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 When Drakos heard such an introduction, he naturally got shocked, asking right away, "W-what? Don't tell me you are the same Queen of the Fate Kingdom that was the first to rule without her king?" He was not especially shocked by the last part of her being Ling's mother but actually the middle part. Now that he looked at her, she actually did look like the current Queen of the Fate Kingdom but it was closed for so long that he actually didn't pay attention to it.

Ming smiled and nodded, admitting, "That's me. Who needs a King when I can do everything myself. Also, if I wasn't, how would I know your real story? Only those who don't know Dragon Race would believe in such a story you previously made up."

"So you knew about me from the moment we met?" Drakos asked just to confirm, not denying that his previous story was fake but Ming didn't say any more, proposing instead, "How about you let me inside the bracelet so we can talk? I would like to work with you on something."

Drakos didn't have a reason to reject her, knowing her real identity so he agreed, "Sure. I was working on fusing that Draconic Lizard within the sword but I guess I will take a break."

It was naturally safer for them to talk inside the bracelet compared to a distance like that. If Ling wanted to overhear what they talked about, it wouldn't be hard for her to do but fortunately, she wasn't this nosy. She naturally understood that the only way to coexist with each other was through mutual respect.

Ming who was still inside of Ling's Realm at that moment opened her eyes and noticed that Ling was observing her defensively. Ling could naturally feel that she was sending some signals outside of her space but she didn't pry why and what she sent.

Ming smiled at her and explained without being asked, "I was contacted by Drakos. He wants me to help him to handle the Draconic Longsword we received. I will move to the space inside the bracelet for a moment."

Unfortunately, Ling didn't look like she was bothered by that as she replied coldly, not showing the same affection which she did for Little Ming, "I was only letting you stay cause of Little Ming. If you want to go, I obviously won't stop you."

"Sigh, I'm not your enemy. Didn't my little sister tell you already? Trust me, I would never hurt you." Ming let out a sigh and tried to explain but Ling didn't want any explanation.

Waving with her hand, she stopped Ming from talking any further and stated, "I wouldn't trust someone who tried to separate me from Xuefeng no matter what they say. You can leave."

Ming could do nothing but leave, knowing that she would get such a result from the very beginning and left the space. If she was on Ling's place, she would have done the same.

Being out, she tried entering the Bracelet's space and didn't find any obstructions. What she saw after entering was the usual plain ground, spreading around until the horizon. She already visited the space within the bracelet so this didn't surprise her.

"So what is it that you want to talk about?" Ming heard a voice behind her and she found a familiar-looking middle-aged man with Dragon scales mixed with skin on his body. His hair was like fire, brush upwards but instead of being red, it was dark as coal, looking fresh. Ming already saw this handsome man a few times so she didn't mind his strange appearance.

Ming stopped in front of Drakos who was leaning on the Draconic Longsword before asking with a casual smile, "You probably wonder why didn't I admit the truth to Ling already or why I'm hiding it from her?"

"Well, that too but I'm more interested in knowing why is the Queen of Fate Kingdom not in the Fate Kingdom? Was it not closed hundreds of years ago? Is no one ruling it right now?" Drakos questioned curiously, seeing some mysteries.

Ming only shrugged and replied, "I would tell you if I knew myself. I went out cause I wanted to find my daughter and bring her home but the moment I left, the Kingdom closed. I didn't think I would be outside the Fate Kingdom for so long so I had to find a place with Fate Qi else I would simply run out of juice pretty quickly. The rest you know."

Drakos wasn't that surprised as he had a feeling it was this simple and returned to the previous topic, "So that's what happened. What about your daughter? I guess your request is connected with her. You two finally reunited. It must have been tough letting go of your firstborn so she could become Fate Holder's Fate Spirit instead of ruling together with you."

Ming glared at him for putting it like that and explained the crux of the problem, "I was forced to offend my daughter when I tried to test Xuefeng's personality and feelings for her so both of them doesn't really like me that much anymore. If I were to introduce myself to any of them, they wouldn't believe me so I can only ask for your support. Now that I know he would be a great candidate to be Ling's husband, I only need to regain my good name."

"So what do you want me to do again?" Drakos asked after finally understanding what happened.

"All you need to do is arrange a meeting between my little sister and Xuefeng. I will handle the rest with her. If it's my sis, Xuefeng will be more willing to listen. I can only reach Ling by using Xuefeng's influence." Ming presented a simple plan before pointing at the sword and adding, "As a reward, I will handle that sword. You wanted to give it to Xuefeng, right? I can fuse that Spirit into the Sword itself right away."

Drakos thought for a second but didn't see any hidden catches and agreed, throwing the sword towards Ming, "Alright, Deal." He already saw that one of the Xuefeng's women used Blood Element so this sword would work perfectly for her.

If they left the Spirit inside the sword, the situation would repeat itself and she would most likely also got schemed by it. Only by destroying the evil Spirit and fusing it into the sword would they improve its strength while keeping its abilities intact.

Ming caught the sword and smiled while saying, "Let's see what you are made off." She didn't wait for any second and immediately released her Fate Qi, launching an attack at the Spirit inside of it which caused it to scream in pain, "Aaagh!"


"Good Morning... It's time to wake up." Upon waking up, Xuefeng gave each of the girls a morning kiss, greeting them both but it seemed like they didn't wish to stop sleeping, only purring as if they were a pair of cats.

Xuefeng knew their schedule was quite packed today so they couldn't laze around in bed. Fortunately, Xuefeng was prepared for such event and called out, "It seems like there will be two girls who won't get any cuddles or kisses in the next week as they don't seem to listen to their husband."

Both Tianshi and Xiao Wen opened their eyes pulling themselves up, fully awake as if they were not sleepy at all, making Xuefeng giggle, "Haha, so you are not sleeping?"

Both girls hit him on the chest in sync and scolded him, "Ah, don't joke like this..." Luckily he only needed to give them another kiss and he was easily forgiven. As the selection was about to start and he was still yet to give Tangwei some good for sell, Xuefeng pulled both of them up, giving them no chance to snuggling into his arms anymore. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Xuefeng quickly put on his clothes and left the room as he ordered, "Go prepare yourselves and find Yi. I will be back in a second and we will leave."