinking about many surprises he received from this son of his in the last few days.


Xuefeng arrived in his courtyard one hour after he left. He thought that ladies were already out of bed but he was surprised that they were both still in their rooms.

He spotted pancakes stall on his way back and decided to buy them breakfast. There were quite a few shops and stalls in the Liu Clan territory so people didn't need to leave every time they needed to buy something.

It cost him only 4 Spirit Stones for the two portions. He had thousands of them, so he thought it was a super cheap option.

He carried two packages and knocked lightly on the door to Princess room. Hearing no response he just entered boldly. He instantly felt that it was a lot colder in there than the outside.

He saw her sleeping on the bed with her quilt covering only half of her body. She was wearing a sexy pink nightdress made of delicate silk. If Xuefeng crouched down he would probably see everything underneath it.

'Aren't she too comfortable in here?' The corner of his mouth twitched.

He approached the bed and sat on the side almost touching her. He placed the breakfast on the nightstand and looked at her from up close. She looked much more innocent while sleeping and he couldn't stop his eyes from running up at down through her physique.

'Look at the necklace!' Ling voice suddenly broke through his unrestrained thoughts.

'Oh,' he woke up and looked towards her chest. He almost forgot about this issue.

There lay a small golden crystal in between her perky mountains connected with a silver chain to her neck. It was emitting a faint golden light, that you wouldn't notice if you didn't pay attention.

'It really is sealed. Actually, it was more like a hibernation. She probably used it as a necklace cause it's a pretty stone. How about we grab it now?' Ling got excited seeing the Fate Fragment. She could increase her powers from it, so it's expected.

'No, we can't use force. Let's use other methods first.' He was confident in his abilities.

"Princess, it's time to wake up, I brought breakfast for you." He said as reached with his hand and caressed her gently on the cheek.

Princess eyelids moved for a moment but stopped as if she tried to pretend she was still asleep. Unfortunately, that detail didn't escape from Xuefeng sight.

He smiled and ceased his actions.

"Okay, you can sleep some more. I will wake up Wuying next." He said gently before he preparing to stand up.

At that moment, Princess hand moved and grabbed his arm to stop him. "Don't leave." She called out.

Xuefeng laughed in his mind as his tactic worked.

"Oh, so you were not asleep." He pretended he didn't know anything.

"Tell me, I was literally defenceless just now, why didn't you make a move on me?" She asked him with a hint of a blame.

"What?" Xuefeng didn't expect that turn of events.

She didn't answer him but flipped him by the arm and he landed flat on the bed. She pinned his arms as she sat down on him.

"You entered tigress den and you expect to leave without giving her some meat?" She licked her lips as her nightdress hanged messily on her shoulders.

"Gulp" Xuefeng gulped his saliva as his imagination ran wild watching Princess sexy curves.